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RSPCA Wants 500% government funding increase

By johnboy 6 January 2006 10

The RSPCA appears to be admitting serial incompetence in today’s Canberra Times.

Don’t get me wrong, I like what the RSPCA do. A lot of it is services the government would otherwise have to deliver (although if that kind of repricocity were to be formalised it should also be put to tender). But to ask for an additional $700,000 to allow them to “plan for the future” is just bizarre.

Anyways, in the current financial climate they’ll be lucky to hold onto what they’ve got.

What’s Your opinion?

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10 Responses to
RSPCA Wants 500% government funding increase
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Thumper 2:34 pm 10 Jan 06


I generally take them to a vet.

Chris 2:08 pm 10 Jan 06

But did the ACT ranger finish off the ‘roo with his handy car jack or take the injured animal to the nearest vet ? I think I’ll continue to take injured/lost animals to the RSPCA

bonfire 10:04 am 10 Jan 06

we had an injured kangaroo out the back of work one day (hit by one of the summernats hoons probably) and the act ranger came and took it away.

it never entered my head to call the rspca.

why ? because we have an act ranger. why on earth woudl teh gummint give 500% more money to an organisation to perform services already budgeted for by a gummint agency ?

softhead lunacy.

maybe i can setup an alternative act gummint and ask for 500% increase on current self-funding. ill agitate for bans on recumbent bicyclists, pipe smokers and teenage wannabe shock jocks.

Thumper 3:34 pm 09 Jan 06

Go away or I shall taunt you some more….


Maelinar 3:20 pm 09 Jan 06

(I wouldn’t have selected the tail docking example because I think it’s a worthwhile thing for the SPCA to be highlighting)

Thumper 10:47 am 09 Jan 06

I’m still half asleep.

Yes, docking dog tails is horrible and should be illegal, if it is not already.

Chris 10:18 am 09 Jan 06

Thumper, I think Maelinar was perhaps talking about the docking of dog’s tails in breeds such as Doberman (men ?) not sheep. They used to dock horse’s tails in Victorian England – a horrible cruelty inflicted in the name of fashion.

Thumper 9:58 am 09 Jan 06


tail docking is essential in this country. The effects of not tail docking are horrendous and the sheep will die a slow and painful death.

Alternatively every sheep could be sprayed with Aeroguard twice a day but that would take a bit of work.

However, I agree, their core business should be the welfare of animals and not involving themselves in debates over what constitutes cruelty and what does not.

The world already has the loony PETA mob for that.

Then again, with out an RSPCA where would we be?

Maelinar 12:12 am 07 Jan 06

VBman, I agree with you that the SPCA seem to be more involved with political issues rather than core business activities such as rehousing animals. (although I wouldn’t have selected the tail docking example – I think that as a cruelty-preventative measure it’s justified)

I took that impression after having recently visiting the facility on Cotter Rd several times, and being disappointed with what was going on, although the articles here and on CT have reinforced my opinion.

I don’t think we’re alone in our opinions either, as there are several alternative dog/cat rehousing facilities that have been opened up as alternative venues to the SPCA in the ACT region.

I’d like to see an equal amount of funding go towards the alternative animal shelters in the ACT as goes to the SPCA, as they aren’t the sole contestants in this beauty contest here.

Vic Bitterman 5:46 pm 06 Jan 06

The RSCPA are out of control at the moment.

If they concentrated on legitimate animal protection then I’d have no problems possibly considering supporting them.

But when they go off the rails due to idiots running them and support non-issues such as banning tail docking of certain dog breeds, then they have lost my support.

I used to regularly donate them money, no longer now.

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