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Sign Wars II – Whoops

By johnboy - 17 April 2007 126

The Chief Minister has derived uncommon satisfaction from his latest media release pertaining to Steve Pratt’s crusade against unpalatable political signage oddly conflated with graffiti.

“The ACT Government will ask the police to investigate whether Opposition MLA Steve Pratt committed a criminal offence when he allegedly destroyed a mural in Woden last weekend.

Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said today he had asked the Minister for Territory and Municipal Services to refer the matter to the police after it emerged that an artwork allegedly destroyed by Mr Pratt in the course of a political stunt was a legal artwork that had been commissioned and funded by a local sporting club and painted by a recognised local artist.


UPDATED: News Limited is on the story and have a picture.

ANOTHER UPDATE: A lot more media outlets are covering this Steve hasn’t had press like this since he was being held by the Serbs.

MORE: Prattles even made it onto TSSH.

FINALLY: Days late and dollars short the Canberra Times has come to the party they do bring the happy news that Steve is offering a cheapo trophy to Disc ACT rather than the $3,000 dollars worth of mural painted by “Dan The Man”. The discers remain un-mollified. Steve as the ultimate arbiter of public taste has ear-makred some more of their work for deletion.

SURELY THERE CAN’T BE MUCH MORE: Deb Foskey has put out a nasty media release asking Steve some unpleasant questions.

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126 Responses to
Sign Wars II – Whoops
West_Kambah_4eva 9:01 am 18 Apr 07

This guy is a complete knob. What a useless destruction of great piece of art. For what? The disgruntled old person vote?

Seriously, what was he thinking when he was scrubbing off the paint? “Oh this blank concrete wall looks MUCH better. It really spruces up this storm water drain. You know, I think we should invigorate the public spaces of Canberra with more blank concrete walls – they’re fantastic. Mental note – I must contact my dominatrix tonight and book another session – I’ve been a bad boy, I’m a dirty little miscreant, I need rules and punishment… I need my botty punished!!”

S4anta 8:54 am 18 Apr 07

Planet Rupert, gives it to him here

LG 8:43 am 18 Apr 07

surely it should be up to the sporting club to call the cops, not Stanhope

gurunik 8:21 am 18 Apr 07

Prat by name, prat by nature…

schmerica_ 8:20 am 18 Apr 07

Thats funny. Does this mean he has to help re-paint it?

Ozhair 8:19 am 18 Apr 07

I’ll see your witch hunt and raise a Spanish Inquisition

shauno 8:19 am 18 Apr 07

Its amusing though and the irony of it all if thats the right word lol. The guy who is advocating a police and fascist state is about to get busted by the cops.

sarix 8:17 am 18 Apr 07

Pratt wouldn’t even confirm he’s going to apologise to the artist!

I call a witch-hunt!

Danman 8:17 am 18 Apr 07

Pratt by name lol

What I like most is is reporting that the artist is asking for an apology – Pratt can not be happy about that.
This is what is listed on the TAMS website for Murals and Legal Graffiti sites.

jr – I think that is just a list of commissioned/sponsored murals – there are plenty of legal “aerosol art” (Perish the thought I call it legal graffiti – an oxymoron) sites around canberra that are not listed in that .xls file.

The list of legal “Sites” that may or may not have sponsored murals can be found here!

Enjoy !

Spectra 8:10 am 18 Apr 07

I’m inclined to agree with you, Ingeegoodbee – if Pratt were police minister and this happened “on his watch”, you can bet he’d be baying for blood and bemoaning the loss of all the “local sporting club’s hard fund raising work”.
Live by the sword….

Ingeegoodbee 8:05 am 18 Apr 07

Dunno Shauno, if the Prat has willfully committed property damage, surely it’s a matter for the police to investigate.

johnboy 7:41 am 18 Apr 07

obviously what is needed here are more police and a zero tolerance approach to vandals.

jr 7:34 am 18 Apr 07

This is what is listed on the TAMS website for Murals and Legal Graffiti sites.

cranky 7:34 am 18 Apr 07

Could become a little delicate if (God forbid) Pratt became Minister for Police after the next election.

shauno 3:51 am 18 Apr 07

These polys are like bloody children. Why the hell would you refer some one to the cops because of that if its not for some bullshit political mileage. Fair enough he’s stuffed up but so what you don’t have to get the cops involved.

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