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Simon to screw up parking as social engineering exercise? Or just to make a buck?

By johnboy - 1 March 2007 31

Hopefully with links to follow, Simon Corbll has been on the ABC announcing that he’s going to reduce the parking spaces available near where you work.

Doubtless this space will not be transformed into schools or parkland, but will rather go to his developer buddies.

Simon presents this as a responsible way of forcing you to use public transport or the pushbike (any bets Simon’s every brought a weeks shopping home on the back of his bicycle?). This is a good thing.

Funny that when it comes to providing a decent bus schedule Simon’s nowhere to be found. But when it comes to flogging off more public amenity he’s first out of the box.

UPDATED: Simon’s media release on his parking strategy is now online he wants more short stay parking for the consumers and the workers can lump it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Simon has also announced a “sustainable transport contribution fund” by which developers can directly apply grease to the wheels of their planning approvals.

What’s Your opinion?

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31 Responses to
Simon to screw up parking as social engineering exercise? Or just to make a buck?
VYBerlinaV8 now_with 5:09 pm 01 Mar 07

Private sector employees and contractors will almost all drive anyway because:
a) They charge back the cost of parking; and
b) Their employers/clients are not nearly so understanding as govco is for public servants as to when people show up for work.

I will NEVER catch a bus to work, because it’s completely impractical, and I get free parking in the city anyway (and don’t have to pay FBT).

bonfire 5:03 pm 01 Mar 07

i think i will run for office.

Parents Need Teddys 4:56 pm 01 Mar 07

Don’t you people get it… Corbell and the Stanhope Government couldn’t give a shit, they have a majority Government and no one holds them accountable!

Unfortunately at the moment we have to wait until nearly the end of next year to do something about it – just make sure you all do!

seepi 4:54 pm 01 Mar 07

IF they would put on a heap more busses and run them more often then maybe…

Reducing parking actually reduces opportunities for areas to grow if you think about it.

Deano 4:53 pm 01 Mar 07

Meanwhile out here in Snowtown (aka Brindabella Park) they are building carparks hand over fist.

Hasdrubahl 4:43 pm 01 Mar 07

…and the phrase “developers may make discretionary financial contributions” has me dusting off and priming the Gatling gun.

bonfire 4:21 pm 01 Mar 07

whenever i hear the word sustainable i reach for my pistol.

Ari 4:21 pm 01 Mar 07

establish a new funding method for parking provisions, which involves the development of a Sustainable Transport Contribution Fund by which developers may make discretionary financial contributions that can be used for a wide range of access-related infrastructure and services, including off-site parking, in lieu of a proportion of required on-site parking spaces.

Does this mean developers can chuck a few grand at ACTION and buy their way out of providing parking?

captainwhorebags 4:19 pm 01 Mar 07

Okay, that worked like a lead balloon. Here’s the non-linked URL for a copy and paste:

captainwhorebags 4:16 pm 01 Mar 07

Here’s some info on the the media release.

Thumper 4:01 pm 01 Mar 07

No parking, no public transport.

Makes a lot of sense does it not???

bonfire 3:48 pm 01 Mar 07

if a light rail proposal had been anywhere near any of the local councils much hyped pt agenda, precinct plans, redevolpment proposals or any other attempt at town planning – then i’d maybe believe him.

but this fella has form.

people dont like buses.

bus routes have no certainty for passengers, developers or planners.

lightrail tracks indicate that building housing, factories, office blocks, schools etc – will be able to be used by people who wont need to drive there or to and from or live etc. and that the tracks cant be capriciously moved.

even his time travelling busway folly doesnt surface for publicity air anymore.

this govt has no credibility when it comes to public transport policy.

Mr_Shab 3:41 pm 01 Mar 07

Gah! More folly!

I mean – Civic suddenly became utopia when the new Centre development wiped out most of the parking in the area. Why not apply that to the whole city!

Genius! Corbell for ruler of the world!

johnboy 3:26 pm 01 Mar 07

Simon doesn’t care as long as the development goes ahead.

On the bright side we won’t be able to complain about Canberra being over-planned for long.

threeze 3:25 pm 01 Mar 07

i would love to be able to ride to work, but i live in belconnen and work in fyshwick and it would just take me too long to do that so i would end up being late for work, would get fired, end up on the dole and then vandalise buses to keep myself from going insane.

is that what Simon really wants?

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