Should a convicted person maintain public housing

Indi 22 June 2005 8

I accidently switched across from the ever reliable ABC last night to Today Tonight and again public housing in the ACT was in the firing line of TT.

Not only did they again (the third time I believe) question the validity of Deb Foskey MLA remaining in public housing but had also gotten onto the topic of ‘how and why’ David Eastman (convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison) has managed for the last 10 years expose a loophole in the ACT’s Housing policy that allows him to maintain his public house whilst remaining in prison.

Surely there must be a way to look at how to treat people fairly when they are faced with a lengthy term (or life) in sing sing – but to allow someone to maintain a public housing residence after being convicted to spend the rest of their life in jail seems an unusual aspect of the apparent security of tenure policy the government still maintains.

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8 Responses to Should a convicted person maintain public housing
seepi seepi 7:47 pm 23 Jun 05

The rabid insistence by Ms Foskey and others that her security of tenure is more important than someone else having a roof ofver their head has amazed and dismayed me and Others who choose not to post about it.
I am not party political and in fact voted for MS Foskey – and probably would again – but I maintain she is very wrong on this issue. And in fact is guilty of the green ‘in a perfect world’ view. I hadn’t actually thought of that until just now though.
Yes security of tenure is a nice idea. No we can’t afford it. Yes she is clogging up a house that a desperate family could be living in. Their lives would be changed by her moving out. She would be only minorly disadvantaged by getting a mortgage/paying rent in a suburb a bit further away – just like most of her constituents.
I had stopped posting on this issue because the argument has become very circular. But I still feel strongly that her decision to remain in her home is morally wrong and politically stupid. But I did want to add that the theory that those speaking against her decision are all rabid right wing loonies is far from the truth. I support public housing, and tenure for those with changeable circumestances. But not for the rich.

Maelinar Maelinar 11:22 am 23 Jun 05

I’m new to town and haven’t decided where my fealty lies, most presumably because there is a complete lack of CDF in all of the parties at the moment.

I’d probably vote Democrats if Natasha ever came back though, at least she’s not half bad looking on the telly.

Thumper Thumper 8:22 am 23 Jun 05

I’m with Ralph,

Much more fun to sit on ther fence and slag them off.

Loadedog, if the following is the case, ‘the property has been tenanted by a variety of people, including refugees from the 2003 fires’ then I applaud this.

It is sensible which is a word rarely associated with our current government.

However, I’ll simply sit on the fence.

Ralph Ralph 7:45 am 23 Jun 05

Well I for one can inform you that I don’t belong to any political party. I just prefer to sit on the fence and slag them all off.

johnboy johnboy 7:07 pm 22 Jun 05

And the comments on the Greens web site which are even more critical than RiotACT?

loadedog loadedog 6:50 pm 22 Jun 05

Thumper, your comment is so obtuse as to be rendered meaningless. For the record, Eastman retains his tenancy because, as yet, his case has not completed all avenues of appeal, and should he be ultimately found not guilty, he would and should be fully entitled to return to his ‘home’.

As I understand it from a near neighbour of Eastman’s at Jerilderie, while he has been in jail, the property has been tenanted by a variety of people, including refugees from the 2003 fires.

I have to say that the calibre of debate on these issues, with particular reference to the Deb Foskey lynching party, has severely disappointed me and others, some of whom are so amazed at the simplistic sloganeering and vitriolic hatefulness exhibited that they have declined to enter the fray, despite being passionate supporters of Deb’s right to stay put for as long as she likes.

To be honest, much of what I’ve read has the ring of a party-political hatchet job and any non-partisan readers would be well-advised to take the opinions expressed with a grain of salt.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 6:50 pm 22 Jun 05

I live near where Eastman used to live…anybody remember his flat number, I’d be more than happy to pass by and check if the place is occupied (without ever going near or talking to occupants of course).


Thumper Thumper 5:43 pm 22 Jun 05

It would seem common sense has totally been removed from all discussion.

What was the old saying about a ‘reasonable man’?

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