RiotACT Sim Challenge is on. Norvan Vogt faces the Sims this Thursday – TIME CHANGED

johnboy 31 July 2008 54

The candidates are lined up, the venue is keen, the show will go on.

This Thursday the Community Alliance’s Norvan Vogt will sit down at a laptop in O’Connor’s famed All Bar Nun (with projection onto one of the big screens) and show how good he is at running a city.

In future weeks we’ll have more candidates but all are welcome to come on down, view the spectacle, and offer vocal encouragement.

(Or buy a RiotACT team member a drink, mine’s a pint of Little Creature’s bright ale)

UPDATED: Apologies all. The candidate’s availability has changed and we’re going to be running instead from 3:30 to 7pm. Sorry about any inconvenience.

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54 Responses to RiotACT Sim Challenge is on. Norvan Vogt faces the Sims this Thursday – TIME CHANGED
lionelvioletguyandslingsby lionelvioletguyandslingsby 10:56 pm 31 Jul 08

We think Donkey Kong would have been a better similie for the ACT.

caf caf 3:01 pm 30 Jul 08

The return of the blink tag – oh the nostalgia, I feel like its 1997!

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 1:57 pm 30 Jul 08

With or without the endangered woodlands in the middle? 🙂

johnboy johnboy 1:21 pm 30 Jul 08

With the constraints of time it’s going to be a blank slate.

Think of it as the new molonglo development…. or something like that.

jakez jakez 1:19 pm 30 Jul 08

So will the candidates get a blank slate or an ACT mock up. I think it would be brilliant if a Sims wiz built a ‘close enough’ mock up of Canberra and then let the candidates have at it.

Watch as Jon Stanhope deliberately turns on the fire disaster setting, Jacqui Burke turns all housing into public housing, Andrew Barr razes every school, and Katy Gallagher sends a public servant to play for her.

johnboy johnboy 1:06 pm 30 Jul 08

Always aiming for the big leagues JR.

Think of it this way, it’ll be getting interesting by the time you get out of work.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 1:05 pm 30 Jul 08

Mea Culpa… (I was reading the RSS comment feed and didn’t see the story update). It appears that Norvan Vogt has been taking the lessons from the government. Not an auspicious start.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 1:02 pm 30 Jul 08

Congratulations – The RiotACT now joins the ACT Government in organising events at times to promote minimal community involvement!

johnboy johnboy 12:44 pm 30 Jul 08

Sorry everyone, due to circumstances beyond our control the time has now changed to a 3.30 in the afternoon start, running through to seven.

johnboy johnboy 12:39 pm 30 Jul 08

Sorry everyone, due to circumstances beyond our control the time has now changed to a 4pm in the afternoon start, running through to seven.

Pseudo Nym Pseudo Nym 11:09 am 30 Jul 08

With all the easy-to-make jokes aside, it sounds like an interesting opportunity to evaluate the thought processes of some candidates, away from the prepared speeches & sound bites environment. Given the high stakes of ACT politics, a computer game seems to have the right level of gravity.

jakez jakez 9:28 am 30 Jul 08

I want to see a candidate from the LDP do it. They’d sit there doing nothing, waiting for the invisible hand to kick in.

Jazz Jazz 8:36 am 30 Jul 08


we’ll schedule them at pretty irregular intervals depending on which candidates are keen to take up the challenge, and how that fits in with their campaign schedules. Looks like i might have to bring Norvan’s challenge forward a few hours to finish up at 7pm.

Sleaz274 Sleaz274 10:18 pm 29 Jul 08

I think this is a brilliant idea and well done for putting it together I say. What better way to evaluate a candidate than meeting, having a beverage and a casual muck around… beats reading policy websites and listening to sound bites for the next 3 months.

JB any idea what time it will wrap up? I have training and we don’t finish until after 2030 h… will they always be held on thursdays?

emd emd 8:36 pm 29 Jul 08

Actually, this is not a bad idea at all.
You get to go to the pub and ask the candidate whatever policy question you’re personally interested in, and have a beer & a laugh at the same time.
Could be more fun than going to the usual meet-the-candidates meetings.

Jazz Jazz 8:26 pm 29 Jul 08

dodgybranchopolous said :

I think this is a crap idea. What does it prove and how could it possibly be entertaining to punters?

You obviously have no concept of the value of simulation. That it is presented in this format as a game does not lessen the value of its challenges nor the observations that can be drawn from how the participants play it.

SamTSeppo SamTSeppo 6:34 pm 29 Jul 08

This is a great idea. I’ve never heard of such a thing elsewhere, but it sounds like a great excuse to watch a computer game on a big screen, beer in hand.

To all the haters, I am reminded of the words of Sean Connery: “Suck it, Trebek!”

(also, captainwhorebags for the SC2K win!)

el el 6:32 pm 29 Jul 08

And ‘feel free to start your own damn site’ is still just as relevant today as it was several years ago.

Thursday is already absolutely chockas for me, but I’ll try and make it along anyway.

Overheard Overheard 5:51 pm 29 Jul 08

dodgybranchopolous said :

Ok, insult my intelligence because I have an opinion, nice one.


If you’re so intelligent, I’m sure you can find ‘non sequitur’ in the dickshunary.

Ergo, what JB just said: Attendance (and comment) is not compulsory if it’s not your glass of tea.

johnboy johnboy 5:31 pm 29 Jul 08

Actually dodgybranchopolous it’s not so much your intelligence as your personallity we’d be worried about.

Attendance is not compulsory.

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