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Rotten meal…

By RedD0g - 16 August 2007 22

With the millions of dollars being spent refurbishing local clubs in recent times, you wouldn’t expect the incredibly low quality of food, and service we received last night at Wests Rugby club in Jamison.

We were there for a family birthday dinner for one of the kids, 4 of us ordered what looked to be a good value for money roast buffet.
After politely advising one of the girls the roast beef was inedible, as it was undercooked, bleeding and like chewing on an old boot, it was replaced with their “second roast for the night” (which upon thinking, now makes me wonder why the first one was replaced anyway). 20 minutes later we had some “fresh” slices which ended up being passed around the table as they smelt a bit funny (funny being a major understatement), when I flipped the meat and asked one of the girls collecting plates to have a smell she retched and came close to throwing up on the spot.

I took the plate and said I wanted to show the chef, I was then told he was too busy to see me, I’m pretty sure he changed his mind and decided he did want to have a chat once I’d helped myself into the kitchen. I asked him to sniff the meat then he too near spewed on the spot. I told him it was rotten to which he replied “it f*&#ing shouldn’t be” then proceeded to verbally abuse me to the point of which I thought he was trying to accuse me of doing something wrong. I wasn’t going to stand for this so gave him a few words back and asked for a refund. Just to rub salt into the wound I then discovered one of the other guys hadn’t gotten his steak he’d ordered well over an hour before, then some older ladies who obviously overheard what was going on told us they’d had more than one bad experience themselves and that the meals they received where terrible too…

I would HIGHLY recommend no one eats at this club, not only because we where served ROTTING food but also for receiving absolutely NO customer service in return.. Well actually I got something closer to abuse than customer service.

We are still concerned at whether any of us may get sick from it, so far so good…

What’s Your opinion?

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22 Responses to
Rotten meal…
Pandy 5:52 pm 16 Aug 07

“I took the plate and said I wanted to show the chef, I was then told he was too busy to see me”

I am sure that if an irate customer holding a smelly plate demands to see the chef from a waiter staff, who goes and talks to the chef only to come back and tell the customer, “Too busy”, I would get bloody irate too.

The chef, should have made the effort.

Defamation: RiotACT protects its readers and never has been sued over more important matters than this.

Danman 5:11 pm 16 Aug 07

I would also like to mention that there are OH + S issues with presenting yourself in the kitchen while during service times.

Where you wearing slip resistant boots – was your hair concealed behind a hat or hairnet (if it was not shaved) – where you wearing long pants – are you trained in risk analysis inside a commercial kitchen ?

If you could not get your point across using a waitress or duty manager – perhaps you should have rang up the AIHW (Australian Institute of Health and welfare).

Your method makes as much sense as going into a workshop while mechanics are on duty to complain about their work.

No wonder the chef got annoyed – not only where you having a dig at his work – you were interrupting him at work as well.

Wait staff are used to connect the kitchen with the diners – you took that away.

I highly doubt the gag reflex tales you tell – but in any case there are ways to address issues – and from what you have outlined above – you have gone about everything the wrong way – sure you got a result – but you managed quite a smear campaign while you were at it.

Maybe the smear campaign was well deserved – but did you exhaust all avenues before dragging the clubs name through the dirt ?

I dont think so.

As a chef – if anyone had any issues with my food or services – I would be happy to accommodate anything I could IN THE FIRST INSTANCE – given the chance.

If my name was smeared without a chance to properly redeem myself (which is exactly what you have done to Wests club – not the contractor) I would be pulling out the defamation of business card.

Tread lightly – I am not saying that what you claim happened did not actually happen – I am saying that you should first exhaust all avenues 1st to quietly resolve the matter at hand – if you are not happy with the results of that line of inquiry then for sure – take it further.

I have to say – in my 10 years of being a chef (Stopped about 5 ago) I did receive a few complaints – but given the chance – and a person that I could reason with – I made sure that the outcome was always favorable to the customer.

