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Simon cracks down on the parking fraudsters

By johnboy 29 July 2008 35

Apparently some of you have been very naughty and (perhaps employing your home multi-function printer/scanner and a pair of scissors) have been printing your own parking tickets.

Simon Corbell has taken time out from his hunt for a new Director of Public Prosecutions (no rush) to stamp down on this practice.

As a result from Monday 4 August we’re going to have shiny multi-layered foil strips in our parking tickets.

Purty. But sounds expensive.

UPDATED: Listening to Simon on the ABC radio it appears that the fraudsters caught out have put incorrect times or amounts onto their tickets. So the clever ones could still be getting away with it.

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35 Responses to
Simon cracks down on the parking fraudsters
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bd84 9:18 pm 31 Jul 08

I notices the related picture on the CT website the other day with this picture of a “forged ticket”

I hope inspectors doing the rounds haven’t been writing people fines just for having a ticket like the oneup the top of that picture. All the dates and times are valid. It has been printed at 8.16am which is valid, because you can purchase tickets from machines outside the 830am to 530pm timeframe, how would all the early starters be able to purchase their tickets otherwise? and you can also buy your ticket the day before if you want, it just prints for the next day. The expiry time on the ticket is also valid, the machines occasionally spit out a ticket for 5.29pm and 5.31pm if you put more money in than the maximum or slightly less. Though no doubt some people have gone home and dodgied themselves up one, I wish I thought of that.

noodle 2:06 am 30 Jul 08

I’d be more interested to know when the government is actually going to do something about the car parking shortage on the west side of Civic. Haven’t they known about this for years? I can’t BELIEVE they think that putting in paid parking next to Lake Burley Griffin, and creating a horrible eyesore in the process, is the solution.

bigred 9:35 pm 29 Jul 08

Simon parks wherever his car stops. Eg, he can be regularly seen trudging away to the shops at Cooleman court from his spot in the taxi zone. At least he is sober.

bd84 9:03 pm 29 Jul 08

PM said :

Where does Simon park?

In his privately plated car (Camry I think), in the Government ‘L’ restricted car park in front of the Legislative Assembly.

I think it’s time the politicians try taking the running late/not at all/oddly timed/packed full/doesn’t stop buses or try finding a car park in the city – particularly city west, without having to park 15-20 minutes away.

el 6:28 pm 29 Jul 08

Possibly, but you’ve gotta wonder who he thinks he’s going to ‘win over’ with this sort of crap Thumper.

Thumper 5:54 pm 29 Jul 08

Seriously, does anyone think that Simon is feeling a bit left out in the pre-election promises so came up with this lame idea?

bigred 5:54 pm 29 Jul 08

Does this mean Simon will stop parking illegally himself? How about everyone posting reports of Simon’s illegal parking. Oh, how depressing!

Overheard 5:54 pm 29 Jul 08

Thumper said :

I generally do them in a creamy cheese sauce.

Kinky bar steward.

You could just cook them in a creamy cheese sauce…

Thumper 5:52 pm 29 Jul 08

I generally do them in a creamy cheese sauce.

iCanberran 5:42 pm 29 Jul 08

tylersmayhem said :

Are you sure they’re recyclable? Last time I checked they were a weird plastic/paper combination.

do you recycle them as plastic, or paper?

The tickets from the shopping centres (which you often keep when the boom gates are up early in the morning) are just paper, so paper recycling.

The tickets from the ACT Government machines are thermal paper. So regular paper recycling is also fine.
Many papers have a bit of plastic in/on them, as varnish or the inks, which recyclers can handle.

tylersmayhem 5:12 pm 29 Jul 08

very environmentally friendly. I recycle my tickets at present, do they expect me to rip the metal out of each one.

Are you sure they’re recyclable? Last time I checked they were a weird plastic/paper combination.

do you recycle them as plastic, or paper?

harley 5:12 pm 29 Jul 08

Overheard said :

PM said :

What about tartan tickets?

No, talk of plans to introduce tartan tickets has been scotched.

You gotta pay that… Champagne comedy…

AG Canberra 4:34 pm 29 Jul 08

How does a parking inspector see the hologram while the ticket is sitting on the dash?

I’m with swaggie – if they are catching the poeple who have been forging the tickets what’s the problem? Surely the fines they impose more than make up for the few dodgy ones that they miss – and all at no extra cost to Parking Operations.

I can’t wait for next week when the machines stuff up trying to print on this new fangled fancy hippie techo paper….

And what about the privately owned car parks – like Sect 63? Will they have to purchase new paper as well?

Overheard 4:13 pm 29 Jul 08

PM said :

What about tartan tickets?

No, talk of plans to introduce tartan tickets has been scotched.

caf 4:03 pm 29 Jul 08

I am pretty sure that the plasticised holographic strip and/or magnetic strip are no problem for the paper recycling systems. They have to be able to deal with a certain amount of contamination.

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