Senator Zed Seselja on how the Coalition has delivered for Canberra

Zed Seselja 16 May 2019 113
Zed Seselja campaigning in Tuggeranong

Zed Seselja campaigning in Tuggeranong. Photo: George Tsotsos.

This Saturday, all Australians have an important choice to make when they vote in the Federal election.

It is a choice between Scott Morrison as Prime Minister, delivering a stronger economy that guarantees the services we rely on, or a weaker economy and higher taxes under Bill Shorten and Labor.

Canberrans have already been hit by massive rates rises and under Bill Shorten, the cost of living will skyrocket.

In contrast, in the last five and a half years, the Liberal-National Government has delivered for Canberra:

  • 18,000 more jobs since 2013, and the lowest unemployment in the country at 3.6 per cent;
  • Doubling of hospital funding from $203 million in 2013 to $412 million this year;
  • Delivering a $68 million Health Plan for the ACT, including a new headspace centre, $13.5 million a dedicated eating disorder clinic for the ACT, $13.5 million for more beds in ICU, increase Medicare-backed MRIs, and $6 million for a Youth Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Plan;
  • $250 million in road upgrades on the Monaro, Barton and Kings Highways and William Slim Drive, to reduce congestion and get Canberrans home safer and sooner;
  • $500 million for the Australian War Memorial, the biggest infrastructure investment since the Howard Government, along with $63 million for the National Gallery, $15 million for Questacon, and $10 million for the National Library.

We have achieved this while delivering immediate tax relief for 200,000 Canberrans, which will increase to more than $2,000 a year for the average Canberra household, record funding for schools, and tax relief for 14,000 small and medium businesses in the ACT.

The Liberal-National Government has added more than 2,000 new life-changing medicines worth more than $10 billion to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). This is in stark contrast to Labor.

In 2011, Labor ran out of money and delayed the listing of life-saving medicines to the PBS, noting “the listing of some medicines would be deferred until fiscal circumstances permit” in their 2011-12 Portfolio Budget Statements.

Bill Shorten and his Labor Government will increase taxes – on your rent, your home, your car, your electricity, and your retirement.

Under Labor, rents across Canberra will increase up to $56 a week, the value of the family home will drop around $65,000, and 15,000 Canberra retirees will have $1,800 a year ripped from their pockets.

Meanwhile, the Morrison Government has a plan to keep our economy strong, so we can:

  • Create 1.25 million more jobs over the next five years;
  • Keep Australians safe and our borders secure, and stop the deaths at sea;
  • Guarantee increased investments for schools, hospitals and roads;
  • Maintain budget surpluses and pay down debt;
  • Deliver tax relief for small businesses and families.

This Saturday, Canberrans have a choice to vote for a Morrison Government that delivers for our health system, secures lifesaving medications on the PBS, and guarantees the essential services we all rely on, or to vote for Bill Shorten and his plan for higher taxes.

Zed Seselja is the Liberal Senator for the ACT and Assistant Minister for Treasury and Finance

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the position of Region Media.

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113 Responses to Senator Zed Seselja on how the Coalition has delivered for Canberra
Gerry Satrapa Gerry Satrapa 7:37 am 18 May 19

Zed appears to have manipulated his answers (ie lied) to vote information websites like Smart Vote to give himself a more middle-ground appeal. His responses to questions include that he supports Same Sex Marriage and the current arrangements around abortion. His performance proves otherwise.

Jo Templeton Jo Templeton 12:18 am 18 May 19

He even wants us to pay for the privilege 😣

zuzu zuzu 10:28 pm 17 May 19

Zed, you are the last letter of the alphabet and the last on my ballot. You speak utter fear factor bull$hit. I have yet to see how the LNP helps me with my numerous chronic and very expensive health issues. I have yet to see policies for equality in education. I have yet to see policies that help lift those up who are doing it tough.

You have never lived a disadvantaged life. You have no right that every-time you are asked a question about LNP policies you rebut with commenting about Labor. Hold your own fortress and speak your own policies and stop your excessive negative campaigning.

Again. Zed is the LAST letter in the alphabet.

Karlos E Rumba Karlos E Rumba 10:15 pm 17 May 19

I like his Zed jacket

Mary-Jane Taylor Mary-Jane Taylor 6:08 pm 17 May 19

What strong econommy?! Everybody is struggling to pay their bills. Add to this hospitals, schools, roads, environment, medicare, etcetcetc need some major government money spent on them NOW.

Nathan Bennett Nathan Bennett 3:39 pm 17 May 19

I thought it was Dutton though Zed? Isnt that why you helped knife Malcolm?

Dale Tomes Dale Tomes 2:16 pm 17 May 19

So glad that he and the coalition delivered with a last moment (hoping that no one would notice) $1.5B reduction in funding to the APS that will result in hundreds more Canberrans losing their jobs if they are re- elected.

Yep ... Zed delivers alright 😠

Debbie Thomsen Debbie Thomsen 10:04 am 17 May 19

Zed is so full of himself that he thinks Canberrans are stupid - that we believe anything HE says! Wake up Zed, you are SO yesterday!!!

Zheng Chen Zheng Chen 9:20 am 17 May 19

Get rid of him, don't vote for him a.k.a Peter Dutton's right hand man, classic traitor!!!

Terry Grosvenor-Jones Terry Grosvenor-Jones 8:52 am 17 May 19

Zed Zero Zilch chance of me voting for this nong.

Derek Clayton Derek Clayton 7:29 am 17 May 19

Well done Zed, good luck on Saturday, make my day.

Nari Strange Nari Strange 5:37 am 17 May 19

Why tell lies??? You must realise it is NOT true.

Michelle Hood Michelle Hood 11:09 pm 16 May 19

Bye Zed. Last on my paper because you don’t represent Canberra’s people who trusted you.

Kuan Bartel Kuan Bartel 10:46 pm 16 May 19

That needs a fact check.

Tracy Gorman Tracy Gorman 10:16 pm 16 May 19

Zed was last on my ballots. Canberra does not need him inflicted on us anymore.

Ben Roberts Ben Roberts 10:14 pm 16 May 19

And you money for jam to play lap dog to the Liberal Right Conservstives (let's face it, you don't have the brains to think or for yourself or come up with an original thought).and bury your snout deeper in the trough.

Marcia Denman Marcia Denman 8:26 pm 16 May 19

Just as long as we don’t get ZED for pities sake - Canberrans deserve better than that - ✅PUT ZED LAST✅

Julie Maynard Julie Maynard 8:16 pm 16 May 19

The most self-serving politician in Canberra. #dumpzed

Boweavil Kat Boweavil Kat 8:02 pm 16 May 19

What drugs are Zed on?

Noni Doll Noni Doll 7:40 pm 16 May 19

I'm not going to tell people not to vote Liberals in the Senate if that's where their research and conscience has led them.

What I *will* ask is that if you *are* going to vote Libs, vote below the line and don't give Zed a run. I'm sure there are good Liberal candidates more deserving of your vote who will actually do their job in reflecting the wants and needs of the ACT in Parliament rather than ignoring the results of a survey he helped call for, and voting against proposals that would allow the Territory more rights in the way it governs itself.

Zed needs reminding that he is not in the Senate to represent his own interests and opinions, but rather those of his constituents.

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