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Siev X Memorial

By kimba - 22 September 2006 73

I was wondering what Rioters thought about the Siev X Memorial that is being assembled in Weston Park.

Soon we’ll have 300 decorated poles in the park to ‘honour’ the 353 people who drowned on the ‘refugee’ boat Siev X.

While, perhaps, commendable where will it all end? I wonder why the same people didn’t erect 2,948 poles as a memorial for those who died in September 11. Or perhaps 270 poles as a memorial when Pam AM 103 was blasted out of the sky over Lockerbie. Of course there is also the London Bombings which killed 56 people. Perhaps these aren’t politically correct enough to have poles erected in Canberra.

Again I ask where does it end and who decides what human tragedy is ‘honoured’ over another.

I also note Nero Stanhope will be the guest speaker at the Siev X Memorial Ceremony, say no more. Another chance for us to learn more about his black armband theory of history.

Perhaps Rioters could suggest other world events that could be dedicated in Weston Park.

What’s Your opinion?

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73 Responses to
Siev X Memorial
Mr Evil 2:09 pm 22 Sep 06

“In all my mucho-ism ( wherever it has gone) I would like to saythere is only one pole I wanna see erected – and thats not at weston park.”

So long as it’s not a twig. 🙂

I’ve got another worthy cause to erect a memorial to – Sunday Bloody Sunday.

Danman 1:58 pm 22 Sep 06

In all my mucho-ism ( wherever it has gone) I would like to saythere is only one pole I wanna see erected – and thats not at weston park.

Mr Evil 1:52 pm 22 Sep 06

Well said, Bonfire.

barking toad 1:44 pm 22 Sep 06

words fucking fail me

bonfire 1:40 pm 22 Sep 06

anyone who thinks the australian govt was responsible for that boat sinking and subsequent loss of life is a softhead.

look at the way they use the word ‘responsible’.

the oz govt has no jurisdiction in indonesia.

the whoel incident, while unfortunate, i used as a slogan by anti-howard zealots.

those simpletons who like to think labor good, liberal evil. they have no real capability to discern right from wrong and rely on press releases issued from fellow travellers for their views.

Mr Evil 1:32 pm 22 Sep 06

Seepi, how could we have saved these people? The boat sank 16km off Indonesian territory, not in Darwin Harbour as some people seem to believe!

They chose to attempt illegal entry into Australia on a dodgy boat, and unfortunately it cost them dearly.

seepi 12:44 pm 22 Sep 06

SIEV X was a tragedy, and marks the moment when the Howard government really lost the plot. They could have possibly saved these people.Jon S likes to annoy Howard, so maybe this is why he’s putting up this memorial.

TAD 12:13 pm 22 Sep 06

We’re all invited!!!!!!!!!!!


Personally I think we should erect a pole for every person killed in all the wars in history.

Swaggie 12:06 pm 22 Sep 06

I’ll personally erect a memorial in every park in Canberra when Stanhope gets kicked out of Office. He lost the plot partially in 2004, moreso in 2005 and now completely in 2006.

Mr Evil 11:58 am 22 Sep 06

Okay, who’s going to build the Hiroshima and Nagasaki Memorial with anywhere between 160 000 – 300 000 poles? It could be built on one of the school sites once they’ve been closed down.

What a load of shit this all is! Bloody left-wing pricks!

VYBerlinaV8 11:48 am 22 Sep 06

We get to honour a Suspect Illegal Entry Vessel (SIEV for short). Cool, let’s just glorify the crime of people smuggling.

bonfire 11:24 am 22 Sep 06

smithers! release the hounds….

tortfeaser 11:16 am 22 Sep 06

WTF? I thought this was a joke. Where’s Weston Park? Where’s my chainsaw?

snahon 11:10 am 22 Sep 06

Where will it all end indeed… Maybe its just me but I am sick and tired of all this crap…

btw if they are going to erect 300 poles why not throw in the other 53 at the same time…. seems kinda stupid to me.

LG 11:09 am 22 Sep 06

Is the ACT Government paying for this?

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