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Samhain is coming, ladies start your broomsticks

By johnboy - 22 February 2006 32

Following the earlier excitement about witches getting together in Canberra I bring you the happy news that with Samhain coming on 23-APR-06 the pagans are getting organised for a big bash at the Causeway in Kingston.

They have a meetup page with details of the entertainment, and a mob called Lunation have more information halfway down their events page.

Highlights include:

“* A Spooky Stage Show
* Table-hopping entertainment from Magician Adam Brindley
* Performance by Kahi Hiomi – Women of Earth Dance Troupe
* and Halloween Games
* Costume and Mask Competitions
* Pumpkin Carving Competition (Bring your already carved Pumpkin and have it judged)
* Lots of prizes donated by local Pagan-friendly organisations.”

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
Samhain is coming, ladies start your broomsticks
Maelinar 1:10 pm 24 Feb 06

I always thought wicca was what you used to make baskets, although both sexes were equally disposed to making wicca, except that men were usually a little bit busier killing springboks or something else a little manlier.

As I’m yet to see a spell that works, I’ve placed it in my special place right next to religion.

Yes, that is a challenge to all you basket weavers out there, prove it or be considered an idiot.

If, however you were to say that you had a penchant for burning scented candles, incence and liked celtic artistic symbols, that would fall under a different category. Semi-Eccentric.

I suppose the funny thing about wicca is the quasi-romantic ideaology that it purveys is infact one of the first things a guy notices when mentally preparing reasons to depart…

bonfire 1:06 pm 24 Feb 06

followers of wicca are delusional romantics.

wonsworld 12:39 pm 24 Feb 06

sorry LG .. a follower of wicca is not always a witch.

Thumper… I wasnt tying to educate the great unwashed. It’s simply a little adage that is used, thats all. I am well aware of the belief system involved, I just didnt think it would be warrented to go to deeply into it when I was making a light hearted comment is all.

oh, Harry Potter on the other hand is niether pagan nor wiccan nor even anything to do with modern witchcraft (says so in wikipedia so it must be true) *G

Mr_Shab 12:36 pm 24 Feb 06

Just when I’d put up a stake and was stockpiling wood…

Thumper 12:08 pm 24 Feb 06

“all wiccans are pagan… but not all pagans are wiccan”

Nice to see that this little bit was pointed out as there is a vast uneducated population who seem to think that all pagans are witches and as such all witches are evil leading to inevitable but stupid conclusion that all pagans are evil.

*sigh* What we are talking about is simply a different belief system.

Harry Potter has a lot to answer to.

LurkerGal 11:47 am 24 Feb 06

Sorry Nyssa, but no. Wiccans are both sexes. A follower of Wicca is a Witch, also both sexes.

nyssa76 6:54 am 23 Feb 06

Wiccans are actualy men and wicces are women.

wonsworld 8:34 pm 22 Feb 06

err I wasnt pointing that out to you LG 🙂

and yes there are *G*

LurkerGal 8:17 pm 22 Feb 06

I’m aware of that wons, I’m just saying that there are a hell of a lot of Wiccan men out there.

wonsworld 7:41 pm 22 Feb 06

all wiccans are pagan… but not all pagans are wiccan

that means that not all who have alternate spiritualistic views are “witches”

Mr_Shab 3:37 pm 22 Feb 06

ow. burny.

Absent Diane 1:59 pm 22 Feb 06


Mr_Shab 1:17 pm 22 Feb 06

Or maybe it because guys don’t have such a thing for incense, beads and cheesecloth.

That’s gonna get me flamed, isn’t it…

johnboy 1:13 pm 22 Feb 06

Maybe the guys stay quieter about it?

But i’ve met countless women pagan/wiccans, and no men, who let that be known.

LurkerGal 12:35 pm 22 Feb 06

Is this where I point out how many witches are actually men? No? Ok, shall pull head back in….

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