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Referrers Report for December 2005

By johnboy 3 January 2006 20

Allow me to present you with the the top 500 results of our referrers report for December 2005. Some real eye-brow raisers in there.

What caught your eye?

What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
Referrers Report for December 2005
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simto 9:35 am 06 Jan 06

Well, the nice thing about Gareth is, at least he keeps it in the family.

Mr Evil 1:01 pm 05 Jan 06

Maybe Gareth is compiling a list of new people he needs to bash?

Ari 11:25 am 05 Jan 06

Good ole Patrick Carr is still generating plenty of business from the cock gaggers brigade.

Those wanting Latino Strippers will likely be quite disappointed – except if they want to put a cork in it.

And somebody seems to be doing a lot of research on Gareth Higgins and this site’s discussion of him.

bonfire 10:12 am 05 Jan 06

i stand here today to defend raymond j bartholemew.

he is funny and he makes me laugh.

that kid who did impersonations of raymond j also participated in an album which they both put out in teh early 90’s which is half kids album, half weird comedy.

i bought it as an adult but i reckon any kid who bought it will remember it as being out there.

i also occasionally give ‘hey hey its daryl and ossie’ a spin as well.

better than bloody hot potato and wake up jeff.

if you lived in melbourne you may know raymond jay better as he gets a lot of gigs as an mc and stand up comic.

he’s not as ubiquitous as rod quantock, but less politically driven.

game shows irritate me, so i havent watched rock wiz, but i believe its getting another run this year.

apropo frozen custard, i did note last time i was in good berries aka jigsaw that they seem to have ditched the whole fruit juice angle and gone back to core business.

bulldog 9:04 am 05 Jan 06

I kinda like Rockwiz on the two or three occasions that I managed to catch it… However it must be said that the contestants on the program have spent far too much time smoking drugs and listening to obscure sh!t most of the rest of the world has forgotten or didn’t care about in the first place.

Can’t believe we still get hits from losers looking for nudes of Zooey Deschanel… hang on – before I complete this thought, is there anything I missed when I was away? Regardless – it seems now to be a staple. That and friggin’ ‘frozen custard’ (which I still reckon is just a fancy pants name for ice cream).

And as for nude cyclists; well, only if they are recumbent…

simto 8:26 am 05 Jan 06

Astonishingly, Raymond J managed to get his career resurrected by attaching himself to a ten-year old boy who, basically, did an impersonation act.

He was last seen attached to the SBS version of “Spicks and Specks”, “Rockwiz” – a resounding failure due to a lack of understanding that very few people want to see people play game shows in a pub.

Thumper 8:11 am 05 Jan 06


Raymond J Bartholemew. Thats a name from the past and a comedian with the incredible ability to make a career out of being amazingly unfunny.

I’ve been to an isthmus once. In Tasmania. Until then I’d never even heard of the word.

Vic Bitterman 10:03 pm 04 Jan 06

“i am an island, i am an isthmus”

Unless someone else has done it, that is a Raymond J Bartholomew line from a poem of his.

RJB got his fame from “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” I believe…

Esquire 3:41 pm 04 Jan 06

Strange to see my band at number 7!

bonfire 10:41 am 04 Jan 06

i see anu singh is still googling herself.

justbands 9:15 am 04 Jan 06

People still searching fruitlessly for “Just Bands”. That’s it…I’m sorting out a new site TODAY!

johnboy 7:15 pm 03 Jan 06

i imagine the girls will be pleased.

Jey 7:14 pm 03 Jan 06

well the line “Blame it on the moon, Canberra”
sounds like a poem about Federal Parliament

johnboy 6:32 pm 03 Jan 06

Blame it on the Moon are a cute canberra three piece band.

Jey 5:42 pm 03 Jan 06

Cheese it to the cops…well only coz you asked nicely

“i am an island, i am an isthmus”…eh?

“blame it on the moon, canberra”

“near death experience nude” better or worse than a clothed one?

Kerces 5:02 pm 03 Jan 06

Hi Christian…(47)
Oh, and Mr Mannheim, also, hello (140)

RandomGit 3:02 pm 03 Jan 06

Kambah Bogan – this is a tautology.

Latino Strippers – please….

Camel Toe – as a side order

ACT government Functional review – last seen being clutched by the Loch Ness monster.

Offensive Christms – It certainly was. Language like a Sailor me.

Fellating – *Insert SGS and 2CC comment here*

Amber Pie – Umm, they were all probably me.

Nguyen Cunt – A new brothel opening in Dickson I assume?

Slinky the Shocker 2:49 pm 03 Jan 06

No. 156 caught my eye…and “f%&k christmas lights”

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 2:01 pm 03 Jan 06

The things that caught my eye?
1. The number of ways people will misspell my name
2. Why would anybody search for an email address?

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