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RiotACT Sim Challenge is on. Norvan Vogt faces the Sims this Thursday – TIME CHANGED

By johnboy - 28 July 2008 54

The candidates are lined up, the venue is keen, the show will go on.

This Thursday the Community Alliance’s Norvan Vogt will sit down at a laptop in O’Connor’s famed All Bar Nun (with projection onto one of the big screens) and show how good he is at running a city.

In future weeks we’ll have more candidates but all are welcome to come on down, view the spectacle, and offer vocal encouragement.

UPDATED: Apologies all. The candidate’s availability has changed and we’re going to be running instead from 3:30 to 7pm. Sorry about any inconvenience.

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54 Responses to
RiotACT Sim Challenge is on. Norvan Vogt faces the Sims this Thursday – TIME CHANGED
captainwhorebags 7:47 am 29 Jul 08

Sounds like a good idea. If you’re going to go to a pub and have a beer, might as well get a chance to laugh at some candidates whilst you do it.

Reticulating Splines!

Deadmandrinking 7:21 am 29 Jul 08

Mælinar – *spoiler alert* I’ve seen S04E13 said :

Like putting the power station in the middle of a residential area ?

Would that be a POLICY issue or a SIMCITY issue ?

That’s…worrying, there mate.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but it seriously won’t affect my vote. Sounds like it’ll be just a bit of fun – nothing wrong with that.

Granny 12:03 am 29 Jul 08

Whose good authority?

iCanberran 11:50 pm 28 Jul 08

SimCity. I have it on good authority that a lot of MLAs run this… not all know it’s a game. It’s a serious planning tool.
Might explain ACPLA’s performance. A pity the cheap land in SimCity isn’t replicated in real life.

johnboy 11:41 pm 28 Jul 08

Actually we have no intention of trying to overly mimic the ACT.

Simply because we have no wish to spend the rest of our lives debating with nerds as to how we failed to represent the real world.

The candidates will have the same landlocked city to knock themselves out in. There might be some other similarity to Canberra but we’re not going to promise more than that.

Jonathon Reynolds 11:19 pm 28 Jul 08

Does SIMCITY properly simulate the ACT Land Sales and Development Application process?
Nothing like making it realistic where you get a bargain on the land and get to chuck up any sort of building wherever you see fit.

DrShrink 10:55 pm 28 Jul 08

I love the idea, will try and bring a few to cheer/boo them on.

johnboy 10:49 pm 28 Jul 08

Well you’d like to think they’d back their talent, and it is a level playing field.

Policy promises are a bunch of lies, surely someone wants to see some decision making? And how it works out?

bighead 10:49 pm 28 Jul 08

Sure it might not represent all their policies in playing a game, but I still think it’s a fantastic idea even if it is just a bit of fun. Curious to see the results.

Granny 10:41 pm 28 Jul 08

I think the SIMCITY thing sounds like fun and could be very informative. I would think that it would be a two-edged sword for the candidates however.

Mælinar - *spoiler 10:11 pm 28 Jul 08

Like putting the power station in the middle of a residential area ?

Would that be a POLICY issue or a SIMCITY issue ?

AussieGal83 10:03 pm 28 Jul 08

I dont know, maybe its just me, but I think I care more about actual, you know policy issues

johnboy 9:58 pm 28 Jul 08

Thanks guys. Your endless positivity is really appreciated.

No seriously. A chance to see a candidate demonstrating city management skills rather than just talking to a camera combined with getting out and talking to people while having a drink.

I can see what a total downer that would be.

Why not invite us to your brilliant events?

Waiting… Waiting…

LG 9:55 pm 28 Jul 08

I might give my vote to whichever candidates don’t participate 😉

AussieGal83 9:51 pm 28 Jul 08


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