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Runway lights out

By johnboy - 9 November 2006 33

The ABC reports that the runway expansion at the Canberra Airport hasn’t had the desired effect with a cargo 747 once again buggering the lights on take-off.

That was worth the foulups all through winter wasn’t it?

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
Runway lights out
harry balls 2:36 pm 09 Nov 06

That reminds me of this one guy who i work with that spends his afternoons checking out the construction happening outside our building

andy 2:28 pm 09 Nov 06

isn’t that what public servants do ?
i spend the morning playnig with the stapler, and the afternoon looking out the window.
I only do it that way cause the sun rising in the morning upsets me.

harry balls 2:23 pm 09 Nov 06

It could be worse Andy / Haywood – You could have to drive out to BBP each day to only sit down and do nothing all day.

andy 2:04 pm 09 Nov 06

ahh haywood… i’m just hangin for all the road changes.. it’s really gonna make it fun..
(actrually, i think i’d rather be here than civic)

andy 2:04 pm 09 Nov 06

depends. It’s not all government.
However, I will put it this way.
not counting the big Qantas DEfence Services hanger, the buildings on the far side from Brand Depot closest to the runway belong to a Govt agency.
In fact, they are building a special “sky bridge” because this agency will not allow their documents to be taken outside of the building…
There’s also been a large influx of what I like to call “magic eyes” surrounding those buildings.

smokey2 1:58 pm 09 Nov 06

If a plane does go wrong and into a building then which govt dept will be looking for some new staff?

Haywood Jablowme 12:10 pm 09 Nov 06

Isn’t it fun working at Brindabella Park!

andy 11:37 am 09 Nov 06

Swaggie – Yes, its a multi story carpark they are building. And its causing major hassles for people who work here.

CouldExpire – no, its not for longstay. Its for the business park. If you are parked there after 11pm, they’ll likely give you a ticket.

Roccon – when a plane needs to emergency land cause they get it wrong, rest assured I’ll be posting it all on RA as it plows into my building.

CouldExpire 11:11 am 09 Nov 06

bland it is!

Growling Ferret 10:58 am 09 Nov 06

Room for an emergency landing? I wouldn’t go shopping at Brand Depot on a foggy day…

(completely ignoring the fact I wouldn’t go shopping at Bland Depot any day, but that’s another issue)

roccon 10:36 am 09 Nov 06

with all the construction around the airport, is there enough runoff room for a plane to emergency land, or get it slightly wrong when landing in fog etc

CouldExpire 9:28 am 09 Nov 06

I hope its a multi storey carpark for longstay parking… Parking in longstay recently was a nightmare, very lucky to have gotten a park at all!

Swaggie 9:12 am 09 Nov 06

Of the two I know which was bigger and it wasn’t the short 747. The runway lights that broke were only temporary ones until the runway work is finished – the runway is a “work in progress’ for another few months apparently. PS Anyone else notice the new Multi Storey car park going up there – at least I assume it’s a multi storey car park.

johnboy 8:54 am 09 Nov 06

just pure speculation but the Antonov could well be built for dodgier strips.

smokey2 8:45 am 09 Nov 06

Does this mean they had no problems with the big fat Ukrainian bird but the big fat Yankee birds are a problem.

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