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Andrew announces motorsports funding. Motorists Party not happy at all.

By johnboy 19 August 2012 29

This morning Andrew Barr announced funding for motorsports clubs in the ACT. Sharing $800,000 were:

— ACT Motorcycle Club,

— Trials Club of Canberra,

— Brindabella Motor Sports Club,

— National Capital Motorsports Club,

— Southern District Motorsport Club,

— Canberra Kart Racing Club,

— Dual Sport Motorcycle Riders Association, and

— Canberra Bulls.

The Australian Motorists Party have sent in an angry reply taking a pop at arts funding:

The absolute hypocrisy of A.C.T. Labor to hand out motor sports grants two months out from the election. If you remember back to 2008 they did exactly the same thing. It is amazing that they can find a splattering of money at this time, just before an election. Notice the $800,000 is split between six or seven groups of motor sport clubs giving them just enough money to struggle through the next four years. If you compare the number of art lovers compared to the number of motor sports supporters paying taxes in the A.C.T. the motor sports fraternity is ripped off, that is if you compare the large amount the arts receives every year compared to the small amount motor sport receives every four years.

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Andrew announces motorsports funding. Motorists Party not happy at all.
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jb1964 11:32 am 20 Aug 12

p1 said :

m@ said :

Pokies in motorsport clubs are the answer.

Actually, that is great idea. I’m surprised Summergnats haven’t figured out a way to get a few hundred pokies on site at epic each January.


p1 10:14 am 20 Aug 12

m@ said :

Pokies in motorsport clubs are the answer.

Actually, that is great idea. I’m surprised Summergnats haven’t figured out a way to get a few hundred pokies on site at epic each January.

m@ 10:02 am 20 Aug 12

Pokies in motorsport clubs are the answer.

Felix the Cat 9:45 am 20 Aug 12

Jerry Atric said :

Oh dear, I didn’t get it wrong after all. (sigh)

I was just pointing out the inconsistency in funding comparing art and motorsport. I like motorsport and I like art – not all art and not all motorsport. Because I have different tastes than you Jerry Atric, does that make me a bogan and a cretin?

I haven’t heard too many positive comments about most of the public art on the side of Canberra roads. I was just saying that the cost to the taxpayer of the two (of many) pieces of public art (that hardly anyone likes) mentioned in my original post would be probably double what the govt is “genorously” proposing to give to a few motorsport clubs.

Mysteryman 9:35 am 20 Aug 12

fabforty said :

Why is the Government funding motorsports at all?

In this instance, I’d say they are doing it to buy votes. But the same question could be asked of their funding of arts, of events, of a great many things.

The answer is simple: because that’s their job. They are supposed to use the money to spend on the people of the ACT.

fabforty 8:50 am 20 Aug 12

Why is the Government funding motorsports at all ? If you can afford a car and/or motorbike and the fuel you waste driving around in circles, then you can afford to fund your own hobby.

Give it to the hospital where it will do some good.

rosscoact 7:07 am 20 Aug 12

Hmm, one lot of politicians announcing gifts before an election, another lot of pollies whinging about it.

Seems about right

Aeek 12:21 am 20 Aug 12

So the days of the Liberals giving the Drag Strip to their mate were better?

pandaman 12:17 am 20 Aug 12

jsm2090 said :

X71 said :

WillowJim said :

F***ing outrageous decision. What public benefit is created by this public spending?

I would say its the same benefit as public art except that people actually like looking at Motorsport as opposed to public art.
The thing is that If you don’t like Motorsport you don’t have to watch it and yet I’m exposed to distasteful displays of so called art on every street corner.

Ok, you pro motorsport ‘fans’ on the RA need to pull your head out of your asses, as you really give your sport a bad name. Your anti-everything-else-that-needs-funding fanaticism is only up there with the NRA.

It’s not really an “anti-everything-else” attitude so far as I can see. There seems to be a fair amount of bitterness regarding funding towards ‘The Arts” and in all fairness, given some of the s*** that gets funded under that pretense, who can blame them? The totem pole looking things at the intersection of Belconnen Way and Gungahlin Dr, the weird bunch of steel beams at the Barton Hwy and Gungahlin Dr, the alleged owl, the pear of anguish, WTF are the people procuring this s*** thinking?

Jerry Atric said :

Have I got this wrong? Motorsports lovers are cretins and bogans and would not be seen dead in a museum, theatre or gallery so the funding is being wasted on a minority?

So, if someone likes the idea of watching a skilled (ideally) operator using a piece of well designed and built machinery to its limits more than they like they idea of looking at a picture hanging on a wall, that makes them a cretin? I’m not going to argue with the term bogan, because I don’t see it as an insult. Bogans are people too, they pay tax, they vote and you know what? I’d rather hang around with the average bogan than the average “patron of the arts”. At least the bogans tend to be less judgemental and pretentious. You obnoxious twit.

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