Revolve given the arse for Aussie Junk

johnboy 24 March 2007 58

The ABC reports that after 18 years of helping Canberrans recycle stuff that goes to the tip Revolve have been turfed out in favour of a mob called Aussie Junk.

We had a look at the tender process last October. Back then opinion was divided as to the merits of both Aussie Junk and Revolve.

Personally I despise any company with the word “Aussie” in it’s title and that goes double for outfits with pig ugly websites and embedded midi files.

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58 Responses to Revolve given the arse for Aussie Junk
hingo hingo 4:54 pm 11 Sep 07

Hahaha this thread is so good I should print it out and refer to it whenever I need a laugh. VYBerlina’s replies are my favourite though. Classic!

BUSHPIG BUSHPIG 3:41 pm 11 Sep 07

thats all good maelinar and you have a good day

Maelinar Maelinar 2:54 pm 11 Sep 07

Sarcastic Response: Carefactor 0%

BUSHPIG BUSHPIG 2:47 pm 11 Sep 07

Aussie junk is open at mugga lane and it is looking good

BUSHPIG BUSHPIG 10:33 am 01 Jul 07

revolve has closed down

Thumper Thumper 8:06 am 26 Jun 07

Ah, mate..

Why are you advertising for an opening that happened 24 days ago?

ant ant 8:09 pm 25 Jun 07

See us all on the 1st of June? No you won’t!

BUSHPIG BUSHPIG 3:23 pm 25 Jun 07

aussiejunk is having a big opening day sale all goods $1 see you all on 1/6/07

BUSHPIG BUSHPIG 12:04 pm 21 Apr 07

i heard that revolve is moving to a new shed

el el 9:19 pm 16 Apr 07

It works fine at this end.

BUSHPIG BUSHPIG 3:44 pm 16 Apr 07

the revolve link dont open at all

nystagmus nystagmus 12:55 pm 04 Apr 07

And the link is…

nystagmus nystagmus 12:54 pm 04 Apr 07

If you’re interested, the revolve website has a template letter so you can protest the closure, as well as their perspective on things:

BUSHPIG BUSHPIG 12:23 pm 28 Mar 07

hi guys revolve also SELLS ON EBAY the user name is watermelon_rose and have been for two and a half years.

BUSHPIG BUSHPIG 12:20 pm 28 Mar 07

hi guys revolve also SELLS ON EBAY the user is watermelon_rose and have been for two and a half years.

seepi seepi 2:42 pm 27 Mar 07

If it’s all about reducing landfill they should be concentrating on large items, not small antiques.

ozmreeee ozmreeee 1:23 pm 27 Mar 07

I’m not sure I understand why there needs to be transparency in the disposal process, jb … are Revolve/Aussie Junk acting on behalf of the ACT guvmint?

If so, then your call for transparency is apt.

If not, then isn’t it just a buyer/seller transaction – how the goods came into the hands of the seller, is irrelevant, as long as the acquisition was legal. Is there a requirement under the arrangement that all scavenged goods are made available for sale at the tip premises?

As bonfire stated early, does it really matter who gets the choicier items as long as they don’t end up in the landfill?

johnboy johnboy 10:55 am 27 Mar 07

I was referring to transparency in the disposal of the choicer items.

ozmreeee ozmreeee 10:47 am 27 Mar 07

I think people are entitled to expect transparency in the process.

… do you have info on untoward behaviour in the tendering process, jb?

On the surface it seems that the guvmint decided to tender for a “recycling” arrangement at Mugga and that in keeping with the appropriate clause in the tendering process, the unsuccessful tenderer has cried foul …

53. Allegations by unsuccessful tenderers

53.1 All “we wuz robbed” allegations must be submitted, with supporting evidence if available, to the appropriate sections of the media, preferably on a slow news day, but in any event before it ceases to be of any newsworthy value.

53.2 Submissions will be treated with contempt by the responsible minister and successful tenderer, unless the supportive evidence actually has some substance, in which case a go-nowhere investigation will be initiated.

53.3 The media will run with the allegation on as soon as possible after receipt, particularly if it is a slow news day, but also reserves the right to shelve the submission and resurrect it for action on any given slow news day in the future.

PS I have no preference for, or alignment with, either Revolve or Aussie Junk – I’m just a cynical bastard!!!

ozmreeee ozmreeee 10:05 am 27 Mar 07

I agree with bonfire – it’s about avoiding having stuff, that people are basically throwing out as junk, finishing up in landfill.

The fact that the Steptoe and Son won’t take your junk or won’t sell you someone else’s junk is irrelevant.

This thread takes trash talking to a whole new level 😉

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