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johnboy 26 March 2007 18

Intrepid Canberra skaters have been out and about re-inventing the architecture as a playground and, more importantly, hurting themselves for your entertainment.

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18 Responses to Skate Canberra
sim_m_o sim_m_o 10:18 pm 27 Mar 07

Grommets! Good mix of spots shown from North to South here, and some actual quality skating.

bonfire bonfire 9:55 am 27 Mar 07

danman you are obsessed.

build a bridge.

get over it.

Geekster Geekster 6:45 pm 26 Mar 07

On the other end of the ability scale for local skaters we have efforts like the following…

Danman Danman 3:24 pm 26 Mar 07

User pays – like I said.

I’m not going to spend my spare time spruiking for someone I have never met – I have said many times I am happy to pay for this service – As i do for many others…. anyway – being the public servant I am – back off to bed 😛

terubo terubo 3:21 pm 26 Mar 07

It’s good – saves me trolling about YouTube looking for local stuff.

Rather have RA than no RA. Am spreading the word as best I can.

johnboy johnboy 3:07 pm 26 Mar 07

Being condescending would be treating you like idiots.

You don’t like the YouTube stuff? Well I’m flattered you loved everything else we did. It’s a small minority of the content, scroll on for god’s sake.

On the other note if Riot readers are unwilling to lift a finger to help then we’ve really been wasting our time and effort on you lot.

Danman Danman 3:04 pm 26 Mar 07

JB – I find it amusing the way you on one hand condescend your readership and then ask in the same breath for money to (essentially) help support your not moving to Kiama.

Mess Mess 2:38 pm 26 Mar 07

Love the temper tantrums. Reminds me of myself really……

bonfire bonfire 2:15 pm 26 Mar 07

im with johnboy on this.

he serves as a useful filter.

now the pending kiama based youtube highlghts, im not so sure about…

johnboy johnboy 2:13 pm 26 Mar 07

You’re also more than capable of finding all the other canberra related content on the internet without our help.

I really don’t see how this is different. Given the boost we give to video viewings when we embed it (and page reads on other websites for that matter) I think we can conclude that we’re doing something valuable here.

stan_bowles stan_bowles 1:40 pm 26 Mar 07

I’m with Dan. I’m capable of going to, searching for ‘canberra’ and ordering by date. I don’t need RA doing it for me everyday.

Danman Danman 1:37 pm 26 Mar 07

I miss pre youtube RA.

Al Al 1:16 pm 26 Mar 07

I’ll be looking for the dings in the flagpoles next time I’m down there. Hope VG is able to pick up the face of the little wanker with the temper issue, off the clip and grant him a little tour of the facilities…
Danman, as long as they are idiots enough to publish their faces or number plates, I’m happy to see RA serve as a vehicle for them getting their dumb arses busted…

Danman Danman 12:51 pm 26 Mar 07

Riotact – youtube for canberrans…. or so its heading..

johnboy johnboy 11:59 am 26 Mar 07

The ones who record it get the publicity.

snahon snahon 11:54 am 26 Mar 07

“There are a lot of skaters in Canberra with more skill than these blokes.” – One would hope so or we’re in trouble !!!

apehammer apehammer 11:09 am 26 Mar 07

One hundred attempts to land a 180 ollie down two steps. There are a lot of skaters in Canberra with more skill than these blokes.

James-T-Kirk James-T-Kirk 10:38 am 26 Mar 07

Sadly lame,

But it was interesting to see that the tool was clearly at fault, the way that the lamo threw it around..

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