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‘Rhizome’ ain’t all that bad.

By johnboy - 23 July 2008 56

‘Rhizome’, by Richard Goodwin, is the sculpture at the northern end of the Gungahlin Drive Extension and has been the subject of much mirth and derision from RiotACT readers.

But having finally seen it I think you’re all being a bit harsh.

It’s a real achievement to build such a light, airy structure out of steel. It does evoke native grasses. It does not look like the Chief Minister’s hair.

Get up close to it, really appreciate it, and it will speak to you. Not all art can do that let alone monumental sculpture.

I think the Gungahlinistes are lucky to have it.


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56 Responses to
‘Rhizome’ ain’t all that bad.
peterh 12:53 pm 23 Jul 08

hey, at least it isn’t the “stones on koppers logs with lattice, in a series”

what did that one cost??

AngryHenry 12:53 pm 23 Jul 08

Ralph said :

Disgusting waste of taxpayer dollars.

This monstrosity looks like ground zero.

You Know I actually had a friend from ourt of town comment to that effect. They thought it was a piece from ground zero! Shipped out here as some kind of monument! haha!

mdme workalot 12:52 pm 23 Jul 08

I agree with Johnboy – the sculpture itself is not that bad. However, the issue I think most Canberrans take exception to is the fact that the “improvements” to the road are an absolute clusterf*ck and the sculpture cost a substantial amount of money, that would have been better spent on the road.

Ralph 12:48 pm 23 Jul 08

Disgusting waste of taxpayer dollars.

This monstrosity looks like ground zero.

PBO 12:38 pm 23 Jul 08

Was anyone asked if they wanted this? Was there a choice of what got built there? I know that i was not asked whether or not i wanted this waste of my tax dollars. If this was the best thing that could have been installed there i would hate to see what did not make it.

barking toad 12:35 pm 23 Jul 08

Looks like it fell off the back of a truck taking it to the metal recycling joint in Fyshwick. Crap metal!

Jonathon Reynolds 12:35 pm 23 Jul 08

It has been rumoured that the sculpture was left over RSJs and will eventually be cut up and used for building the other side of the bridge when the government round to finishing the job.

Overheard 12:07 pm 23 Jul 08

AngryHenry said :

It’s a pile of sh*t… If it wasn’t deeply concreted down someone would have thought it was scrap and come and cleaned it up.

Nah, that wouldn’t work because the roots would just burrow underground and shoot up somewhere else.

(Little vocab joke there. Move along. Nothing to see.)

Kitchen Man 12:03 pm 23 Jul 08

I gather that the grass sculpture…or the ‘train wreck’ as I call it, cost around about the money the money they saved in the first year of the closure of Flynn Primary.

peterh 11:56 am 23 Jul 08

maybe, if the act government wants people to appreciate the GDE, they could have (gasp!) made it dual Lane. bugger off the art, make it easier to drive down.

the money that was spent could have gone to the important dual lane, or more beds in hospitals.

It looks like a truck has lost its load in spectacular fashion…

Thumper 11:44 am 23 Jul 08

I rather see a V2 rocket…

Mælinar - *spoiler 11:37 am 23 Jul 08

I’d like to see a big tardis on the side of the road. Now that would be art.

AngryHenry 11:34 am 23 Jul 08

Yeah I’ll bite too!

It’s a pile of sh*t… If it wasn’t deeply concreted down someone would have thought it was scrap and come and cleaned it up.

Hey but from and artisitc point of view if it’s stimulating conversation, then I guess it’s succeeded. I mean that’s what art is supposed to do isn’t it, encourage debate, create controversy, stir emotions.

What a shame we all had to pay for it though. Richard Goodwin must be laughing all the way to the bank at our expense.

Why is it these so called ‘artists’ are hailed by the government, given grants and even worse, commissioned to build sh*t like this?

Why don’t they put up some public art spaces (i.e. legal graffiti walls) rather than spend money on this crap? Give some up and commers an opportunity instead of commissioning this peice of sh*t.

We should all be watching the road anyways when we drive past… So what is the point really?

tylersmayhem 11:33 am 23 Jul 08

It’s a bloody eyesore and a waste of F**king taxpayers money!

cmdwedge 11:17 am 23 Jul 08

Fishing for bits today, are we? I’ll play. It’s an abomination.

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