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Road closures due to snow

By johnboy 10 June 2009 35

A reliable source has sent in the following info out of Roads ACT to do with snow related road closures:

    The following road closures have been put in place by Roads ACT until further notice:

    Bobyan Road; closed to all vehicle except 4 x 4’s.

    Corin Road closed to all traffic at Wood Reserve. (No access to Corin Ski Lodge)

    Brindabella Road; closed to all but local traffic.

    Closures are the result of heavy snow in the areas mentioned.


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Road closures due to snow
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Demosthenes 8:53 am 15 Jul 09

We’re planning a trip with a 4WD up the Brindies this Sunday – any suggestions? Is Mount Franklin Road the way to go? Mount Ginini looks interesting but as usual there are stuff all maps and information out there, only a few interactive exhibits at tourist centres and road closure reports.

p1 4:18 pm 15 Jun 09

How come my post with a pic of snow on the Mt Franklin Rd disappeared into the ethos? It was nice up there on Sunday BTW, warmer then it had been in Canberra most of the week, and snow if you looked for it.

deye 12:00 am 15 Jun 09

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy said :

How much does it cost to hire chains?

If you are going to use them more than about 5 days it’s cheaper to buy them.
As someone else mentioned check them after fitting before completely driving off. Don’t go above 40 kph, although I’ve seen some that say 30 kph. The set you have should have it written somewhere what they are rated for.

Don’t leave them on after you don’t need them anymore as all they will do is create entertainment for the locals as you drive through town with sparks flying.

PigsFly 9:38 pm 14 Jun 09

Thanks so much for all the tips.

We have been to Selwyn before (last year was terrific down there) – done both a day trip (very tiring by the end of it) and then the next time stayed two nights in Adaminaby which worked out better. Last year we didn’t take chains and didn’t need them as our vehicle was fine without them (and we were allowed not to carry them, though this year I think that may have changed to ALL vehicles now must, not sure).

Today, though, we didn’t end up going to Selwyn. We rang Namadgi Visitor Centre first to check road reports from the Rangers – all roads have been re-opened but for the one that goes past Piccadily Circus on to Mt Ginini, etc. So we thought we’d try Corin Forest first and that ended up being a good choice as there was lots there. They apparently had about a foot of coverage on Tuesday (or was it Wednesday) night so what’s there now is what’s left. Good enough for some snow play and kept the kids entertained for ages.

We didn’t see anything on the peaks or anywhere else so we were very lucky. We went as far south as Orroral Picnic Grounds (with lots of side tracks and stops along the way) before turning around to take the now sleeping kids home.

All in all a great day out.

Hoping for more this week so we can venture down that way again (but with no minus temperatures forecast for this week me thinks I am in for alot of wishful thinking, lol).

Thanks again for your suggestions – will definitely keep them in mind over the coming months (especially with school holidays not that far away).

I understand the idea is to put the chains on, then drive perhaps 20 or 30 metres, and stop and reinspect them to check if they’ve stayed tight. If they are loose, the ‘flapping’ can smack you panels up badly.

You also need to drive a bit differently with chains on, I think, very smoothly.

sepi 7:16 pm 14 Jun 09

I think they are pretty cheap, but a friend once trashed her car by putting them on badly and leaving a bit loose, so that has put me off anywhere that needs chains to get to.

How much does it cost to hire chains?

Pommy bastard 11:46 am 14 Jun 09

PigsFly said :

Okay so we didn’t make it out there today BUT we do have big intentions to go for a decent drive tomorrow … any suggestions for a good vantage spot (or better still, something at ground level) to see some snow? Or do you think it’s all gone now?

I was up at Orroral ridge yesterday, there were a few spots about, but nothing worth traveling out to see.

Gungahlin Al 10:38 am 14 Jun 09

Selwyn is inside the national park – you have to go through the ticket booth at the Kiandra historical mining area, so they’d probably ask you about chains there I guess.

But there’d be a very good chance of snow around Kiandra too. Try calling the Adaminaby info joint: 02 6454 2285.

Unlike around Perisher, there are plenty of open roadside areas and long slopes you can toboggan on – you just have to haul the kids back up again though…

sepi 10:14 am 14 Jun 09

We went up Cotter rd then Brindabella rd to Picadilly circus yesterday morning. There was no snow most of the way and our hearts sank, but right near the top there was enough to play in – it was great. Maybe 5cm deep – enough to make a mini snowman, and to see animal prints on the snow covered logs. and you can see more snow on the higher hills in the last bit of the drive.

And normal wet weather gear is fine – gumboots, parkas, fleece pants if you have them (two pairs of pants is good, and a spare for the drive home). And do-it-yourself snow mittens – a sock on the hand, a plastic sandwich bag, and another sock to hold it all on. Daggy, but it works well.

The road is dirt for the last bit, so if there is snow the road will be wet and slippery. It is only an hour or so too, so easier than trying to get to Selwyn.

Selwyn sounds great tho – is it possible to get there without chains? Can you just drive til you get to snow and then stop to play? Tobogganing sounds like so much fun.

Gungahlin Al 5:51 am 14 Jun 09

Head on up to Mt Selwyn. It will be a great day for it.

It really doesn’t take much longer (2.5-3 hours), and you are guaranteed of quality snow because it’s been dumping up there. Really, you’ll spend a whole arvo looking for something up Brindys but it will be all mud and slush.

You have plenty to play in right there next to the Selwyn carpark – it slopes down away from the carpark, making a toboggan the go, and you can use it away from the ski run without resort staff getting cranky at you. At various times up there I’ve had a roo bounce through the snow next to us, and 4 lyrebirds in 200m one drive.

There’s a gorgeous backroad through Namadgi via Tharwa, and along the headwaters of the Murrumbidgee River to Adaminaby, but it will take a lot longer than just driving down and turning right a little after Bredbo.

You can hire proper snow clothes (especially boots) either there at the ski fields or one of the little towns along the way. I like the little old blue shop next to the highway in Bredbo – cheap and great service. Or you can get snow boots for about $60 a pair at Rays Outdoor at DFO I noticed. (Or if you were really quick you got them for $20 from Aldi a few weeks ago.)

Really boots and gloves are critical to your kids enjoying it. Ordinary clothes will get wet and frozen and the kids will be all tears instead of smiles. If you don’t have a 4WD or AWD, you’ll have to pick up chains at Adaminaby.


PigsFly 11:08 pm 13 Jun 09

Okay so we didn’t make it out there today BUT we do have big intentions to go for a decent drive tomorrow … any suggestions for a good vantage spot (or better still, something at ground level) to see some snow? Or do you think it’s all gone now?

PigsFly 11:41 pm 12 Jun 09

Does anyone know of any good spots close by (but willing to travel if necessary) where I could take my kids to see some snow, either close at hand (better still) or from a distance? We can’t get out anywhere til late morning but thought it might still be worth it. We have an AWD vehicle if that makes any difference.

I just checked the Roads ACT website and can’t find any details of the above mentioned roads still being closed ……. anyone know?


Ginnus 7:35 pm 11 Jun 09

ant said :

kathysav said :

Americans have it all over us for snow driving. Their Interstates often get very snowy, and the yanks just take it in their stride.

Should I really take these guy’s as an example ??

It does kinda show the danger though .. 🙂

ex-vectis 2:13 pm 11 Jun 09

Just remember the old saying – “Never eat yellow snow”

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