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Shame Mooseheads… Shame

ANUStudentWatch! 23 February 2006 18

I was horrified to discover that the disgusting leach of Canberran society that is the ANU Liberal Students’ Club, has tackled the corporate world of beer consumption.

Mooseheads (popular Canberra nightclub for women who like their arses grabbed and men who do the grabbing) has agreed to sponsor the club in 2006. THAT’S RIGHT! Free beer and nibblies, not to mention exclusive use of the ‘Dungeon’ for Liberal Students’ Club Events. One wonders where the ANU Labor Students’ Club will pick… SouthPac?

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18 Responses to Shame Mooseheads… Shame
jacross 10:32 pm 28 Feb 06

Actually I can confirm that the ANU libs don't get money from the student's association. They voluntarily disaffiliated. We at the UC Libs can't affiliate as no political club is allowed to. UC and ANU do our social events together so I have to say I'm very happy that Mooseheads have sponsored them, saves me from having to come up with social events myself.

Absent Diane 9:22 am 24 Feb 06

haha the donkey punch has to be one of the most ridiculous concepts ever...

Indi 4:34 pm 23 Feb 06

no doubt the 'donkey punch' position is high no the list for these guys are looking for a bit of guy action...

Absent Diane 3:54 pm 23 Feb 06

Libs + Mooseheads + Collar ups (laces out) = thats a scarey prospect...... just an extra reason not to go there....

Indi 2:34 pm 23 Feb 06

Big Al - the collar issue is a given as I'd always wondered why someone would wear the collar raised (unless of course when you work outdoors and it's wise to protect the neck from getting too red!)

When a lot younger and working/drinking in country pubs there were three signs that always alerted me to someone looking for trouble - raised collar, belt buckle popping out and leaving empty beer glass upside down on the bar after finishing (although this could also mean you were done and heading home).

Mr Evil 2:27 pm 23 Feb 06

"...the disgusting leach of Canberran society"

Surely that comment should be directed at the International Socialists/Resistance(is useless!) mob?

Big Al 1:55 pm 23 Feb 06

As long as they loosen their collars and dont turn them up!

Indi 1:46 pm 23 Feb 06

Let us not be wowsers on is enlightening to see that a beer hall will sponsor the aspiring lib younguns via a beer fund. Who knows, it may help them to loosen collars, get laid, settle down and move into a nice little cottage together with a picket fence, a dog and a few squids.

This surely has longer term benefits for society...(grabs coat, heads for the door)

colsim 1:34 pm 23 Feb 06

So does the young libs club get any money from the ANU student union? That'd have to be some kind of irony wouldn't it?

Mr_Shab 1:06 pm 23 Feb 06

Caf - I don't know if that's a good idea. If Mooseheads sponsored the latter day edition of the Challenge Club (well, from what I saw of it back in the day), I think they would end up with a huge crowd of spotty boys rolling in, drinking everything in sight (at cheap/subsidised prices), offending any women unlucky/stupid enough to be in there, and vomiting over every horizontal surface.

Oh's kinda like that already.

Oh well...toot on Caf.

caf 12:08 pm 23 Feb 06

I didn't think any of the political clubs had a particularly huge membership - I would have thought they'd be much better off sponsoring the whatever the latter-day equivalent of the Challenge Club is.

barking toad 11:59 am 23 Feb 06

Perhaps Mooseheads thinks it'll get plenty of business in return for the sponsorship. Maybe they figure the labor mob will just take the freebies and not put anything over the bar.

bonfire 11:48 am 23 Feb 06

Interesting phrase 'the disgusting leach of Canberran society'. Could you expand on what activities of theirs are leach like ?

Big Al 11:47 am 23 Feb 06

I suspect that the campus Young Lib's will slot right in at the Moose - and probably a good thing to, like Slinky says, it'll keep em out of the decent bars.

That said, many years ago, when Big Al was a student at the ANU he was a bipartisan supporter of both the Young Liberals and Young Labor - more for the free booze than the ideology. Back in those distant days the best Young Labour could muster by way of a 'party' was a couple of wooden bowls of that funny pre-cubed caterers cheese and a couple of casks of wine. Everyone had to stand around being very serious and if you smoked they had to be those nasty Indonesian cigarettes made of rolled up leaves than smell like burning cow dung.

The Liberals on the other hand used to regularly put on affairs with no food but all the beer you could drink - well that, and the girls that went along to these things didn’t have hairy armpits. I even remember a night at the Parliament House (the old one not the one on the hill) when we ended up in the Members bar with a couple of the Liberal Party's finest who let us help ourselves to the liquor cabinet – our resulting over-indulgence even made the news, caused some red faces and someone had to slip the Speaker a cheque for around $900 to make it all go away.

Never voted for the pricks though.

johnboy 11:11 am 23 Feb 06

Having said that we like stories like these, thanks for that.

simto 11:09 am 23 Feb 06

Mooseheads, or, as I like to call it after their redecoration, "Starbucks with Beer", is the perfect place for liberals of all ages.

Hell, the labour students have the labour club. Admittedly, it's in Belconnen, but that just gives you greater access to the proletariat.

Slinky the Shocker 10:36 am 23 Feb 06

's alright with me! Keeps the Howard worshippers out of the decent pubs!

johnboy 10:33 am 23 Feb 06

Surely just a good business move by the Moose?

Anyway (IMHO) the first order of business of any student body worth it's feed is securing a supply of free beer.

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