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Right-to-lifers force Catholics to dump Stanhope

By Kerces - 8 December 2005 54

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope had been invited to give this year’s Rerum Novarum Lecture at the Melbourne Catholic Commission for Justice, Development and Peace on Friday 9-DEC-05 because of his stance on the terror laws and defiance of the Federal Government in posting the draft legislation on his website.

However, PM reports this invitation has been hurridly withdrawn after right-to-lifers made a fuss about Mr Stanhope’s role in legalising abortion.

Mr Stanhope received a letter which he told the ABC said “quite bluntly that unfortunately developments since [his being invited] have politicised the lecture with respect to life issues, as a result of which the Archbishop of Melbourne, the Most Reverend Denis Hart, has decided to withdraw the invitation to me”.

Mr Stanhope was to have spoken on a topic close to his heart, the development of an Australian bill of rights. However president of the ACT’s Right to Life campaign and of the Australian Federation of Right to Life Associations Kath Woolf said this was entirely unappropriate as Mr Stanhope’s measures to make the ACT more abortion friendly ignore UN conventions on the rights of the unborn child. There were fears on the part of the lecture organisers that right to life protests may have caused an ugly scene on Friday.

“I think it’s misleading of him to present himself in that way or to give advice to others on the matter of human rights statements, because he has, in my opinion, completely corrupted Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,” she told the ABC.

“And it was that that I said to Archbishop Hart, in view of his record, I think he’s the least appropriate person, actually, because people outside the church who don’t understand what’s happened, he should not be lecturing on how to go about a bill of rights, certainly not in a forum where it’s a formal address, it’s not a debate.”

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54 Responses to
Right-to-lifers force Catholics to dump Stanhope
Absent Diane 4:37 pm 08 Dec 05

other things that come to mind are aids (espesh in africa) and over population draining … what a fantastic contribution to the planet…

bonfire 4:23 pm 08 Dec 05

i dont think its controversial to say that the roman catholic church has been instrumental in holding back science.

although their direct influence has waned due to the demise of monarchical/church control, in centuries past they would threaten with excommunication people who challenged church teachings. like galileo.

they also organised the crusades, and the crushing of various native cultures in any land that the european imperialists stuck a flag in.

teh splintering of the church caused by teh reformation had teh effect f tempering its more radical policies. the counter reformation was not as successful as claimed, and even countrys in which the counter reformation seemingly worked, its influence has dramatically waned.

off teh top of my head i can think of portugal where the catholic church backed the wrong side in a civil war. the result was the closure of seminaries and monasteries. appropriation of church property by the state etc. It wasnt until the 1930’s (coudl be wrong on this) that they were allowed back and even then the vatican and the portuguese govt have a contract in which the vatican agrees to certain restrictions on its activities.

although the roman catholics appear to be teh main bad guys, its pretty much all forms of organised religion which should be treated suspiciously. it is all about control and surrendering individual thought to group think.

Puggy Pearson 4:21 pm 08 Dec 05

And I was unaware that the definition of fascist was so broad as to cover issues of ‘corporatism’…silly me

Puggy Pearson 4:20 pm 08 Dec 05

‘You people’?

Now who’s the name caller? Pot this is kettle, over

colsim 4:13 pm 08 Dec 05

Do you actually, at all, deep down believe puggy that the Chief Minister has any agenda whatsoever to return the means of production to the masses?

You people love trotting out the socialist tag but it’s almost as absurd as calling Howard a fascist(even considering his freedom hating, hard-core corporatist neo-con agenda).

Of course, I guess name calling is always the preferred option of the right (a la Bolt, Akerman and SkankyHo) when you don’t actually have an argument to put.

T_Bone 4:12 pm 08 Dec 05

So it was OK for Stanhope to speak at the church on the Australian Bill of Rights until the Right to lifers bought up his position on ACT abortion laws. Sounds like someone only wants to hear from people that agree with them to me.

homebrewed 4:10 pm 08 Dec 05

a bill of rights is nothing more than the intellectually lightweight hippy “I know better than you and I vote” brigade using ambiguity that comes with the listing of self evident rights without referencing the accompanying responsibilities, to legislate for the ignorant proletariat who cannot be trusted to elect legislators

but then he is the elected mayor so what does that say about the canberra proletariat…

Mr Evil 4:04 pm 08 Dec 05

Our Chief Minister is a knobchew; there’s no doubt about it!

Puggy Pearson 4:02 pm 08 Dec 05

The CM has not been seen in a church for a long time. On its own that is nothing to be concerned about, but when it concerns his job, such as memorial services and the like, its clear that his socialist agenda isnt suited by associating himself tenuously with organised religion, except when approaching the Muslim community suits his personal agenda.

kimba 3:43 pm 08 Dec 05

Back to the subject matter…our Chief can’t be trusted to speak in a public forum because he has a habit of using these forums to advance his own extreme left wing issues. The Feds don’t trust him and he has been banned from Citizenship ceremonies. What a great ambassador he is for Canberra.

vittens 3:23 pm 08 Dec 05

Absent Diane needs to take a cold shower I think. How about offering some constructive comments instead of this extremist nonsensical stuff …comon, have a real go….

Puggy Pearson 3:22 pm 08 Dec 05

Gosh almighty, so have Protestants, Muslims, Satanists, Wiccas, Sikhs.

Diane isn’t the only thing absent, so is logic

Absent Diane 1:00 pm 08 Dec 05

Yes a fair bit of it.. so now you know…. they certainly havent been peace brokers… and they have done a lot to stop the advancement of human society with their corrupt morals and viewpoint of science

Mr Evil 12:53 pm 08 Dec 05

So Catholics are to blame for all the fighting and violence in the world? I’ve always wondered who was behind it all!

Absent Diane 11:40 am 08 Dec 05

mmm does one else find the words catholic and peace together ironic… If they want world peace and justice my advice to the catholics would be to abort themselves…. its a shame old stannie didn’t have a chance to get stuck into them….

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