Sales Tax Gungahlin Style

Bedaki 5 August 2013 6

parking tickets

Sales tax! Gungahlin.

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6 Responses to Sales Tax Gungahlin Style
Girt_Hindrance Girt_Hindrance 11:48 am 07 Aug 13

I had a chance to snap an ACT Gov plated vehicle parked for 30mins lengthways on the footpath outside my house a few months ago- they came to visit the housing residents over the road. Wifey put a stop to my photographic endeavors tho, she knew I’d use the photo to start an argument.

dkNigs dkNigs 11:36 am 07 Aug 13

Some of the big advertising intersections get ridiculous when the inspectors haven’t visited in a while, not to mention they’re generally on the side of 80kmph roads with no real easy way for someone to stop and look at them without disrupting traffic.

Genie Genie 11:18 am 07 Aug 13

They are parked illegally – plain and simple. So they of course deserve to be booked.

I wouldn’t call this desperation from the inspector.

Now if only I can get a ranger to come out and book both my neighbours cars for parking on the nature strip. Now they are a hazard blocking my lineof sight.

farout farout 9:50 am 07 Aug 13

magiccar9 said :

But come on… it’s the same thing as me parking on a mates nature strip if I go to have a beer with him.

So it’s ok to park illegally on a nature strip because you want to have beer with a mate?

Mike Bessenger Mike Bessenger 9:03 am 07 Aug 13

Parking illegally trying to sell their car, I assume to skimp out on the $60odd that is would cost to advertise on carsales. Receive a parking ticket for more than what the add would cost, GOLD!

magiccar9 magiccar9 6:15 am 07 Aug 13

I’ve actually seen this a fair bit recently. Inspectors are really getting lazy if they have to resort to ticketing a harmless car for sale.
I know, technically it is fair game as they are parked illegally. But come on… it’s the same thing as me parking on a mates nature strip if I go to have a beer with him.
The only time I would agree with these tickets is if the cars were parked dangerously – eg. blocking line of sight at an intersection.
Clearly someone somewhere in the Government isn’t meeting the revenue targets so they’re getting desperate.

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