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Right-to-lifers force Catholics to dump Stanhope

By Kerces 8 December 2005 54

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope had been invited to give this year’s Rerum Novarum Lecture at the Melbourne Catholic Commission for Justice, Development and Peace on Friday 9-DEC-05 because of his stance on the terror laws and defiance of the Federal Government in posting the draft legislation on his website.

However, PM reports this invitation has been hurridly withdrawn after right-to-lifers made a fuss about Mr Stanhope’s role in legalising abortion.

Mr Stanhope received a letter which he told the ABC said “quite bluntly that unfortunately developments since [his being invited] have politicised the lecture with respect to life issues, as a result of which the Archbishop of Melbourne, the Most Reverend Denis Hart, has decided to withdraw the invitation to me”.

Mr Stanhope was to have spoken on a topic close to his heart, the development of an Australian bill of rights. However president of the ACT’s Right to Life campaign and of the Australian Federation of Right to Life Associations Kath Woolf said this was entirely unappropriate as Mr Stanhope’s measures to make the ACT more abortion friendly ignore UN conventions on the rights of the unborn child. There were fears on the part of the lecture organisers that right to life protests may have caused an ugly scene on Friday.

“I think it’s misleading of him to present himself in that way or to give advice to others on the matter of human rights statements, because he has, in my opinion, completely corrupted Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights,” she told the ABC.

“And it was that that I said to Archbishop Hart, in view of his record, I think he’s the least appropriate person, actually, because people outside the church who don’t understand what’s happened, he should not be lecturing on how to go about a bill of rights, certainly not in a forum where it’s a formal address, it’s not a debate.”

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Right-to-lifers force Catholics to dump Stanhope
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Thumper 8:14 am 12 Dec 05

And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love make…..

Seriously, if the catholics don’t want him there, then that’s their decision.

What’s the problem?

johnboy 1:28 pm 11 Dec 05

you’ve got to already be a big swinging duck to get a seat at the table. it entrenches existing power structures.

But power is based on more than just big business.

colsim 8:42 pm 10 Dec 05

I stand enlightened, thanks JB, interesting read. Have to confess, I skimmed bits when I was reading John Ralston Saul, who’s had some interesting things to say on this stuff.

My view would probably be that much of the input in the modern corporatist structures still tends to come from the big end of town though.

johnboy 5:04 pm 09 Dec 05

Corporatism doesn’t necessarily refer to commercial corporations. Trade Unions having special access to government is as much “corporatist” as big business calling the shots.

Corporatism is most definitely a hallmark of fascism, the very term was coined by mussolini’s fascists, particularly when combined with collectivism.

Interestingly Ros Kelly once boasted that the Hawke/Keating Government was both Corporatist and Collectivist.

The Wikipedia entry is here

Indi 4:17 pm 09 Dec 05

mmmm…I’m thirsty now

Maelinar 3:47 pm 09 Dec 05

RG, oh how thee hath fallen.

As thee aut to know, imbibe enough ale into thine target, and the sex shall flow hencewith. That is why wine, in cruder terminology, is known as ‘legopener’.

Henceforth Saterble the splinter religion of Beerble, is a fraud !

Remember fellow followers, this month is Beercember. Drink as much beer as possible.

RandomGit 3:36 pm 09 Dec 05

Mael is a false prophet. He is one of those splinter revisionist scum Beerble of the true Church of Saterbles that hold the true word, hence:


Chapter 1 Verse 1 Proverb 1: Beer and sex.
Proverb 2: Not neccessarily in that order.


PS. Burn Mael, burn in a sexless wowser hell!!

LurkerGal 2:33 pm 09 Dec 05


Just wondering whether the “beer” is a literal translation, or whether one could perhaps insert “cab sav”? If so, I am interested in hearing more about your religion and wish to subscribe to your newsletter!

Puggy Pearson 2:21 pm 09 Dec 05


How do I join your cult?

Absent Diane 12:38 pm 09 Dec 05

Yes but have you ever read the lost books of the spirits…. try some of their prayers after you have prayed to beer for a while… I find it a very fulfilling combo…

I too like stanhope

Maelinar 12:22 pm 09 Dec 05

PP I’ve never found anything wrong with my religion.

Infact I can recite it here:


Chapter 1 Verse 1 Proverb 1: Beer.

Mossey 12:04 pm 09 Dec 05

I dunno, I shared my office with a messy German. Towels and socks everywhere. He liked good chocolate though.

I agree on the Church America line, the dominant influence has just shifted to another group. Who’s next? I think that we should follow the teachings of St Hubbins, the patron saint of quality footwear.

Btw, I like Stanhope. *ducks*

Absent Diane 12:01 pm 09 Dec 05

but it does create interesting and involving discussion

Puggy Pearson 12:00 pm 09 Dec 05


Read my post you ass clown. You can find something wrong with EVERY religion. The minority unfortunately tar the majority. Same can be said for left handers, or any other group.

I have never said that ALL people in any religion are anything, but its pumped up twits like yourself that like to draw a long bow towards conspiracy theories every time.

The reason it was ‘unrefuted’ was because the readership, unlike yourself, understood what I was saying. If you look hard enough there is a little bit of bad everywhere. Usually surrounded by a lot of good, which unfortunately overshadows it most of the time, Jew, Sikh, Catholic, or anything at all

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