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Samhain is coming, ladies start your broomsticks

johnboy 22 February 2006 32

Following the earlier excitement about witches getting together in Canberra I bring you the happy news that with Samhain coming on 23-APR-06 the pagans are getting organised for a big bash at the Causeway in Kingston.

They have a meetup page with details of the entertainment, and a mob called Lunation have more information halfway down their events page.

Highlights include:

“* A Spooky Stage Show
* Table-hopping entertainment from Magician Adam Brindley
* Performance by Kahi Hiomi – Women of Earth Dance Troupe
* and Halloween Games
* Costume and Mask Competitions
* Pumpkin Carving Competition (Bring your already carved Pumpkin and have it judged)
* Lots of prizes donated by local Pagan-friendly organisations.”

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32 Responses to Samhain is coming, ladies start your broomsticks
johnboy johnboy 5:58 pm 24 Feb 06

as kerry packer said – ive been to the other side and nothings there.

Just because there was nothing there for the goanna doesn’t mean there’s nothing there for anyone else.

bonfire bonfire 5:22 pm 24 Feb 06

all faiths should be mocked. essentially people believe in something that despite millennia of waiting for proof – never gets delivered.

man controls religion. to believe anything else is to be delusional.

as kerry packer said – ive been to the other side and nothings there.

most people are gullible and easily manipulated. they know more about the love lives of minor starlets than any serious philosophical matters.

wonsworld wonsworld 4:39 pm 24 Feb 06

LG following your quote … if you follow Wicca you are Wiccan (not necessarily a witch). I do stand by my earlier remark that being Wiccan does not make you a witch although some Wiccans do classify themselves as witches… but not all.

Mr Shab .. I know you are only taking the piss but by your classification MOST religions are easy to take the piss out of.

Associations with:
Stupid clothing – Priest’s Cassocks, Nun’s Habits, Shinto Kimono robe thingy, Buddhist Monks robes etc.

Beads – Rosary beads (Christian); Japa mala (Hindu); Lestovka (Russian orthodox)

Excessive body hair – Any traditionalist Christian, Muslim and Jewish faith

Odd rituals – Circumcision, the use of incence to concecrate and cleanse items, many of the initiation rituials into any faith (this list is just endless)

Fiona Horne (hmmm… ok fair enough .. ya got me on that one but I will say that most religions have people who are apparently in it for the money. Shall we start with the Rev Jimmy and Tammy Baker? Rev Jimmy Swaggert and so on)

I’m not mocking anyone or any faith here. I’m just saying that many things look odd to those who don’t understand the reasons why they are done that’s all.

Maelinar Maelinar 4:25 pm 24 Feb 06

Umm, believe it or not I am actually a member of a quasi-religious beer worshiping sect, but that’s the last I’ll mention of it.

Look! John Stanhope just walked past your office!

LurkerGal LurkerGal 3:35 pm 24 Feb 06

It’s ok Shab. I’m thick skinned. Although the Fiona Horne reference was hitting a bit low.

Mael: Your religion intrigues me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 3:16 pm 24 Feb 06

Sorry LG – but it’s just too easy to take the piss out of your religion for associations with dubious hygiene/stupid clothing/beads/excessive body hair/odd rituals/Fiona Horne.

Feel free to take the piss out of atheists.

Ari Ari 3:09 pm 24 Feb 06

As a religious institution, can beerology claim tax-free status?

Maelinar Maelinar 3:02 pm 24 Feb 06

Beerology affords itself to steryiotyping, which is welcome. Beerology has nothing to hide.

Rituals begin in earnest in 1 hour, Friday being a sacred day in Beerology, called ‘workhasendeth’…

LurkerGal LurkerGal 2:51 pm 24 Feb 06

Hey!!!! I bathe on a regular basis!!!! And as if I’d wear linen – that needs ironing! I’m Wiccan, but I’m no domestic Godess!!!!!

But seriously, I won’t stereotype anyone elses religion if they dont’ stereotype mine. My partner is also big on beerology, and I don’t ever knock that! Especially since I am so much more likely to get my own way when he is performing the rituals!!!!

simto simto 2:44 pm 24 Feb 06

I do know one wiccan – who describes himself as a polyamourist who occasinoally likes to go skyclad. In other words, he likes to root around and do a nudey run.

The comparison to Beerology is pretty apt, I reckon.

Ari Ari 2:23 pm 24 Feb 06

… just like magic!

Ari Ari 2:23 pm 24 Feb 06

What else can transform fugly people into the keenest objects of desire so quickly?

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 2:18 pm 24 Feb 06

But it can go so horribly wrong…

Ari Ari 2:16 pm 24 Feb 06

And beer works … at least for a short spell.

Maelinar Maelinar 2:11 pm 24 Feb 06


I follow Beerology, but that makes me a Drunkard!

LurkerGal LurkerGal 1:53 pm 24 Feb 06

Wons: Wicca is like Christianity. If you follow Christianity, you are a Christian. If you follow Wicca, you are a Witch. If you follow Buddhism, you are a Buddhist etc etc etc.

Mr_Shab Mr_Shab 1:34 pm 24 Feb 06

There’s also the impenetrable earnestness of every Pagan/Wiccan I’ve encountered that leaves most other religions for dead – with the possible exception of the Mormons.

Mind you, at least the Pagans don’t come a-knocking at 9am on a Sunday…

I’m with Maelinar – show me a spell that works and I’ll buy a linen shirt, stop bathing and sign up.

Maelinar Maelinar 1:10 pm 24 Feb 06

I always thought wicca was what you used to make baskets, although both sexes were equally disposed to making wicca, except that men were usually a little bit busier killing springboks or something else a little manlier.

As I’m yet to see a spell that works, I’ve placed it in my special place right next to religion.

Yes, that is a challenge to all you basket weavers out there, prove it or be considered an idiot.

If, however you were to say that you had a penchant for burning scented candles, incence and liked celtic artistic symbols, that would fall under a different category. Semi-Eccentric.

I suppose the funny thing about wicca is the quasi-romantic ideaology that it purveys is infact one of the first things a guy notices when mentally preparing reasons to depart…

bonfire bonfire 1:06 pm 24 Feb 06

followers of wicca are delusional romantics.

wonsworld wonsworld 12:39 pm 24 Feb 06

sorry LG .. a follower of wicca is not always a witch.

Thumper… I wasnt tying to educate the great unwashed. It’s simply a little adage that is used, thats all. I am well aware of the belief system involved, I just didnt think it would be warrented to go to deeply into it when I was making a light hearted comment is all.

oh, Harry Potter on the other hand is niether pagan nor wiccan nor even anything to do with modern witchcraft (says so in wikipedia so it must be true) *G

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