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Reduced capacity Airport Car Park – NOT HAPPY JAN

By Albigeois 3 October 2008 18

To Canberra Airport:

 Despite reports that you’ve run out of money and so can’t upgrade the airport, you have cut off and commenced bulldozing over half of the short term and long term car parks.

 While we’re certainly not on the same level as Sydney or Melbourne in terms of traffic through our airport, the current level of parking available is now beyond inadequate – on Wednesday and Thursday there were several cars in the long term carpark forced to park in places where it was clearly not allowed – all hoping not to get a ticket or clamped or towed. In addition to this, the short term carpark seemed equally full with nearly a dozen people aimlessly doing laps trying in vain to find a berth for their vehicle.

My car was one of these. After entering the carpark and searching in vain for nearly 30 minutes, I had to just park where I could – out of the way but over a triangle of painted lines and therefore not legal – and run to the terminal to catch my flight (which I nearly missed). I had no choice, and am lucky that I wasn’t fined, or worse.

Why would a boom gate let you in if there are physically no spaces?

 If you’re going to liquidate over half the parking capacity seemingly overnight (I travel frequently and think this happened between Monday and Wednesday), would you please notify someone? Anyone?! The Canberra Airport website only makes allusions to the fact that a new car park is being built. Consulting it today, at the “ground transport – by car” section, there is no mention of any reduced capacity in parking. THERE SHOULD BE.

 How about alternatives? Free parking and shuttle from Brand Depot perhaps?  But I suppose that would just be too logical.

Anyone got any insights into this madness?

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
Reduced capacity Airport Car Park – NOT HAPPY JAN
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astrojax 8:25 pm 05 Oct 08


deye 9:44 pm 04 Oct 08

shauno said :

Dont drive just taxi it.

Catch the bus from Civic, nice and convenient – with one minor problem. They usually run a bus that doesn’t have a luggage hold so you have to try and carry it onto the bus and fit it between the seats.

Granny 9:22 pm 04 Oct 08

But who is Jan?

SheepGroper 9:12 pm 04 Oct 08

Parking at the business park isn’t allowed overnight, although I doubt it would be patrolled, and it’s not secure either.

ant 9:53 am 04 Oct 08

They could build a decent walking path around the perimeter, it’s actually not that far. Probably a bit much for those with lots of luggage, but most business travellers seem to have those drag-bags these days.

canberra towie 9:12 am 04 Oct 08

“How about alternatives? Free parking and shuttle from Brand Depot perhaps? But I suppose that would just be too logical.”

It would be nice to see some cars in the brand depot !!!

Or how about you park there and catch a cab from there to the airport it would only cost about $10 …well unless its around 8 am then it would cost a arm leg and your first born !!!

simbo 7:19 am 04 Oct 08

See, this is the one site where you can genuinely say “night Johnboy”…

And that phrase is coming in on 30 years worth of service…

Meconium 2:29 am 04 Oct 08

Yeah, I can’t believe people are still using that tiiiiiired phrase too.

I’m so tired I’m going to bed now.

Night Jan.

Granny 11:03 pm 03 Oct 08

Who is Jan?

ant 10:45 pm 03 Oct 08

Ah, free enterprise. The Private Sector is so much more efficient and cost-effective!

bubzie 7:41 pm 03 Oct 08

ick, i can completely agree with this.

i got there on monday, at the long stay, it was just stupid.
Got home today, still stupid.

and i’m in the same boat as everyone else as it seems, even four days in the long stay is cheaper than a taxi to and from there!

PsydFX 3:01 pm 03 Oct 08

harvyk1 said :

Taxi isn’t always an option, unless you getting a taxi from near by (eg CBD) it can be very expensive (eg a taxi from my place I’d be looking at $60 or $70 each way, that’s $140, which is getting close the the average airfare out of Canberra).

I’m in the same boat, it’s to the point that If i’m going away for < 2 weeks, it’s cheaper and more convenient for me to park in the long stay parking than to catch a taxi to and from teh airport.

Albigeois 2:59 pm 03 Oct 08

Agree with harvyk1 – taxi not always an option.

Even from Civic it costs more for taxi to/from the airport than it does to park there overnight. And then there’s the age-old problem of mammoth queues and general lack of taxis at peak times.

And the bus isn’t a good option either – once every 30 mins when you just miss one and need to go straight back to work is not exactly ideal!

Thanks FredJ business park sounds like a good idea – I’m not very familiar with it but sounds good. I just wish they had signs up at the airport carpark with these suggestions as an interim (but then poeple would be in on the secret I guess)!!

SamTSeppo 2:57 pm 03 Oct 08

Taxi to the airport? Jesus, until they do something about the prices you’d be a loon to do so. Even from the close inner North a taxi is going to run you approaching $30+. You’d be better off offering a friend a six pack to take you to the airport and a six pack to pick you up. Better service and you’d end up saving money.

FredJ 2:50 pm 03 Oct 08

You should be able to get a park in the business park. Bit of a walk but it is cheaper.

harvyk1 2:30 pm 03 Oct 08

Taxi isn’t always an option, unless you getting a taxi from near by (eg CBD) it can be very expensive (eg a taxi from my place I’d be looking at $60 or $70 each way, that’s $140, which is getting close the the average airfare out of Canberra).

PBO 2:29 pm 03 Oct 08

I was ther eyesterday trying to get a park. There was at least 50 car parks fenced off with no sign of any work going on in there. The only work being done in the fenced off area was right up the back in a corner. It was the same when i flew back in that afternoon.

In a situation like that where the is a genuine lack of spaces and a general inconvenience to the public they should take note and at least lower the parking prices for the duration of the construction work. It really sh@t me off yesterday.

shauno 2:25 pm 03 Oct 08

Dont drive just taxi it.

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