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Six dangerous ACT black spots to receive federal government funding

Lachlan Roberts 19 September 2018 31
One of two intersections on Southern Cross Drive and Ratcliffe Crescent in Florey. Photo: Google maps.

One of two intersections on Southern Cross Drive and Ratcliffe Crescent in Florey. Photo: Google maps.

An intersection where a man died after his motorcycle crashed into a 4WD in February this year is one of six black spots across the ACT that are set for major safety upgrades over the next 12 months, thanks to funding from the federal government’s black spot program.

ACT Liberal Senator Zed Seselja and Assistant Federal Roads and Transport Minister Scott Buchholz announced this morning (19 September) that the Federal Government’s $744,200 funding will aim to reduce fatalities, injuries and crashes across the territory.

Mr Buchholz said funding has been allocated to improve six road locations identified as high priority, with 31 crashes causing injuries at the sites between 2012 and 2016. One of those locations is the intersections on Southern Cross Drive between Kingsford Smith Drive and Coulter Drive in Florey, where a 38-year-old man died after his motorcycle collided with a Nissan 4WD car earlier this year.

The intersection at Hobart Avenue and National Circuit in Forrest, Boboyan Road in Booth, the intersection at Masson Street and McCaughey Street in Turner, the intersection at the Barton Highway and William Slim Drive and Gundaroo Drive in Crace, and Pialligo Avenue from Scherger Drive to Air Disaster Memorial Drive will also receive renovations.

Senator Seselja announced the intersection at Hobart Avenue and National Circuit in Forrest will receive the most funding in the ACT, with a $180,000 investment to deliver stop controls at the intersection and upgrade pedestrian facilities.

“The National Black Spot Program targets roads where crashes are occurring and reduces the risk by introducing safety measures such as traffic signals and roundabouts at dangerous locations,” Mr Seselja said. 

Mr Seselja said the Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE) found that the black spots projects have reduced the number of crashes causing death and injury by average 30 per cent.

The allocation for the six dangerous roads are:

  • $80,000 for installing a crash barrier at the southern side of Fitz’s Hill descent at Boboyan Road in Booth, about 550m north of Orroral Road.
  • $161,500 for calming devices at the intersection of Masson Street and McCaughey Street in Turner.
  • $113,700 to narrow the median lane and install guideposts in both directions at the intersection of the Barton Highway and William Slim Drive and Gundaroo Drive in Crace, as well as lowering the speed limit.
  • $91,000 to provide tactile centre line markings and reducing the speed limit on Pialligo Avenue from Scherger Drive to Air Disaster Memorial Drive.
  • $118,000 to extend the nose of the side road median island and ban U-turns at intersections on Southern Cross Drive between Kingsford Smith Drive and Coulter Drive in Florey.
  • $180,000 to upgrade pedestrian facilities and install stop control at the intersection of Hobart Avenue and National Circuit in Forrest.

Representatives from the National Capital Authority, Pedal Power, ACT Motorcycle Riders Association, the Australasian College of Road Safety and Transport Canberra were responsible for reviewing the priorities of the program.

For more information on the Australian Government’s Black Spot Program or to nominate a black spot, click here.

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31 Responses to Six dangerous ACT black spots to receive federal government funding
Rochelle Griffith Rochelle Griffith 5:42 am 23 Sep 18

I think Kingsford Smith at the intersection where 7/11 is.

bigred bigred 4:51 pm 22 Sep 18

The majority of these pieces of road are easily traversed by competent drivers/riders with the correct attitude. Why is it so politically difficult to show leadership and address poor driving? Why are a police services missing in action on road safety? Our politicians need to collectively hang their heads in shame.

    JC JC 8:28 pm 22 Sep 18

    In this case it is federal program designed to make it look like something is being done. When reality is look at what they are doing at most/all these intersections and it is very minor. But hey look at me Zed I am doing something with $744k of Federal (Liberal party) money.

    But you are right want to tackle road safety they tackle the bad driving. And where the road is a major cause some real money to fix it.

    justin heywood justin heywood 9:07 am 24 Sep 18

    Jeez JC, ol’ Zed regularly cops abuse on these pages for doing nothing for Canberra. When he DOES actually do something, it’s apparently ‘hey look at me’ grandstanding.
    – and Zed’s remit does not include changing Canberra’s appallingly self-absorbed driving culture.

    I’m no fan of Seselja but I am sure that one of the underlying causes for Canberra’s dysfunction is the increasingly partisan, tribal nature of what passes here for political discourse.

    JC JC 6:40 pm 24 Sep 18

    As I mentioned the amount of money is so minor that this is nothing more than splashing some cash to say look at me.

    Now if there was some serious money being thrown around then I would possibly agree with you. Though of course it is a national program so no doubt Zeds only involvement anyway is to get a photo shoot. Refer to my first point.

wottaway wottaway 8:55 pm 20 Sep 18

it beats me how two suburbs built so recently like Florey and Booth, can have any black spots when they began with a blank sheet of paper in the open spaces of Canberra. With sixty years of planning experience to learn from.

