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Reform of teacher’s pay system mooted,

By johnboy - 2 April 2006 42

The Canberra Times is holding the string while Katy Gallagher flies a kite on reforming the structure of teacher’s pay.

It would seem the idea is to have a way to reward “excellent teachers”. The problem there is identifying who is excellent, especially as that would allow others to deduce which teachers were not.

What’s Your opinion?

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42 Responses to
Reform of teacher’s pay system mooted,
Jazz 9:59 am 05 Apr 06

sorry nyssa, let me amend that single mother comment to mother with absentia father.

Jazz 9:57 am 05 Apr 06

actually nyssa, that was me being lazy and not logging in. i alwo pressed say it before i managed to add “inefficient or exploited”

as for being a single mother of three kids, that is hardly relevant to any discussion about what teachers wages should be.

vg 9:17 am 05 Apr 06

Sorry ‘you’re awake’

vg 9:17 am 05 Apr 06

Onward Christian soldiers. Next time your awake at 4 in the morning in the middle of a 12hr shift give me a yell.

And I dont complain about it, in fact I love my job.

Teachers and nurses, the 2 biggest whingeing collectives ever created

nyssa76 8:53 am 05 Apr 06

Good try vg, try four. Each 2 week break I am working plus my duties as a mother. I don’t have help as hubby is at sea so I do it 24/7.

In the 6 week holiday break, I have 3 children at home – damn, I’ve missed my chance at Aruba.

So please tell me when do I get holidays? Let me know so I can book that long awaited trip to the Shinto shrines in Japan.

riotgirl, see teachers can’t win. We don’t work longer hours, we’re seen as “bad” teachers. We do work longer hours, we’re see (in your eyes) as “stupid”.

So what is it? Do people want teachers who do put in the hours for your children to learn or not?

vg 11:51 pm 04 Apr 06

“Anyone want me to put in an overtime form?”

I think your roughly 10 weeks of holidays a year makes up for it

riotgirl 10:47 pm 04 Apr 06

nope, working longer hours than u are paid for just makes u stupid.

nyssa76 4:22 pm 04 Apr 06

Think of all the overtime teachers aren’t claiming Jazz… that’s a hell of a lot of money.

I’m paid for 38.5hrs (roughly). I work 60hrs (which includes weekends and holidays). Anyone want me to put in an overtime form?

Jazz 2:22 pm 04 Apr 06

ha ha. obviously the solution is to pay teachers less then GnT., and think of all the money that would free up for busways 😉

GnT 3:21 pm 03 Apr 06

It is impossible (or at least darn difficult) to judge an excellent teacher. You can’t judge teachers on student outcomes because, as influential as they are, they aren’t solely responsible for every student’s results. Even if every student got an A, since in most cases it is the teacher doing the assessing, they could easily arrange this to make themselves look good.

You can’t necessarily judge teachers on rapport with kids, because the most liked teachers aren’t always the most effective.

And teahcers can’t usually be judged on their classroom performance by a supervisor or colleague, because most of the time teachers are in the classroom by themselves and everone else is also busy teaching – supervisors don’t have time to sit in on classes to judge teachers’ performance. And what would the criteria be anyway?

Any suggestion to judge teachers in any way is almost impossible to implement.

Chalker 9:43 am 03 Apr 06

Really quite simple; pay more to those who take on greater responsibilities. Rather than using curriculum outcomes to judge good from bad, how about simply all those extra-curricular tasks that teachers endlessly take on?
Pay more for Year group co-ordinators, organisers of excursions, teachers that supervise at socials, etc. Pay less to those teachers who never bother doing these things (and they are out there).

nyssa76 6:43 pm 02 Apr 06

Oops, typo – you’re (second paragraph).

nyssa76 6:42 pm 02 Apr 06

By their ability to teach the curriculum effectively so that EVERY child gets more than a C. (sorry being cynical again)

But some people (ex-Fed Ed Minister) believes that no one should fail, and that’s all well and good if your in the ivory tower.

Some kids just don’t do well in school – that’s been a fact since the dawn of time. You can spend hours outside of class – lunches etc – tutoring them but sometimes not even that works.

Honestly, it should be judged (if it were to be judged) on rapport with students, ability to work with difficult students, completion of curriculum and unit outlines (whether students pass or fail) etc.

It’s still unrealistic. Hell I’d LOVE to judge the pollies on their actions and pay them accordingly. For some, they’d be no better off than those poor homeless in Civic.

schmerica 5:12 pm 02 Apr 06

How can someone be judged as a good or a bad teacher ?

nyssa76 4:47 pm 02 Apr 06

It almost seems like a “dob in” the bad teacher game.

Yes teachers work hard but in the next 5 yrs 50% will retire and that includes principals and deputies. Replacements will be needed and the Dept will be looking to those who have taught 8+yrs.

I just think anything like this is a joke.

Then again, I’ve become too cynical about teaching (i.e. colleagues).

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