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RIP Kid Zone

By Special G - 23 May 2009 34

Mrs G and a couple of friends wth kids in tow headed down to Kid Zone at Belconnen Mall today only to find it boarded up and emptied out. Word is since Westfield Belconnen revamped the playground inside the mall business for Kid zone dropped off eventually putting it out of business.

I did always wonder how many kids you would have to get into a place like that in order to mak it a viable business.

Those with kids wanting to head to an indoor playground will have to trek a bit further out to Mitchell or Southside from now on.

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34 Responses to
RIP Kid Zone
sepi 8:49 pm 23 May 09

As someone said – a big difference is the fence around the outside – if more (any) outdoor parks in Canberra had that, we would go there more often.

Those reminiscing about outdoor parks probably went there when they were old enough not to run on the road. One parent can wrangle one unruly pre-schooler outdoors. Once you are outnumbered, the indoor places where they can’t run away are a godsend.

Granny 8:36 pm 23 May 09

So don’t take them. My kids have always enjoyed both very much.

Kramer 8:24 pm 23 May 09

Take your kids (especially 2 to 4 yo like mine) to your garden variety park, and then try Kid Zone, Kids Rampage, Kid City, Monkey Mania, etc… See which they like better (and don’t kill themselves on).

inlymbo 8:17 pm 23 May 09

dvaey and s-s-a: we have a lovely video of the littlelimbo doing her first accidental somersault ever, at Kidzone. While this is no major feat for a two year old, littlelimbo has some gross motor delays meaning physical activity is not only difficult but extremely tiring and sometimes dangerous. So a place like kidzone provided a soft landing with few kids around. Littlelimbo goes to our local park all the time and we spend heaps of time outdoors, but the delays mean that we can not always allow full on activity. The fatigue sets in too, sometimes resulting in painful accidents on hard bark landings like we have at our park.

So too much of a long story, but I am asking you to think about why people might use such a place, the last thing I need is for someone to try and make me feel guilty about a bit of activity that matches the equipment we use at physiotherapy regularly. We will miss the place.

Woody Mann-Caruso 8:05 pm 23 May 09

We do both. Try to cram that into your peanut-sized brain.

Granny 5:58 pm 23 May 09

Actually, sorry s-s-a.

I do think it’s fantastic that you cleaned up all those local playgrounds. It’s great to see that kind of community spirit, and I agree that outdoor playgrounds are a wonderful and necessary facility for the healthy growth and development of children.

Yes, indoor playgrounds have their own problems but they do serve a purpose. I guess I was feeling defensive because of the earlier comment about “what kind of a parent”.

grunge_hippy 5:52 pm 23 May 09

who said anything about rain? i said when it gets cold. i dont want to be standing out in the freezing cold while my daughter plays on the equipment.

when’s the last time it rained anyway???

Granny 5:37 pm 23 May 09

That’s your choice, s-s-a.

Most outdoor playgrounds are not fenced, and this can and does make a difference to many parents.

I’m not forcing you to take your kids to an indoor playground. If you don’t like it, don’t go.

My daughter with a disability enjoys the ballpits in indoor playgrounds, as there are not many activities she can participate in with outdoor playgrounds.

But if you really need to judge me, by all means feel free.

s-s-a 5:30 pm 23 May 09

when you have kids dvaey, then you can have an opinion on this…

Rainy day outdoor activities are possible. I’d much rather my daughter experience include walking down the street in wellies, raincoats and umbrellas floating sticks down the river (ooops… I mean gutter) than driving her and paying money for the privelige of climbing, sliding, jumping indoors.

Playgrounds in disrepair? Several summers ago I got stick of the dust and food spills on the playground slippery dips in our area (making them none too slippery at all), so one morning I put my then-3yo in the bike trailer and grabbed some cleaning rags and a can of cheapo Mr Sheen-style cleaner and we polished at least half a dozen local slippery dips to make them actually slippery again. Problem solved!

Maybe a parent who wanted to have a cup of coffee in peace in the mall without having to jump up every second and chase a small child

Sorry Granny but I don’t believe “peace” is a word you can justifiably use when talking about small children, in particular indoor play centres!

Special G 3:46 pm 23 May 09

Those parents who like something different every now and then. We used to go there about once every two months for something different. Granny has pretty much summed it up.

Whatsup 3:40 pm 23 May 09

Granny +1

grunge_hippy 2:14 pm 23 May 09


when you have kids dvaey, then you can have an opinion on this…

considering that most of the playgrounds in canberra that we enjoyed as kids have fallen into disprepair (weston park, kambah advneture playground etc…) these are an option as the weather gets cooler.

Granny 1:44 pm 23 May 09

Maybe a parent whose child has different neurological needs from others. Maybe a parent who wanted to have a cup of coffee in peace in the mall without having to jump up every second and chase a small child. Maybe a parent who was looking for somewhere child-friendly to stop and have lunch, or just wanted to give the kids a treat after being dragged round a boring shopping mall for hours. Maybe a parent who still wanted their kids to be able to enjoy climbing and jumping and sliding and playing even though it was raining. Maybe a parent who was open to a diversity of experiences for their children. Maybe a parent who just wanted to live and let live and didn’t expect that to be an invitation to others to judge them for their choices.

dvaey 1:33 pm 23 May 09

I’m curious, what kind of parent thinks its a better idea to pay for a child to play indoors in a plastic playground, than take them out into the fresh air (for free) like every other generation before them has done? Maybe the demise of this business shows more parents are coming to their senses and realising that what they pay for, is available scattered all over Canberra, for free.

Granny 1:24 pm 23 May 09

This is really sad, Special G. Kidzone was one of the first of its kind – if not the first. It leaves behind happy memories for many Canberrans.

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