Cheryl Gay Cheryl Gay 12:30 am 20 Sep 18

I don’t understand the works to be undertaken at Barton Highway intersection with Gundaroo & William Slim Drs. Seems to work pretty well now with the lights. Reduce speed limit? Where?

Heidy Perri Heidy Perri 11:10 pm 19 Sep 18

I’d just like them to finish the intersection Mirrabei and Gundaroo. 18 months to do 400 meters and a set of lights.

Sue Owens Sue Owens 10:19 pm 19 Sep 18

Kingsford Smith Dr & Casteau st Higgins has several weekly accidents ... what happened to this intersection

    Stephen Roberts Stephen Roberts 7:46 am 20 Sep 18

    Findlay St. too, with KSD. I just avoid all them completely & go longer route.

    Sue Owens Sue Owens 8:49 am 20 Sep 18

    yes both intersections r a joke & were supposed to have been addressed years ago ...... still nothing

Teresa BRx Teresa BRx 8:00 pm 19 Sep 18

So.......more traffic lights then..... 😡

    Ashley Wright Ashley Wright 8:20 pm 19 Sep 18

    Did you read the article? Doesn’t look like it.

Hanna Coot Hanna Coot 7:43 pm 19 Sep 18

What about the intersection at Tillyard Dr and Ginninderra Dr, pretty sure there is an accident there every week.

    Tim Cole Tim Cole 7:55 pm 19 Sep 18

    That's already received funding and should be going through the tender process at the moment

John Cottis John Cottis 7:21 pm 19 Sep 18

Given that no one has actually hit the speed limit along Pialligo Avenue for 2 decades, sure, cut it.

Jess Nicholson Jess Nicholson 7:18 pm 19 Sep 18

What the heck is a calming device?

    Jess Nicholson Jess Nicholson 7:38 pm 19 Sep 18

    I don’t find speed humps particularly calming 😂

    Here I was thinking drive through massage parlours were becoming a thing for stressed motorists 🤪

    Lauryn Roberts Lauryn Roberts 3:47 am 20 Sep 18

    Nooooo... and they keep putting in ones that won't actually slow bigger cars with wide wheel bases. They drive over the top of them.

    Sarah Stephens Sarah Stephens 8:46 pm 21 Sep 18

    Jess Nicholson I was wondering that too!!

Chele Forest Chele Forest 7:10 pm 19 Sep 18

"One of those locations is the intersections on Southern Cross Drive between Kingsford Smith Drive and Coulter Drive in Florey, where a 38-year-old man died after his motorcycle collided with a Nissan 4WD car earlier this year."

Great! Three sets of traffic lights to ruin the flow on southern cross. Public transport doesnt have to get better to be more competitive, ut just has to wait until the government makes so many obstacles that the roads are undrivable

    Tegan Smith Tegan Smith 8:03 pm 19 Sep 18

    According to the article, the plan is to change the shape of the traffic islands and ban u-turns at those intersections, not to

    install lights.

    Chele Forest Chele Forest 8:25 pm 19 Sep 18

    I give it 3 years before there are lights. The number of peter brock wannabes who use SC and kingsford smith as personal drag racing strips is ridiculous. I just wish people would stop being dumb ar$es

    Kim Vella Kim Vella 8:55 pm 19 Sep 18

    Just to give you the facts on the "38 yr old motorcycle rider being killed" on Southern Cross, the 4WD pulled out in FRONT of him and he wasn't speeding! The driver of the 4WD just didn't look!!!

    Chele Forest Chele Forest 9:09 pm 19 Sep 18

    Kim Vella - thanks for sharing (however i was already aware - i live local). I wasnt blaming the motorcyclist (and i am a motorcyclist also so i am plenty aware of both the dumbarse drivers who put people at risk and the dumbarse riders who put people at risk). I was remarking about the number of dumbarse motorists who use the road as a race strip.

    Rita Caruana Rita Caruana 6:28 pm 20 Sep 18

    it is a shame that the Government will only respond or take action when lives have been lost. Too many have fallen victim to this intersection 😥😥😥

    Chele Forest Chele Forest 6:30 pm 20 Sep 18

    Rita would be better if motorists learned to drive and be aware of other motorists and give way.

    Kim Vella Kim Vella 6:47 pm 20 Sep 18

    Chele Forest thank you, stay safe on the roads.

Alex Troy Elsworth Adkins Alex Troy Elsworth Adkins 7:06 pm 19 Sep 18

Most of these changes seem rather unnecessary... i think they could bring in better upgrades!

Iaian Ross Iaian Ross 6:43 pm 19 Sep 18

"the intersection at the Barton Highway and William Slim Drive and Gundaroo Drive in Crace"


    Tim Cole Tim Cole 7:54 pm 19 Sep 18

    Speed limit reductions :-(

    I'm tipping we'll see the end of that 100 stretch on the Barton

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