Second hand Sunday in pictures

johnboy 8 September 2008 18

[First filed: September 07, 2008 @ 11:15]

The Riot 501st were deployed to the streets of Belconnen to see what gems could be unearthed from Second Hand Sunday.

They returned bearing some rather spiffy decanters and pictures of the variable quality goods to be had on the side of Canberra roads today.

The next one is 16 November.

Slideshow below.

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18 Responses to Second hand Sunday in pictures
Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 5:53 pm 29 Mar 10

Ohhh.. Second Hand Sunday..

My household had no idea it was on. My kids like leaving their bikes/green machine/scooters etc up on the median strip in between going to across the road etc and the kids across the road also like doing this.

I however am not a fan.

Needless to say, a few Second Hand Sundayer’s were quite interested in what the kids had to offer them.. Much to the astonishment of my partner who thankfully was there to rescue said bikes etc.

Well.. I can only hope some of the kids around here have learnt a lesson.

HAHAHAHA who am I fooling.. Fools they are. Really!

lauzy lauzy 3:36 pm 29 Mar 10

second hand sunday… oh yeah!

I got rid of some first rate junk. Some things pretty good (newish juicer, desk, desk chair, board games, hammock) and others not so good (broken chair, ugly white consatina faux wood door). But as fast as we could put it out it was snapped up by keen passers by!

We put a whole lot of stuff out late Friday night, and awoke to an almost empty verge. Encouraged, we scoured the house for more second hand sunday worthy items, leaving things out throughout the weekend.

By Sunday afternoon we’d had a 100% successful 2nd hand sunday. Fun times.

ant ant 9:28 pm 08 Sep 08

Dante said :

ant: It’s not council pickup because the items don’t get picked up by anyone after the event…

Yeah! Like I said, it’s a DIY council pickup.

People out here will often put stuff they don’t want on the roadside, with a sign.

miz miz 7:59 pm 08 Sep 08

I didn’t know about it either . . . but then, I would rather have a proper ‘council’ (hard rubbish) collection like they do in Quangers. I will vote for whoever promises one.

caf caf 2:26 pm 08 Sep 08

I was pretty happy – got rid of some dud furniture that was lying around courtesy of a long-since-departed housemate. Although in the inner-north, every weekend is a potential “second hand Sunday” – there’s been a culture of putting useable-but-unwanted free stuff out on the nature strip for years.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 2:11 pm 08 Sep 08

Seems not even the ACT Government’s Canberra Connect service has heard of it.

Next one is in Novermber:

Granny Granny 1:35 pm 08 Sep 08

Taxis are so ‘last year’ ….

Avy Avy 1:28 pm 08 Sep 08

Can’t believe someone’s getting rid of a perfectly good taxi! [second-last pic]

Dante Dante 1:03 pm 08 Sep 08

ant: It’s not council pickup because the items don’t get picked up by anyone after the event…

You just stick stuff you don’t want on the nature strip, and if after 6 hours it’s not gone, it’s your responsibility to get rid of it.

ARTistic-U ARTistic-U 10:36 am 08 Sep 08

I mean butter.

ARTistic-U ARTistic-U 10:35 am 08 Sep 08

Granny said :

I can’t believe somebody was chucking out a spa bath! Aren’t those things expensive?

I can’t believe it’s not clutter.

Granny Granny 1:30 am 08 Sep 08

I can’t believe somebody was chucking out a spa bath! Aren’t those things expensive?

scootergal scootergal 11:52 pm 07 Sep 08

Darn, I had an old wardrobe and a couch I wanted to get rid of and missed it!! not that I would have been able to get them out of the shed on my own anyway…

ant ant 9:24 pm 07 Sep 08

So this thing was a DIY council pickup day? Not a bad idea. Qbn seems to have council pickup, and of course the main thing is to grab any good-looking stuff you see before the council gets it. Some kind of sign would be good though, “free” or something.

And really, there’s nothing stopping people from doing this all the time, bung the stuff out there with a sign saying “help yourselves”.

Danman Danman 9:21 pm 07 Sep 08

Looks like someone is giving away a manhole cover in one of those pictures 🙂

p1 p1 8:40 pm 07 Sep 08

I had a interesting discussion this morning about just when it is appropriate to assume that things left by the street are free.

mirage3 mirage3 5:58 pm 07 Sep 08

Dammit should’ve bought the cab!

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 4:14 pm 07 Sep 08

is it just me, or was this really poorly advertised? if it wasn’t for reading it here, i would not have known about it. i dont buy the canberra times, read the chronicle or listen to commerical radio….

hmmmm…perhaps that has something to do with it!

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