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Simon Corbell email interview

By Kerces - 12 March 2006 43

While still waiting for Vicki Dunne’s responses the the questions sent last week, I went about seeing if Simon Corbell would answer our questions in a second email interview.

He has agreed so, just like last week, put all the questions you ever wanted to ask of the health and planning minister in the comments below. Ten questions will be chosen next Tuesday (14-MAR-06) evening and sent off.

UPDATED: Only two more days to get your questions in for Simon!

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43 Responses to
Simon Corbell email interview
Chris S 10:54 am 08 Mar 06


In your inaugural sppech on 18 February 1997, you said:

“Over the past months since my election I have been acutely aware of the expectations that rest upon me to truly represent the interests and concerns of people living in the Molonglo electorate. I am grateful already for the very positive support I have received from a wide range of community groups and individuals across Canberra, and I am looking forward to building and strengthening the valuable contacts I have already made.”

Why is it that, since then, you have turned into the most anti-resident, pro-development Minister we have ever had in the ACT? Why is it that you have now frozen those community groups who so enthusiastically supported you in your early days, out of any say that they may have in the future planning of the ACT?

Chris S 10:32 am 08 Mar 06

Simon, during your time in Opposition, you were highly critical of the occasional use of the call-in powers by Brendan Smyth. Can you tell us:

1. How many times the Libs used those powers.
2. How many times you’ve used them, and for which projects.
3. What has changed between the time the Libs were in, and now, to justify your regular use of powers that were only ever intended for exceptional circumstances.

caf 10:31 am 08 Mar 06

… which is fair enough, given that planning within the Airport precinct is under Federal, not Territory, control. The “you break it, you bought it” policy in effect?

Kerces 10:15 am 08 Mar 06

Ferret, the Canberra Times had a story today (not that it’s made it online) that the ACT Government has asked the Federal Government for money to fix this very problem. Nice question though.

Growling Ferret 9:47 am 08 Mar 06


Now that the formerly free flowing Canberra road system has now become a daily morning car park on:

a) Majura Lane going south
b) Monaro Highway going north
c) Piallago Avenue/Morshead Drive both ways

is it about time that you and your government realise that some proper money will need to be spent extending to two lanes the Monaro Hwy right through to the Federal Highway, duplicating Piallago Road from Fairbairn RAAF base through to ADFA (including a flyover for the Monaro Highway), and possibly accepting that allowing office space for 10000 workers (and 5000 more shoppers come July) without improving access in any way to the Canberra Airport precinct is a complete planning disaster?

Mr_Shab 9:40 am 08 Mar 06

Simon, why did you go back on your initial undertaking to redevelop the Bunda St side of Civic in two stages, and redevelop it in one hit?

Were you not aware that it would have an adverse effect on business?

LurkerGal 9:27 am 08 Mar 06

Simon, could you please remind me why I worked so bloody hard during the last campaign, missing time with my daughter and having a life, to get your government elected?

Blamemonkey 9:11 am 08 Mar 06

FYI Clay Just beat Shit on Google Fight

Blamemonkey 9:10 am 08 Mar 06

I think we should start a Campaign for the Shit Vs Clay question 🙂

jr 10:39 pm 07 Mar 06

I dont think he has lived here for close on 4-5 years… unless he has moved back in…

Bassman 10:39 pm 07 Mar 06

Now that you have changed rural leases from 99 years to 20 years, are you intending to do the same for residential leases?

seepi 9:16 pm 07 Mar 06

Simon, as a Gunghalin resident, do you worry that the small street through the main shopping centre will be too small once the shops are fully functional and filled with people?

Maelinar 7:23 pm 07 Mar 06

Are you continuing to persue mass-transit options between Belconnen and Civic such as the high-speed busway, or are you looking at further options such as a rail network ? (or have you dropped the idea altogether) ?

Maelinar 7:14 pm 07 Mar 06

How do you propose that people will enter the civic area of Canberra to shop at a time when the avaliability of carparking is at an all-time low, especially given the rate of development over carparks for new shopping areas ?

Do you continue to believe that people will en-mass change to busses ?

johnboy 5:26 pm 07 Mar 06

Under the westminster system, at what point of incapacity do you think a minister should resign?

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