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Schoolies at the Gold Coast – Would you let your kids go?

By johnboy - 24 November 2008 58

Watching the news last night and seeing the annual festival of vomit and unplanned pregnancy that is Gold Coast Schoolies Week one thing really piqued my curiousity.

What parent knowingly lets their child head off to this thing?

Wrecking a rental house at Batemans Bay is one thing. At least it’s not so far away and the carnage tends to be low key. But a 20,000 strong throng over 1,000 km from Canberra?

So I’m interested what parents have to say, as well as past, present, and prospective schoolies.

What’s Your opinion?

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58 Responses to
Schoolies at the Gold Coast – Would you let your kids go?
Peachy 10:59 am 24 Nov 08

I looked into going a few years ago (a couple of years after my years schoolies) and found that most events have age limits to prevent older people going and that there are even entire hotels booked out to only genuine schoolies which then have pretty tight security. While some people will always get wasted because they can, the organisers are trying harm minimisation.

Thumper 10:58 am 24 Nov 08


Gold coast?

Hmmm, not a difficult choice that one 🙂

Ruby Wednesday 10:57 am 24 Nov 08

My parents bribed me with a ticket to London if I skipped Schoolies. It worked. From what I heard of my friends (and this was a decade ago), it was mostly week-long soap opera drama.

Primal 10:51 am 24 Nov 08

Make the economic argument: the south coast is a much cheaper option, leaving more money for booze!

sepi 10:50 am 24 Nov 08

I’ve heard of a few parents who organise a fiji familiy holiday to coincide with schoolies so the kids don’t go and there’s no arguments about it.

Jim Jones 10:49 am 24 Nov 08

To be fair, we only ever hear the worst stuff about schoolies – the meeja just loves pictures of vomiting teenagers, and will seek them out and repeat them on air nauseum.

There’s probably any number of schoolies who have a great time but don’t end up destroying themselves or anyone/anything else.

Granny 10:44 am 24 Nov 08

My friend owned her own car as a teenager from working at the old Boulevard cinemas. She could have easily gone to the Gold Coast.

I would think the same applies to any teen capable of saving a bit of money from a casual job for something they really want.

Granny 10:42 am 24 Nov 08

Damn straight! That’s an excellent idea!!

: )

toriness 10:42 am 24 Nov 08

how do most of these kids pay for the trip – the parents must be giving them the money? if i was a parent there is no way my kid would be going.

Thumper 10:41 am 24 Nov 08


You know it makes sense…

Granny 10:37 am 24 Nov 08

A couple of good ropes … a pair of handcuffs ….


Pommy bastard 10:30 am 24 Nov 08

I’d hope my 13 year old would have developed enough taste and decency not to want to go by the time she reaches that age.

Tooks 10:27 am 24 Nov 08

That’s right, Granny. Try stopping a 17 or 18 year old from going. Can’t imagine that would be easy.

Granny 10:23 am 24 Nov 08

My three oldest finished school in Sydney. I don’t know what they got up to, but they weren’t at the Gold Coast. I would have known about that.

My next oldest has another five years, but I can’t imagine letting her go. Then again, for those that are already eighteen and have income from part-time jobs, what can the parents do to stop them?

Tooks 10:21 am 24 Nov 08

I don’t have teenage kids, but having seen some of the behaviour up there, I wouldn’t want them going. Another big problem up there are the “toolies” – older men who try to hang out with the younger crowd. They start a lot of the fights and sell a lot of the drugs.

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