Regardless of what I thought/knew of any situation I wa presented – the customer was always right – kissing arse get bums back on seats.

jemmy 4:40 pm 16 Aug 07

Slightly OT, but Radio National today had a story on skilled worker shortages in rural areas. A plain-old vanilla chef in somewhere like Caloundra can expect $100k (!!) and a good managerial chef double that (!! again). I wonder whether Canberra is like that; if so I’m definitely in the wrong game. I blame the gummint.

Pandy 4:38 pm 16 Aug 07

Good on ya Andrew. I am a member and the meals are a huge draw atraction. They are not hat cheap might I add.

I do hope that you and the board members eat the meals unexpectadly at times.

Thumper 4:27 pm 16 Aug 07

I had a bad meal there too….

Okay, I may have lied a little there 🙂

I don’t go there often but have always thought it was an okay place. Especially the shuttle bus home, wish more clubs had the same service…

Mr_Shab 4:12 pm 16 Aug 07

See – bitching on the internet can get results!

Andrew Patterson 4:03 pm 16 Aug 07

RedDog, On behalf of Wests Rugby Club at Jamison, I would like to apologise for your experience at the club last night. If you contact me on 62512255, I would like to assist in rectifying this unfortunate incident, so that you may visit the club again in the confidence that we are dedicated to the needs of ALL members. In addition, i am addressing this issue with the contract caterer. A considerable sum of money has been spent on the dining areas of the club to ensure that all members have a pleasurable experience at the club. It is regrettable that this did not occurr last night. I would appreciate it if you contacted me.

S4anta 3:10 pm 16 Aug 07

the catering at westies is done on contract. Enough complaints will ensure they get the arse.

cilla25 2:38 pm 16 Aug 07

Note to self; Never eat at Wests. So, I don’t usually eat rotten food, but so many commenters are defending the club. Do you all normally eat rotten food?

RedD0g 2:27 pm 16 Aug 07

I agree with all comments, although: 1. I would expect EDIBLE, good or not, no matter where it is purchased from. 2. I realise the refurbs are mainly due to banning of smoking in clubs but and that the bistro or cafe is not a “key bussiness function but in pure fact clubs are supposedly there for the community, money from the pokies is supposed to go back to the community, pokies profits are also supposed to subsidize the meal you purchase. 3. Walking into the kitchen may be a “no-no” as far as the hospitality industry is concerned but serving rotting garbage as food is a much bigger “no-no” (who cares is it’s a no-no anway, seriously). 4. Speaking to the duty manager will most likely achieve nothing, besides the chef should be the one listening to the complaint, if feedback is not given to the kitchen on such issues how will services improve, they will most likely degrade unless they are told.

lumnock 1:51 pm 16 Aug 07

you should ask to speak to the duty manager instead of the chef next time anyway

andy 1:41 pm 16 Aug 07

Well, if the chef won’t come out to hear complaints (which most good chefs will) then, why not go into the kitchen.

Whether or not you should expect “good” food from a club is irelevant- you certainly shouldn’t expect rotten food, and I hope a call has been made to the appropriate officials.

shiny flu 12:52 pm 16 Aug 07

Mmmm, think about it. Cheap meal. Cheap Meat. Cheap Chef. Translates to a chef who makes the same roast and three veg day after day who obviously is only working in the club because he/she isn’t good enough for a more pricey establishment. So I’d assume they wouldn’t care a whole lot about what they were cooking. Also, they are never front-of-house people- walking into the kitchen is a hospitality no-no.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 12:52 pm 16 Aug 07

no idea fnaah…. the refurbs are really for the sole purpose of enticing people in to spend on the pokies.. everything else they do is there purely as a support act and should not be considered a “key” business function – hence why you get crap food and crap service.

fnaah 12:26 pm 16 Aug 07

Why is it that people still expect good meals at clubs?

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