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Road Fatality on Kuringa Drive, Spence.

By Mick 11 March 2010 29

Sad news about a crash on Kuringa Drive just after 4am this morning.

Seems that the driver strayed onto the north-bound lane and slammed into another vehicle. (2 cars on the road at 4am? Unlucky)

From what I’ve heard, the crash was up near the Barton Highway turnoff.

Over-tired perhaps?

It brings the road toll for the year to 4.

ABC News story here

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Road Fatality on Kuringa Drive, Spence.
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grumpyrhonda 9:00 pm 28 Mar 10

bd84 said :

Another more than likely drunk moron doing a rediculous speed and killing himself, I feel sorry for the 18yr old girl driving the other car.

The Canberra Times actually did some local news updates today:

I also feel sorry for the 18 year old driver. I visited her in hospital today. She is incredibly lucky to be alive considering she had a punctured lung and broke every bone in her face. They hope to have the trachea out tomorrow and she might be home in the next week.
Her life and her family’s life will never be the same again due to a speeding person who crossed to the wrong side of the road.

shauno 6:46 pm 13 Mar 10

I would like to see 50 in suburbs and then 80, 100 on other roads, and 130 on 4 lane free ways like the Hume with enforcement of the keep left rule out of the fast lane.

JC 6:40 pm 12 Mar 10

Helen said :

JC said :

I drive along Kuringa Dr on a regular basis, and there are actually 3 speed limits – 60km/h between Tillyard Dr and Kingsford Smith Dr, 70km/h from Kingsford Smith Dr to just east of Owen Dixon Dr, and then 80km/h from there to the Barton Hwy intersection.

Thats right it changed about 5 years ago. But the point was where the accident was, was on the good stretch which is 80km/h and should be 80km/h.

JC 6:38 pm 12 Mar 10

troll-sniffer said :

This series of arguments above highlights everything that is wrong with the current ACT roads administration of speed limits.

I think it’s time we the citizens of Canberra let this guvmnt know that the current plethora of speed zones and the consequent confusion by a large percentage of the population about what speed they should be doing on any section of roadway is not good enough.

Why oh why can’t we just have a three tire system of speeds:

50km/hr in single lane and some dual lane suburban streets.
80 km/hr on non-suburban single lane roads and dual carriageways.
100km/hr on designated open roads and freeways.

Because some roads need lower speed limits for what ever reason.

What your talking about though is what happens in the UK. In most area’s there are no speed limit signs, or just the sign of a black circle with a line through it. Basically it was up to the driver to determine the road type and apply the speed limit. Only where the limit was for some reason lower than the default for that type of road do you see signs, which surprisingly were not much bigger than a 20c coin, well that hows they looked!

I hated when I lived there because that lack of signs on default limit roads (in towns in particular) mean I was always worried that I may have missed a sign giving a lower limit. I also found my SATNAV to not be 100% accurate in showing what the true limit was for the road.

JC 6:32 pm 12 Mar 10

damien haas said :

troll-sniffer said :

Why oh why can’t we just have a three tire system of speeds:

50km/hr in single lane and some dual lane suburban streets.
80 km/hr on non-suburban single lane roads and dual carriageways.
100km/hr on designated open roads and freeways.

The Greens have a Molonglo discussion paper going around at present which proposes a 30KMH speed limit for Molonglo ‘as this is now a recognised international standard’.

30mph maybe, which oh works out to be just shy of 50km/h which is our ‘default’ speed limit in built up area’s.

basketcase 4:41 pm 12 Mar 10

My wife travels this road daily and complained some years back to Mary Potter about its “dangerousness”.

Some months later she received a response which said amongst other things, that Kuringa Dr was 176th on the blackspot list and didn’t warrant any precedence for improvmemt.

I often wondered about this and concluded that people had to drive carefully because of the rotten nature of the road. But in the wee hours of the morning, guess that doesn’t apply.

homeone 4:25 pm 12 Mar 10

It has always been a strange bit of road. In the mid to late 70’s the bit northbound after the turnoff to Spence was a couple of hundred metres of very rough dirt (part of the old charnwood rd I think).

Then you alway slowed down as you came under the stock bridge.

After the last bit was tarred there was something strange about the corner – camber maybe – or possibly just a fairly sharp turn after being on the highway.

Helen 4:06 pm 12 Mar 10

Thumper said :

Kuringa Dr is easily one of the most dangerous stretches of road in Belconnen

No, people just won’t drive to conditions or go faster than their driving abilities allow. Yeah, it’s slightly windy but seriously, dangerous?

I think that our statements go hand in hand. Kuringa Dr is dangerous for precisely the reasons you state – people don’t drive to conditions, won’t follow speed limits, etc – and due to the nature of this particular road, there are quite often horrible consequences.

You’ll note that I added the qualifier “in Belconnen” – across a larger area, Kuringa Dr is not really that bad. But when you add all the variables together it is quite a dangerous road, with accidents like this as evidence.

sloppery 4:05 pm 12 Mar 10

How about 40km/h in suburban streets, 60km/h in suburban feeders, 80km/h on dual lane roads, 100km/h highway and 120+km/h freeway?

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