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Seeking recommendations following the War Memorial disgrace …

By I-filed - 23 September 2009 50

I will break my contract with Transact and ActewAGL asap following the regrettable decision to put Transact sponsorship logos on the Closing Ceremony at the Australian War Memorial. Just wait till next Anzac Day, with the ABC News crew trying to keep a large Transact logo out of shot behind the bugler to avoid breaking the ABC guidelines.

Seriously, if the Feds can legislate to protect Donald Bradman’s name, why can’t Defence or Vet’s Affairs do something about this?

It’s as if the vulgarians from the airport precinct are making a first strike into NCA land.

Email CEO and if you think it’s a disgrace. Oh, and cc the feds.

In the meantime, any reccies for a good internet service provider to take over my account? The sooner I wash my hands of ACTEW the better.

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
Seeking recommendations following the War Memorial disgrace …
krasny 12:21 pm 23 Sep 09

1. this is not TransACT’s fault. They are making up for a failing of the Commonwealth Govt, who ought to be funding the AWM’s core business, but aren’t. Corporate sponsorship of national institutions SHOULD NOT BE DISCOURAGED. They need all the help they can get.

2. Next person to mention the construction site should be slapped with a clue bat. It is paid for by a specifically allocated grant, which can’t be used for anything else. This is easy to find out, if you actually make the effort to look.

3. British Aerospace Engineering (i.e., BAE Systems) sponsor what used to be Telstra Theatre at the AWM. There’s really big logos, everywhere.

Try visiting the place before you complain about what it does.

bren 12:14 pm 23 Sep 09

Don’t see a problem… anyway, your anger should be directed at AWM – not TRANSACT

wishuwell 12:13 pm 23 Sep 09

First thing I want to make clear is that it is not my intention to offend anyone in any way. When I first heard of this I was a bit miffed, not at Transact but at the Govt. Then I started thinking what about all the donations that the Memorial Trust get from various sections of the community say Kerry Stokes to purchase medals etc. on their behalf and couldn’t recall any great objections. I know that this situation is a bit different (not much) but I don’t believe Transact was expecting to get much advertising mileage from the support they offered. And yes I am a supporter of the War Memorial and have long links with it and the Trust. Maybe direct your anger at the Government for its repeated disregard for the Memorial and veterans and their families in general.

Anna Key 12:10 pm 23 Sep 09

Wasn’t protecting a free capitalist society the reason we were fighting in these wars? Its only fair that a company provides support in return.

AussieGal83 12:08 pm 23 Sep 09

That is the stupid thing I have ever heard.

Honestly, they are helping the community through their kind donation. They’ve even said that there is no need for the logo to even be displayed.

Wake up to yourself.

Thumper 12:06 pm 23 Sep 09

Here’s a radical idea. The government could find a little bit of extra funding, say from, oh, the Building the Education Revolution, and give it to the AWM?

Zanzibert 12:01 pm 23 Sep 09

#4, 5 and 6 – Spot on. They’ve had their media coverage and shot of publicity now, and offered to remove their logo from the event. Their money still supports it, so by covering it’s costs, they’re making a noteworthy gesture to the community of Canberra – and to our visitors.

The evening bugler / bagpiper of the Closing Ceremony is an absolute highlight of the AWM for me. I usually try to aim my visits so they conclude at 5pm, in order to hear this haunting eulogy. It’s especially spectacular when flocks of cockatoos join in!

screaming banshee 11:55 am 23 Sep 09

OK first point.

You can’t find a better reason to dump TransACT.

Second point

The logo is very discreet, if it were a choice between a recording and a corporate sponsored live bugle I’d take the bugle any day.

The third and loudest point I’d like to make is that most of the noise on this issue is coming from the RSL sub-branch. This organisation is rolling in money and assets yet letting its local clubs who are expected to be individually financially viable run broke and shut down. WHY DONT THEY SPONSOR THE CEREMONY?

MrMagoo 11:52 am 23 Sep 09

It was pointed out on the late news last night (along with a sanctimonious rant from Julie Bishop), that the only logo would be at the bottom of the lectern during the closing. Obscure and rather unnoticeable. Would you rather the ceremony not take place at all??

Note to reactionaries, engage thought processes before typing. And before anyone jumps down my throat about respect for the diggers, my Father served in WWII and I am not opposed to this.

Hank 11:47 am 23 Sep 09

I don’t think it’s a disgrace. A need was to be met and ACTEW stepped in. I would rather hear the last post then not at all. Why don’t you put you’re hand in you’re pocket and sponsor it then you can keep it as advertising free as you need.

pmm 11:46 am 23 Sep 09

I am still failing to see why Transact/ ACTEWAGL providing money to the War Memorial to continue their work is such a crime. They have already noted that they are happy to remove their logos from signage at the AWM, and are supporting an important service.

LG 11:45 am 23 Sep 09

In complete agreement with the 3 comments so far.

Danman 11:32 am 23 Sep 09

Insert knee jerk reaction here

It is my understanding that TransAct are making up a shortfall in funding that the feds can not and will not cover.

It is also my understanding that on the back of public backlash they have decided to not include their logo as a part of the deal.

Is it really your choice to persecute the corporation responsible for filling holes that the government really should have filled themselves ?

Quite happy to be corrected on one or all points.

Thumper 11:31 am 23 Sep 09

Yep, I’m in agreeance on this point.

Clown Killer 11:20 am 23 Sep 09

I was actually thinking about moving away from TransACT for a range of reasons, but that was before the announcement of their support of the AWM.

I’m more than happy to stand by a company that is prepared to so generously support the AWM in honouring our fallen Australian soldiers, airman and seamen.

I note that it took a local telco to take up the slack too, rather than say British Aerospace, Raytheon or any of the other big corporations who spend so much lobbying government to secure sales of their products and services to ensure a fresh supply of Australian war dead for us to honour.

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