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RiotACT Bicycle Bar Crawl 2008 – We survived!

By johnboy - 2 November 2008 32

A big thank you to everyone who dropped in along the way for the 2008 RiotACT Bicycle Bar Crawl. I think a good time was had by everyone. The brave and the strong who completed it from start to finish know who they are.

One knee was grazed, one t-shirt was ruined in a pizza incident, and one warning was given by police to put a helmet back on.

Otherwise everyone escaped unscathed, only slightly sunburned, and not enormously hungover.

If you missed it then best to keep the first weekend in November free next year.

Special thanks to the Zierholz brewery for providing a much appreciated mini-keg at the last stop.

Here’s some video of the RiotACT precision cyclists dicing with death and the London Circuit pillars next to the Uni Pub.

Slideshow below:

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32 Responses to
RiotACT Bicycle Bar Crawl 2008 – We survived!
niftydog 10:00 am 03 Nov 08

grunge_hippy said :

i was always under the impression that riding drunk was just as illegal as driving drunk.

but it looks like it was fun!

I was always under the opposite impression, that there’s no “drink-riding” offence, anyone know for sure? I figure it might be different depending on whether you’re riding on the road or on a path.

I does look like fun, shame it will be a whole year until the next one!

johnboy 9:47 am 03 Nov 08

There might have been occasional moments of silliness which lead in turn to bikes needing some adjustment.

Danman 9:44 am 03 Nov 08

I went to Walmart…..Once

How is it that you had to stop so many times for repairs – were you using on road cycle lanes ?

I ride 96km a week and have done so for 6 weeks – never had a problem.

nathan 9:42 am 03 Nov 08

A helmet saved me from what I reckon would’ve been fairly serious head injuries when I stacked the Deadly Treadly in high school.

I was keen, but instead I drove to Uranquinty and picked up two new family additions – Labrador pups.

mdme workalot 9:38 am 03 Nov 08

Ant, I’ve got to ask – and I’m not having a go at you – what is with the Walmart references? It seems every time there is a reference to cycling on this site you mention how you got your bike from Walmart. I don’t get it – what’s the big deal?

johnboy 9:28 am 03 Nov 08

The police interaction was entirely amicable with a passing policeman.

To be fair we were stopping at a pub outside their station.

ant 11:33 pm 02 Nov 08

What the? every second car in Canberra is tailgating every first car, and the cops are after helmetless riders?! Ye gods. (er teh cop wasn’t a disgruntled ex-riotact poster, I wonder?). I hate helmets. I rode my walmart mountain bike all over salt lake city, and had every safety dodge known to man (you shoudl have seen my excellent light array) except a helmet.

I had an urgent appointment spraying 10 acres of St John’s Wort, plus my bike is a popular home for spiders after being used once, so I was not there. Plus I’d forgotten about it. and I still don’t have a helmet.

Thumper 9:18 pm 02 Nov 08

I could only attend a couple of pubs but it was fun all the same….

imarty 8:18 pm 02 Nov 08

grungehippy you either live northside and have the same insecurity that many Melbournians have about their city vs Sydney or live southside and don’t get out much.
Either way, pretty ignorant.

che 4:01 pm 02 Nov 08

We finished the night off with a tasty keg of Zierholz brown ale thanks to Christof, most appreciated and delicious.

GnT 3:49 pm 02 Nov 08

Very disappointed to see the helmetless character.

shauno 2:55 pm 02 Nov 08

HAHA classic missed it again though. We’re going to be doing a similar thing on the Gold Coast. Start somewhere in Burlie and finish up in Surfers.

grunge_hippy 2:30 pm 02 Nov 08

what, pj’s to the southern cross club, tuggies and then home?

not quite the same feel me thinks…

BerraBoy68 2:13 pm 02 Nov 08

I seriously wanted to come along but the haul back to Kambah would have been to fearsome and negated the relaxation that the event offered. That said, I’ll work out a way to partake next year.

Alternately, perhaps we can arrange a similar event for those on the southside of town?

grunge_hippy 1:50 pm 02 Nov 08

i was always under the impression that riding drunk was just as illegal as driving drunk.

but it looks like it was fun!

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