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Samuel hates 666

By johnboy - 21 February 2007 64

It’s been a while since we poked the bear cage of Samuel Gordon Stewart but he’s posted an in depth comparative analysis of 666 in the morning vs. the charms of John Laws.

“It was 10:45 and I had heard enough. It was the worst 45 minutes of radio I have endured in a looooong time…and that Alex Sloan couldn’t keep a straight face if it was superglued…and she t–a–l–k–s…..s–o…..s–l–o–w–l–y and constantly says um and er. I don’t mind the occasional um and er, but when they become a vital part of every second sentence it is downright annoying.

All the while, Lawsie was focussing on real issues, such as basic services for schools which seem to be sadly lacking in so many places, and the crazy outsourcing system which NSW schools have to go through to get things repaired…adds about 30-40% to the cost of the repair and they end up with the local repair person anyway. (Yes, I had to flick back during the bad music to save my ears).

Now Sam’s dislike for music published after the Berlin Airlift is legendary (he claims to download our Insatiable Banalities podcast and cut out the music before listening to the chat), but why is the minutiae of NSW administration (as delivered by a man proven to sell his opinions to the highest bidder) more intriguing than even the modest charms of Alex Sloan?

What’s Your opinion?

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64 Responses to
Samuel hates 666
Ralph 7:50 am 22 Feb 07

The ABC is biased. It’s only good for cricket and footy. Nothing more to say here.

Hasdrubahl 7:41 am 22 Feb 07

jemmy, there’s a job going right now at the ABC – for Director of local radio (i.e. 666). Why not apply?

Ralph, instead of merely trotting out tired and long-discredited old arguments, why not come up with something original for a change? You’re as boring as the radio station you like – oh hang on, there’s a correlation there…

jemmy 12:05 am 22 Feb 07

I can’t stand John Paws-for-cash, but 666 leaves me cold too. I couldn’t believe it when I moved here. After John Faine, Derek Guile, Virginia Trioli, Richard Stubbs (Melbourne 774), where is the quality here? They’re all amateurs. Even the summer intern did a better job on the afternoon show.

The announcers (all of them during the day, with that bonehead on the afternoon show the worst) just don’t seem to understand the basics of how to broadcast radio.

1. Don’t constantly laugh and giggle. We don’t have the body language cues that you do with your guest and it’s distracting.

2. Don’t talk at the same time as your guests. FFS, this is basic.

3. It’s not a cosy club and it’s too bad if Canberra is a small town. We don’t care if you run into the pollies at the supermarket. Pls ask at least one in-depth and controversial question and persist to the point of rudeness. We want answers, not a cosy chat with platitudes.

Most days I tune in ABC 702 Sydney. At least the broadcasters are professional.

Sorry if this turned into a rant, but you hit a hot spot.

Ralph 12:03 am 22 Feb 07

I listen to John Laws every morning. Real issues and real people. No elistist left wing rubbish. Hasdrubahl, I take what you mean by Radio National focusing on ‘real issues’ to be another code for ‘left wing socialism’?

My model for Australia doesn’t include the current ABC as a drain on taxpayers and a bastion foe dying, outdated, ill-informed, left-wing ideologies, it will move to a model fully funded by private advertising and public donations – like the US PBS.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:52 pm 21 Feb 07

I read the whole sentence, but modest or not, I have door handles with more charm than what she exhibited yesterday. I hope that I caught her on a bad day though because I would hate to think that she is like that every day. With any luck the random number generator will allow me to review her again, hopefully the review will be much different because I fail to see how the 45 minute example I heard yesterday could keep an audience for very long.

As for people and planets, well it would certainly explain a lot about this world if I, or people who I manage to disagree with an awful lot, were not of this world. To that extent I use it as a metaphor (and I don’t really care if anybody understands it or not). I do however acknowledge that it is just the wonderful and at times amazingly infuriating nature of humans to disagree.

I think that if groups of like minded people were all sent to other planets, they would gradually find more and more to disagree about. As far as I can tell, diversity seems to be a fundamental feature of human nature.

johnboy 11:34 pm 21 Feb 07

your news gathering would go far if you learned to read sam, read the whole sentence.

note that the the charms are described as modest.

So everyone who disagrees with you on any issues orbits another planet? fascinating.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:28 pm 21 Feb 07

but why is the minutiae of NSW administration (as delivered by a man proven to sell his opinions to the highest bidder) more intriguing than even the modest charms of Alex Sloan?

Whilst NSW Government information was not the only thing on offer on the John Laws show yesterday morning, it may be worth noting that both 666 and 2CC have coverage areas which extend far beyond the ACT border.

As for Alex Sloan…I do hope that I caught her on a bad morning because if what I heard yesterday passes for charm in your books, then you are further off this planet than I previously thought.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:21 pm 21 Feb 07

Very funny. At least I can call you the source of that information…I’m glad somebody knew. It would have been nice to see it on the ABC News website though.

johnboy 11:07 pm 21 Feb 07

maybe you need to listen to more ABC Sam.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:04 pm 21 Feb 07

Why are you so sure that it is a Chinese language station Johnboy? I find no reference to that on the ACMA website, it isn’t on-air yet, and as far as I can see there has been no mention of what it will broadcast in the media yet. Did I miss that bit of information?

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 10:58 pm 21 Feb 07

For the record, I cut out the music of one episode of Insatiable Banalities so that it would fit on one 45 minute long side of a 90 minute cassette without interruption. At the time a radio with an inbuilt cassette player was all I had to accompany me on a journey to Sydney and back.

Usually I listen to the first 30-60 seconds of the songs before I decide whether or not to listen to the rest, much like I did with 666 yesterday.

johnboy 10:57 pm 21 Feb 07

A chinese language station is of pretty narrow appeal and interest Sam.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 10:53 pm 21 Feb 07

Perhaps I just caught 666 at a bad time…I will find out when I next review them, and next time I’ll stay for the full hour.

I’ll be reviewing each station in the ratings race twice before the ratings period is over.

And surely Johnboy, if you are going to do news about local radio, New Radio Station for Canberra is more interesting and important than what one person thinks of a radio station…or perhaps you just think my opinion on the matter is important?

Hasdrubahl 10:29 pm 21 Feb 07

The boy would be advised to listen to Radio National every day, if he’s serious about “focussing on real issues”.

And the best digest of breaking stories can be found on News Radio.

miz 10:22 pm 21 Feb 07

Have to say I think 666’s music selection is ordinary at the best of times, they should stick to talk, interviews etc. That said though, I prefer local perspectives on the issues to Lawsie any day.

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