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Siev X Memorial

By kimba 22 September 2006 73

I was wondering what Rioters thought about the Siev X Memorial that is being assembled in Weston Park.

Soon we’ll have 300 decorated poles in the park to ‘honour’ the 353 people who drowned on the ‘refugee’ boat Siev X.

While, perhaps, commendable where will it all end? I wonder why the same people didn’t erect 2,948 poles as a memorial for those who died in September 11. Or perhaps 270 poles as a memorial when Pam AM 103 was blasted out of the sky over Lockerbie. Of course there is also the London Bombings which killed 56 people. Perhaps these aren’t politically correct enough to have poles erected in Canberra.

Again I ask where does it end and who decides what human tragedy is ‘honoured’ over another.

I also note Nero Stanhope will be the guest speaker at the Siev X Memorial Ceremony, say no more. Another chance for us to learn more about his black armband theory of history.

Perhaps Rioters could suggest other world events that could be dedicated in Weston Park.

What’s Your opinion?

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Siev X Memorial
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Big Al 6:18 pm 25 Sep 06

caf – who was the pathetic little muppet that posted “This memorial is a slight on our servicemen and women that volunteered to protect our country.” I could’t be fagged reading through half of the lame-arsed posted to find it but it sure as hell deserves some serious ridicule.

Big Al 6:15 pm 25 Sep 06

The Governmnets policy on the whole sordid business is essentially good old fashions pinko protectionism veiled as right-wing border security. Its inconsistent to cherry-pick the free trade agenda goodies: free movement of product and capital whilst hampering the free movement of labour.

Its interesting to see some of the dimmer posts bandying about the term economic migrant – probably in ignorance of the fact that so-called economic migrants are already flooding into the country at rates that make the the previous Labour Govt. look like anti-immigration bastards.

Parroting the lame ‘economic migrant’ spin and palming it off as your opinion only reveals you as a maggot – and unless you’re goin fishing, no one like a maggot.

caf 4:38 pm 25 Sep 06

quoting.. “This memorial is a slight on our servicemen and women that volunteered to protect our country.”

Sorry, I can’t let that ridiculous, overblown piece of jingoistic claptrap rest unanswered. It’s bollocks. Putting up a memorial doesn’t say “we were responsible”, it doesn’t say “the navy was responsible”, all it says was “these people died in tragic circumstances, and not all of us here are such callous bastards that we applauded it”. That’s a sentiment I’m happy to stand behind.

Thumper 4:14 pm 25 Sep 06

Jim Morrison…

Mr Evil 4:09 pm 25 Sep 06

Pity that they probably can’t speak much English, may be criminals or terrorists, may be carrying some nasty disease…….

I can’t imagine many of them being plumbers either. If they were, then they would have been better to apply for a visa through the approriate channels, instead of paying some crook a shitload of money for a place on a boat no sane person would step onto, or allow their children to step on to.

Mr_Shab 1:49 pm 25 Sep 06

…And while I’m on it, what is so bloody terrible about refusing to accept your “lot” and looking for something better. If a kid from a poor, neglected background rises above it all, gets into uni, gets a degree, gets a good job and escapes his life of poverty, people fall over themselves to say how great he is. Put some poor reffo looking for a better life for themselves and their family in an analogous situation and they’re a queue jumper.

Mr_Shab 1:38 pm 25 Sep 06

Hey – I’m happy to take a few “economic refugees” with the nous to do the deals, bribe the right people and get on a boat. Shows a can-do attitude in my opinion.

Maybe a few more “queue jumping plumbers” will mean I can get my drains eeled without selling a kidney.

VYBerlinaV8 12:50 pm 25 Sep 06

I don’t think people are trying to glorify the deaths, but the reality is that many of those who drowned were actuallu economic refugees. That doesn’t change things, it’s just a fact.

