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SEE-Change Eco Picnic

By rmckay - 6 February 2008 30

As a way of celebrating the achievements that community groups have made in taking action on environmental and social issues, like climate change, SEE-Change is holding an “Eco Picnic by the Lake”.

The picnic will kick off on Sunday the 10th of February at 4pm, in Weston Park (Pescott Lane, Yarralumla, ACT). There will be information and displays of green technologies and products by ANZSES, HEAT and Sustainability Programs of the ACT Government, Yarralumla Nursery and more. With raffle prizes donated by Eco Meats and Mooble, and information and giveaways no one will leave empty handed.

Bring your picnic basket and a plate of food to share. There will be games to entertain the kids, so bring the whole family. For more information head to our website

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30 Responses to
SEE-Change Eco Picnic
rmckay 1:10 pm 07 Feb 08

People will be bringing their own plates and cutlery to minimise waste, we use biodegradable cups at all our event and while I am sure there will be people driving to the picnic, there is a pelaton organised from both the north and south side.

sepi 12:56 pm 07 Feb 08

Why does it bug you guys so much if people who have a common aim want to get together at a picnic???

Mr Evil 12:53 pm 07 Feb 08

We’re all gunna die!

Snahons_scv6_berlina 12:29 pm 07 Feb 08

Will there be a tree planting ceremony to offset the carbon produced in cooking/preparing the food brought to picnic as well as the emmissions from travel to said picnic ?

S4anta 10:45 am 07 Feb 08

At least they’ll add to the Nursery’s depleted compost stocks.

Thumper 10:36 am 07 Feb 08

Or monitor how many people drive to the event.

Assuming anyone actually turns up.

S4anta 10:28 am 07 Feb 08

upon reading links comedy/ammo

S4anta 10:24 am 07 Feb 08

I think a RiotACT correspondant is needed to monitor who is using non-recyclable picnic consumables, and then disposing them into a bin, for a 25 year stay in an urban landfill, and monitor the methane and other hot air that these freaking bongo-playing non-sensical a**eholes will expel ultimeatly adding to the demise of this wonderful planet.

Ralph 9:49 am 07 Feb 08


What a superstituious propaganda fest this event sounds like.

hingo 9:46 am 07 Feb 08

I don’t think anyone can disagree with you there Thumper….unless they replace the V8 Supercars with the Eco Prius Cup.

Thumper 9:45 am 07 Feb 08

Chances are that it will rain….

Don’t you just love the term ‘climate change’. It’s simply a new term to cover for deficiencies in the old ‘global warming’ term, which has been proven to be not exactly correct, given the ectreme record low temperatures currently being experienced around the world.

This, climate change, which comfortably covers everything.

Disclaimer here: As much as I think climate change/ global warming is a natural occurance, i still think that it is unwise to be pumping heaps of crap into the atmosphere and that we should be planting heaps and heaps of trees to make up for all the ones that have been knocked down since the dark ages.)

barking toad 9:34 am 07 Feb 08

What ‘action’ have they taken on climate change?

Motherhood statements like “we must take action now to stop the climate from changing”?

And the weather took a lot of notice of that!

Have a picnic, pat yourselves on the back for contributing to the community or whatever – but please leave the hippie climate change bullshit out of it.

Hope it rains.

hingo 8:42 am 07 Feb 08

Anyone want to sponsor VYBerlinaV8 to drive around burning rubber for this event?

Mælinar 9:17 pm 06 Feb 08

Anybody ever heard of the acronym woft ?

I might buzz along to heckle Deb Foskey, possibly with some free range eggs just to keep with the eco-atmosphere, she’s as surely there as some mad hen trying to sell home made soaps for $20 a bar.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 7:11 pm 06 Feb 08

What, no bon-fire to celebrate?


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