Rydges Needs a Facelift

che 3 July 2007 21

The SMH has this travel peice on the adequacies of Rydges Hotel Canberra. Rooms decorated in the 80’s, warm beer and uninspiring views seem to be the main complaints.

Why they didn’t just stay in Gundaroo I’m not sure. Then again by writing the article their getting paid for the trip or can at least claim the whole thing on tax.

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21 Responses to Rydges Needs a Facelift
shauno shauno 4:55 am 04 Jul 07

“And there is better?”

Yep not saying the Hilton is bad though. The last Hilton I stayed at was the Hilton Caledonian In Edinburgh in Dec. Like most hotels in Scotland though it was pricey like over 200 pounds a night and that was reasonable some times the rate is well over 300 pounds. Makes the 200 aussie a night at the Hyatt seem pretty cheap by comparison
Most of the Hiltons Ive stayed at have been Airport Hotels in Europe and the one at Heathrow.

shauno shauno 2:25 am 04 Jul 07

Yeah one thing though Canberra is a strange place when it comes to hotels. Not many towns are regularly booked out completely like this one is. But the problem is outside parliament sitting times its got a lot of vacancy’s so its hard to bring other hotels here.

ant ant 10:52 pm 03 Jul 07

I have not yet found a hotel with higher-standard appointments than my house. So I resent paying silly amounts of money to stay in them. I resent having to stay in them, too, most of the time.

An exception is the Stamford in North Ryde, on weekends, where they do very good deals (on weekends) and even my house does not have 5 sinks in 2 rooms!

Pandy Pandy 9:32 pm 03 Jul 07

An Italian from Griffith.

Do you note that our “al” is silent?

el el 8:58 pm 03 Jul 07

I like Olims actually its a quiet a nice a hotel

Heh. If you read this aloud you sound Italian.

Anyway, carry on…

Pandy Pandy 7:30 pm 03 Jul 07

Well I was impressed with the Hiltons glass walled showers with recessed lighting, glass tables, computer phone, LCD TV, motorised window blinds. Views from the 42nd floor.

And there is better?

shauno shauno 7:15 pm 03 Jul 07

Sydney Hilton isn’t anywhere near as good as the Observatory and quiet a few others are better as well like the Park Hyatt, 4 Seasons, and Shangri La Hotel. Park Hyatt seems to be always the most expensive because of location on the water.

Pandy Pandy 6:52 pm 03 Jul 07

what about the sydney hilton?

shauno shauno 6:16 pm 03 Jul 07

Having stayed at the the Hyatt, Novotel, Crown Plaza, Rydges Lakeside, Olims Hotel, all in the last few months.

The hyatt is the best although it really could do with a make over in my opinion although quiet a few of the rooms have been improved. Ive probably spent about 3 weeks in total here this year so far and my only problem really is the expensive bar tab I seem to run up from time to time lol.

I like the Novotel over the Crown Plaza for a number of reasons. The food at Crown Plaza is crap especially room service. Novotel have better and bigger rooms.

I like Olims actually its a quiet a nice a hotel its been refurbished and the pub down stairs isn’t bad, no pints though.

The Rydges Lakeside yes needs a refurbishment although the beds are nice and the top floor Sea Food buffet on friday and saturday night is better then the one at Crown Plaza and a nice view as well.

Ive also stayed at a couple of serviced apartments and I like City Plaza for the location.

The problem with Canberra is it can be a real nightmare to get a hotel if you book late due to parliament. And the room rates sky rocket and some times this year Ive actually left Canberra and flown to Sydney and stayed there when all the rooms besides qybn where booked out.

I reckon at some stage we might get another 4/5 star hotel like the Sheraton or something at the Airport.

On the subject of hotels the best ive stayed in Australia is the Observatory hotel in Sydney world class hotel and makes the Canberra hyatt seem like a real step down in class.

caf caf 12:52 pm 03 Jul 07

The Novotel is probably decent (though I haven’t seen the rooms) judging from the public areas – and the fact that Accor seem to know how to run a hotel. Their Somerset and Sofitel brands are great.

I saw the inside of the Quest apartments in West Row the other day, they’re not bad either.

xman xman 11:52 am 03 Jul 07

Rydges Lakeside is nasty. Four star and $250 a night rack rate. NZ visitors stayed there recently and were less than complimentary. I stayed there last year and was appalled. Would not recommend for $100 a night let alone $250.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 9:51 am 03 Jul 07

I’m with JR – best value for money is easily the F1. I’ve stayed at several.

herbert herbert 9:50 am 03 Jul 07

Canberra’s hotels in general are fairly unimpressive. Many may be clean and comfortable with great staff, but they are all disappointingly outdated and shabby.

It will be interesting to see the new one at Barton from Doma – but it will be 5 star, so probably out of price for most.

bighead bighead 9:47 am 03 Jul 07

Dodgy place to work at as well….So glad I am out of there.

Jazz Jazz 9:37 am 03 Jul 07

Rydges might be old and dated but its hardly surprising. They dont claim to be the most expensive or modern/trendy hotel in the city. What exactly do you want for your money?

caf caf 9:32 am 03 Jul 07

ugh, F1, are you kidding? I’d rather sleep in my car. Seriously.

Danman Danman 9:15 am 03 Jul 07

Did I hear someone say rex hotel.

jr jr 9:14 am 03 Jul 07

The best value for money is at the F1 motels… there is one in Watson.

Hugo Hugo 8:47 am 03 Jul 07

Sounds like a Rydges Hotel in any Capital city.

andy andy 8:25 am 03 Jul 07

The whole article felt like he had a chip on his shoulder to begin with.
However, I agree.. if you are oput in Gundaroo, why stay at Capital Hill.. surely there would be better places ?

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