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RiotACT Registered User Number 1000 – James-T-Kirk

By johnboy 15 March 2006 19


The current incarnation of RiotACT has reached user number 1000, take a bow “James-T-Kirk”, whoever you are. Feel free to print out “I am special” and pin it to your lapel for a day.

The old site only ever reached 593 over 4 years which reflects the incredible growth of reader numbers since this time last year, when we made the change (also the minor matter that we turned off anonymous comment).

Currently we’re getting a staggering 1,000 unique visitors a day and over 10,000 unique visitors a month. Gawd, look at all them goose eggs.

I’m having a drink at All Bar Nun (O’Connor) on Friday 24-MAR-2006 to commemorate leaving paid employment if anyone wants to wander over for a celebratory beer.

UPDATED: If James-T-Kirk should choose to collect it, the prize pack for this honour includes a free copy of the Canberra Times, CityNews and an un-opened inflatable Brumbies whacking stick.

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RiotACT Registered User Number 1000 – James-T-Kirk
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bubzie 8:42 pm 29 Mar 06

alright, this is sorta late, but someone asked about people who register and never post, right??

well..i speak for all of them..those who didnt forget their passwords, probly got frightend off by some of youse? (whaat? that’s why i’m not on here much?)

johnboy 11:35 am 24 Mar 06

noper, he’s the one the gooseggs rolled over for, so he’s the winner.

Maelinar 11:28 am 24 Mar 06

From a pedant point of view, Androyd has already admitted that he has registered twice but never used his first logon due to losing the password.

That relegates JTK to user number 999.

schmerica 7:53 pm 16 Mar 06

😉 Relax… make peace and/or love, not war.

James-T-Kirk 2:38 pm 16 Mar 06

Wo Hoo.

I am pleased that you are happy. I registered to allow me to post some queries onto the teachers debate, and will probably stay around for a while.

Thanks for the kind offer, but I don’t need to take you up on the free drink. I hope that the site continues to be what you want it to be.

By the way, total bonus points to the clever person who took the photos of the camera van. I have allways wondered what they said.


simto 11:19 am 16 Mar 06

Wasn’t aware I was being clawy, just ever so mildly sarcastic (and, admittedly, a little dim for not bothering to read some of the intervening comments).

schmerica 10:08 am 16 Mar 06

Ah, I may be there in spirit but that friday I do believe I will be greeting people all night with “Hi guys! Welcome to Hogs Breath”

Ohhh the excitment!

Now I’m sad! I want some Brumbie Whackers! 🙁

Oh and simto ? Put your claws away.

johnboy 9:41 am 16 Mar 06

Simto, as i said above I’m going to try and make a riot-like national site work with a mixed subscription/free model.

More details when things like name registration are actually confirmed.

Have no fear, RiotACT will be shamelessly harnessed for cross-promotional purposes.

simto 9:28 am 16 Mar 06

John, this is your second reference to having quit your current job – while god knows, this isn’t a blog about you, and therefore you don’t have to post everything about your personal life, those of us who vaguely care do want to know – what have you got lined up next? An extended period of playstation? Or something else you want to share with us all?

Androyd 11:21 pm 15 Mar 06

Re registered non-commenters: I used to submit occasional stories and comments back in the old anonymous cowardly canberran days. When it came to compulsory rego, I registered once and my password got sent straight to junkmail box and was deleted before I could find it – so had to register again under a different name. Others may be in the same boat.

Anyway, congrats on yet another milestone JB and chaps. Long may you riot.

johnboy 10:03 pm 15 Mar 06

come along friday week? I’ll put one on the table for easy identification.

schmerica 9:54 pm 15 Mar 06

So how would an ordinary non-special number poster go about getting some of these “un-opened inflatable Brumbies whacking sticks” that you speak of ?

seepi 6:46 pm 15 Mar 06

maybe they’ve just forgotten their passwords – the system for getting your password back on this site has always confused me…Good luck anyway!

johnboy 5:23 pm 15 Mar 06

what are the stats on people who have posted once and never returned ?

Huge, but even more have registered and never commented at all.

What motivates them? Who can say?

Absent Diane 5:15 pm 15 Mar 06


johnboy 5:07 pm 15 Mar 06

Actually VG I was planning on doing the next bicycle pub crawl that day, but have to go to a 21st instead.

As for what happens next, I’m going to try and make a riot-like national site work with a mixed subscription/free model.

More details when things like name registration are actually confirmed.

Kerces 5:05 pm 15 Mar 06

Man, who could resist that prize pack?

bonfire 4:55 pm 15 Mar 06

what are the stats on people who have posted once and never returned ?

youre not banking on riotact to keep you afloat are you ? ive never clicked on any of the ads.

vg 4:48 pm 15 Mar 06

Make it Saturday arvo on the 25th and I’m in, pre Brumbies

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