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Road Rules Refresher

By Grail - 3 May 2010 44

There was a four car pileup on the Tuggeranong Parkway this morning, just inside the roadworks. The traffic was jammed up right down to Sulwood Drive, in my case extending my trip to work by 45 minute.

It might be worth bringing up the topic of safe driving up at BBQs and dinner table discussion. Little pointers like the two second gap, and abiding by construction site speed limits.

Sure, someone else might jump in that gap between you and the car in front. Just remind yourself that doing 120km/h on the Parkway during peak hour is impossible anyway, and even on a good day it will only save you 1 minute against a trip following the speed limit all the way. For people like me who live in North Cooma and travel to Civic and beyond for work, that’s one minute out of a half hour trip – which will be lost at the first set of traffic lights anyway.

Another issue to remember is that when you are driving a car, you should be thinking only about driving the car. Don’t go through the list of things to do when you get to work – you have the office for that, and thinking about the office while you’re in the car driving may mean you don’t get to the office today. Don’t dwell on whether you should have ordered the quiche for dinner with that hot date last night – she’ll call you back or she won’t: if she calls you back, it would help your chances for a second date if you were still alive.

Do you have any other ideas for helping people be safer on the roads during the commute to and from work?

What’s Your opinion?

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44 Responses to
Road Rules Refresher
taninaus 8:06 pm 03 May 10

My favourite – the speed cameras on the Parkway are set to clock speeds over 100kmh, you don’t need to slow down to 90kph just in case when passing them, only to speed to 110 50m away from them!

arescarti42 6:47 pm 03 May 10

luther_bendross said :

The quicker you get to wherever you’re going, the less time you spend on these dangerous roads. Also, help the environment by not wasting power using indicators.

You can also save power by not having your lights on when visibility is poor. I’ve seen quite a few people who have cottoned on to that.

@chewy14 – by my maths:

-10 mins a day * 5 = 50 mins a week * 52 = 2600 mins a year * 45 = 117,000 mins a lifetime
-117,000 mins a lifetime / 60 = 1950 hours a lifetime / 24 = 81.25 days a lifetime.

@Ryan and ThatGuy – In my personal experience, if you assume that everyone else on the road is a moron, you are right approximately 1/3rd of the time.

Wraith 6:31 pm 03 May 10

Yeah, because its just so much fun to sit around a bbq with some beers and discuss safe driving………

Canberra traffic is the way it is, not much is going to change it, live with it.

vg 6:25 pm 03 May 10

So the OP was one of the investigating officers for the accident, ergo knowing the cause of it?

Lots of driving experts in this town, not many of them drive though gathering from my observations of driver behaviour

Pork Hunt 5:29 pm 03 May 10

All I ask is that fellow motorists KEEP LEFT unless OVERTAKING instead of dawdling in the right lane at 20k’s below the limit and find the “fog light” switch and turn it to the “OFF” position.
Seeing drivers with their fog lights AND headlights on 24/7 shits me to tears. It is also an offence in the convict state and others…

Ryan 5:24 pm 03 May 10

Most of my thoughts have already been covered, but because i love repetition:

* When you’re merging, please make sure your speed matches that of the road you are merging into. This means you, people-who-putt-up-the-on-ramps-to-the-Tuggeranong-Parkway-at-fifty

* At form one lanes, if the person next to you is ahead (even if you’re halfway along side them), BACK OFF instead of trying to squeeze past them. It’s just not going to end well (This one seems to happen an awful lot as you come out of Vernon Circle in the City)

* Leave a decent gap between you and the car in front. My driving instructor always said you need to be able to see the wheels of the car in front. If somebody cuts in between you, just slow down a tad until the gap is back.

* When a bus has indicated intention to leave a stop – slow down and let it. It’s not going to slow you down THAT much, and besides: who do you think is going to come off worst between a bus and your car? Here’s a hint: you are.

* Obey the roadwork speed limits. I don’t give a crap if the moron behind me is sitting a fart’s length away from my bumper, I’m not going to risk a fine just because they want to go a bit faster.

And as somebody else mentioned, you really need to assume that everyone else on the road is a moron. And if that means waiting that extra second at the roundabout to make sure they’re actually planning to exit the way that they are indicating, then so be it.

chewy14 4:40 pm 03 May 10

I take issue with your 1min earlier claim.

I know i can save up to 5 mins each way by driving 120km/hr down the parkway 2m from the car in front of me, frantically changing lanes whenever the opportunity appears and cutting in and jamming on the brakes as hard as possible when those in front slow down.

I also find that abusing other drivers while doing this gets me to work faster and in a better mood.

That’s a whole 10 mins per day or 50 mins a week.

Over a whole 45 year working life that’s 225 working days.

So enjoy going slow suckers, i’ll be retiring early.

jasere 4:32 pm 03 May 10

“the two second gap” I love to see people use the 20 second gap and do it in the right lane that have drivers pulling their hair out behind them

I see it every morning it just cracks me up

hellspice 3:43 pm 03 May 10

motleychick said :

When you’re turning left onto Hindmarsh drive from Weston, you have your own lane – YOU DON’T NEED TO STOP!

didnt someone die there on friday night ? think they were turning right though.

la mente torbida 3:08 pm 03 May 10

You sound like you have some issues motleychick

astrojax 3:02 pm 03 May 10

i fail to see what is so hard about obeying (enforceable, people) construction site speed limits – and wonder why people think i might go faster if they sit up my arse: sadly for them the inverse is actually true.

sadly, grail, you need people to do something that is anathema to them to drive appropriately: think. good luck – but well done for trying! 🙂

ThatGuy 3:01 pm 03 May 10

Four simple things:
* Be alert and aware of your entire surroundings
(check your mirrors!)
* Be calm
* Assume everyone else is prone to spontaneous erratic idiocy
* Wake up 10 mins earlier if you find yourself rushing to work a lot

Best thing I ever learnt from my Dad, about driving, was to assume everyone else on the road is an idiot and prepare to react appropriately.

Haha and +1 to motleychick with an added – If you are merging into a slow moving lane, go right to the end of the merging lane and then merge, don’t simply attempt to merge as soon as the lines become broken.

motleychick 2:51 pm 03 May 10

When you’re merging, make sure you’re going the speed limit so people don’t have to break for an idiot going 60 merging into a 100 zone.

When forming one lane, let the car that is in front of you stay in front of you. Don’t try and overtake them just before it turns into a single lane. And there really is no need to come to a complete standstill to form one lane.

When you’re turning left onto Hindmarsh drive from Weston, you have your own lane – YOU DON’T NEED TO STOP!

Aargh Canberra drivers are THE WORST drivers ever.

Grail 2:49 pm 03 May 10

The faster you go, the more time you spend behind someone else!

luther_bendross 2:40 pm 03 May 10

The quicker you get to wherever you’re going, the less time you spend on these dangerous roads. Also, help the environment by not wasting power using indicators.

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