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Rockin’ flowers

By Kerces - 25 July 2005 20

Our great leader is going to be rather busy tomorrow with first his meeting with Muslim leaders and then he’s catching up with the Australian music icon that is Molly Meldrum.

The pair are launching Floriade — at ScreenSound since there will be very little to see at Commonwealth Park — and this year’s theme is “Rock’n’Roll in Bloom”.

Any guesses as to bed designs?

What’s Your opinion?

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Rockin’ flowers
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bulldog 1:37 pm 28 Jul 05

Or even some guns made from roses…

I know; that sucked. I call that a “Dad’s Joke” and you’re guilty as well Thumper.

Thumper 8:49 am 28 Jul 05

Will they have ‘Strawberry Fields’, made from stawberries?

bulldog 8:47 am 28 Jul 05

Cheers Sambo! I’ve worked hard to become so.

Take it in good humour and let it go. I’m dying to know who it is though, so spill the beans and put us all at ease that there is nothing weird going on.

Perhaps you have a love child from a young, carefree relationship? Or perhaps you have a pet dog seconded to the drug squad in Sydney?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 8:44 pm 27 Jul 05

Bonfire & Bulldog, you are both truly pathetic. Kimba’s comment did at least seem to have a sense of humour.

bulldog 9:05 am 27 Jul 05

Are you marrying your cousin?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 7:40 pm 26 Jul 05

Certain interstate person being a relative of mine…and my direct family are all in Canberra

kimba 2:48 pm 26 Jul 05

I thought Samuel meant Molly!!! Something going on there???

Ari 1:19 pm 26 Jul 05

Why not combine Floriade with the National Dirtbike Championships?

A couple of weeks of bulbs, then put the big dirt mounds to a different use.

bonfire 12:37 pm 26 Jul 05

i think samuel means HIS MUM!

when im chief minister i’ll replace floriade with an enormous skid pan and sponsor a national burnout festival that lasts two weeks.

em 11:44 am 26 Jul 05

I go to Floriade, and the theme this year sounds fun. My baby likes to look at all the pretty flowers, it’s a nice walk in the park, and there’s often music and stuff on at the same time.

Kerces 11:27 am 26 Jul 05

A certain interstate person Samuel?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 10:20 am 26 Jul 05

I usually make it to Floriade once every few years…I might go if a certain interstate person goes as well.


bonfire 10:01 am 26 Jul 05

floriade is a gross waste of public money. arent there hospital waiting lists or something…

kimba 9:09 am 26 Jul 05

Id Molly is involved I am sure the beds will have pink sheets and pillow cases!

bulldog 8:53 am 26 Jul 05

I’m looking for a huge bed made to look like Ozzy Osbourne’s “Bark at the Moon” but I’d settle for Maiden’s “Fear of the Dark”. Incidently, both of these covers feature trees, which is how I sort of tied it in.

Once agaon; how many locals go to Floriade? I might be wrong but I thought it was really the domain of the ‘Grey Army’…

Thumper 8:19 am 26 Jul 05

So they are going to lay out the complete Sgt Peppers album cover in flowers?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 9:22 pm 25 Jul 05

I would expect (based on what I heard of John Laws interviewing Meldrum this morning) that it will be mainly based around significant musical people & groups.


johnboy 8:41 pm 25 Jul 05

certainly a shortage of leather, cocaine, and vomit.

Kerces 8:32 pm 25 Jul 05

If so, I suspect they’d have to start sniffing around now, if not months ago. These things seem to get tied up reasonably early.

Anyways, garden beds: I’m betting a large golden guitar will be there somewhere (nevermind that it’s country, not rock)


johnboy 8:10 pm 25 Jul 05

might be some good opportunities for local musos to get some taxpayer lucre.

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