KaneO 8:41 pm 24 Sep 06

Seepi – HELL YES! Manky corpses make top FASs (Fish attracting structures), so running a slug or soft plastic past a few grotie floaty boaties could result in the catch of a lifetime. Think what that could do for tourism! And no drain on the taxpayer either.
I wonder is anyone would mind if some artistic soul took a chainsaw to the monument and then said “That was to symbolise people being cut down in their prime” (then had a barby using the wood as fuel)

seepi 3:01 pm 24 Sep 06

Whoever is to blame it was a tragic event.
If these kids were drowning right next to you at Sydney Harbour would you still revil in their deaths?

MrX(orY) 1:23 pm 24 Sep 06

Big Al,

I’ve got no problem with people using their money and nous to get here, but don’t call them refugees. They are attempted economic migrants.

I believe that we should and do help those poor bastards who are stuck in a some camp with nothing but the clothes on their back, rather than someone who thinks that Pakistan is a toilet, so they sell up their plumbing business and decide to head here, and use up shitloads of taxpayer money attempting to convince us that they are, in fact, a poor Afghan.

Why the fuck should Australia be blamed for these people deciding to pay criminals for a ride in a leaky boat?

Absent Diane 12:59 pm 24 Sep 06

Hey Pandy – who did you get to type that comment for you… because surely your too stupid to type it yourself.

miz 12:44 pm 24 Sep 06

I want the treehouses back. I wish they’d do that with the bloody poles, instead of making a pleasant park some kind of symbolic international political statement.

Big Al 10:55 am 24 Sep 06

300 Poles! Wasn’t it mainly Afgans and Kurds?

Big Al 10:50 am 24 Sep 06

Yeah that’s right Pandy, we only want the ones that can afford to fly here.

I just don’t see the problem with doing what it takes to get yourself out of trouble. Hell, there’s a myriad of Jews who didn’t end up in the gas chamber because they did what was necessary to get to safety – using your logic it’s impossible to argue that they weren’t also selfish queue-jumping reffo’s.

seepi 10:33 am 24 Sep 06

Pandy are you from BigotBri?
A lot of the SIEV X drowned were children. It is horrific if real Australians think that is a good thing.
don’t count me in with your real australians.

Pandy 12:10 am 24 Sep 06

Jesus Big AL,
If I pay a bribe to get a deal done, well its only busines and there is nothing wrong with that.

Get real! I have no sympathy for reffos who come here by leaky boat and then drown. They are not the kind of people that real Australians want.

Big Al 9:49 pm 23 Sep 06

Mr Confused (X or Y) asks “Who is more deserving of asylum? Someone who can afford to pay up to $30k to come here, or someone who has been languishing in a refugee camp in the Sudan for the 13 yrs of their life, because they really can’t go “home”?”

If you asked me it would be the chap prepared to pull together the readies and do the deals to get where he wants to go instead of languishing like some helpless victim in a refugee camp in some shit hole. I don’t buy the emotive rhetoric of “people smugglers” used to skew the opinion of a section of the community too stupid to make up their minds for themselves – business is business – you don’t have to like it, but it helps to engage your head before you let your arse do the thinking.

Thumper 10:18 am 23 Sep 06

Right on Mr Evil!

I want a 50 foot statue of Jim Morrison as well. It could kind of like Canberra’s own statue of Liberty.

Where do I sign the petition?

Unbeliever 8:43 am 23 Sep 06

‘We get to honour a Suspect Illegal Entry Vessel (SIEV for short). Cool, let’s just glorify the crime of people smuggling.’

VYBerlinaV8 for the record Charles Kingsford Smith was charged and so convicted for attempting to evade Customs duty. A criminal, albeit a national hero, who has Sydney airport, the old $20 notes, roads, monuments named in his honour. Get a sense of history! Not that I think attempting to defraud public funds is in the same league as refugee arrivals. The latter at least will be interpreted by history (long after you and I are gone) for the arbitrary cruelty with which this government has played politics with people coming here to ask for our help.

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