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SIEV X temporary Memorial Opens Today

By Kramer - 2 September 2007 55

After much debate the temporary SIEV X memorial will open in Weston Park today. The memorial will stand in Weston Park for the next 3 weeks. Both the ABC and the Canberra Times are reporting that only 150 of the 353 who lost their lives are listed on the memorial as the AFP are still witholding the names.

Isn’t the value of such a memorial lessened if more than half the victims names are missing?

What’s Your opinion?

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55 Responses to
SIEV X temporary Memorial Opens Today
ant 10:42 pm 02 Sep 07

the story of what really happened is still to come out, and I’m sure it’ll be horrible. This whole episode is barely believable, and it happened in our baliwick, and it seems that so few care. We spent a fortune rescuing Tony Bullimore, and yet hundreds of people died horribly and no one cared.
What is happening to our country? We are becoming greedy, cold, selfish people.

hotlips 9:37 pm 02 Sep 07

i am just saying shit happens and it is stupid going around putting up a pole for every sad case in history. This is just PC gone mad.

sepi 8:44 pm 02 Sep 07

The family members of those who died have been involved with this memorial.

Does it make you angry that convicts died?

Woody Mann-Caruso 8:09 pm 02 Sep 07

Did they just get the internet in Charnwood or something? Where did all these bogans come from?

Pandy 7:03 pm 02 Sep 07

“the boat sank in international waters, within Indonesia’s zone of search and rescue responsibility, and also inside the Australian border protection surveillance zone”

from Wikipedia

bd84 6:52 pm 02 Sep 07

100% agree with you hotlips.. one of the few things I would happily let the vandals get at.

What a load of bullshit and typical Labor goes in to try and score some political point scoring to try and gain the votes of a few sad souls. If I tried to come to Australia illegally on a raft I would likely die too, but then I wouldn’t expect someone to put a useless pole in a park somewhere to commemorate my life. MY family might like to put something in a grave yard somewhere.

Plus i’m sure the majority of Australians would probably have no idea what it is, nor care for that matter.

hotlips 6:31 pm 02 Sep 07

100s of convicts died when being transported to Australia…why don’t we put up poles all over the city for them as well pierce. Just heard on National news that Federal Labor will make it a permanent memorial if elected.

pierce 4:56 pm 02 Sep 07

The boat sank in international waters Ralph – it appears that someone has misinformed you.

Given that the boat sank inside the Australian border protection surveillance zone, maybe they might move the memorial on to DIC headquarters or perhaps to Russell.

I’d say that failing our responsibilities under international maritime law for political purposes, which lead to the deaths of more than 300 people, is something worth remembering.

hotlips 4:39 pm 02 Sep 07

Does anyone have a bull-bar on their four-wheel-drive?

This is the biggest load of crap that the bleeding-hearts have placed in our city.

Kramer 3:18 pm 02 Sep 07

Sorry folks – the memorial will stand for 6 weeks not 3 weeks. It must have been too early in the morning for me…

Ralph 3:11 pm 02 Sep 07

Only 3 weeks? That’s good.

The memorial must be moving on to Indonesia, given the boat sank in their waters.

Deano 12:50 pm 02 Sep 07

Umm, wasn’t the memorial also opened last year?

sepi 11:32 am 02 Sep 07

Strange response – mad at whom?

It makes me sad and refelctive.

futto 10:16 am 02 Sep 07

Is the memorials purpose to make me sad or make me feel guilty? Either way, it makes me mad.

sepi 9:31 am 02 Sep 07

It’s more poignant in its way.
These were real people who died, yet even in death and memorial we can’t recognise them as such.

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