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Skin doctor/ clinic in Canberra

By alym - 6 November 2009 29

Anyone recommend clinic/ GP/ specialist in Canberra to get a skin check and couple of moles removed?

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Skin doctor/ clinic in Canberra
billyboy 4:48 pm 12 Nov 09

el – cosmetic reasons would be a more common reason than necessity for removal. I guess some of us are vainer than others.

Most moles just manage to hang on by one or two layers of skin – I’ve actually had 2 just fall off of their own accord without any intervention. Funnily (if that’s the word) of the several people I know who have developed skin cancer requiring surgery, all their cancers developed in what they considered good healthy skin.

el 7:07 pm 07 Nov 09

billyboy said :

There’s no need to be stung for an autopsy of the mole either, particularly if it’s not suspect.

This just doesn’t make sense.

If it’s not suspect, why is it being removed (frozen or otherwise) in the first place?

dusty 7:56 am 07 Nov 09

I agree with Billyboy.
If you can get moles/ sunspots/ haemangiomas frozen off do it: much quicker and less painful.
My GP does it in his rooms, I have had one frozen off my nose(!), and other than small scab for a few days, it healed up fine with no scarring at all.
I have also had the ‘jab and hack’ method for a large mole and found it pretty painful for some time. Lots of blood!! Neessary though, I would think , for a larger skin lesion
A member of my family has had melanoma.
Just get it checked!

Typhoon 11:59 pm 06 Nov 09

South side, Dr Stephen Barson in Kambah village shopping centre (upstairs).
Very efficient, well run practice, appointments always within 5 mins of time etc.
I’ve had a couple of cuts done there and several freezes.
I’ve had five Basal cell carcinomas surgically removed at various places around NSW, he is by far the best yet.

toriness 9:12 pm 06 Nov 09

interested in any second opinions on what billyboy says…. i want some moles dealt with in a proactive way but don’t want invasive stuff to do so.

VikingWizardEyes 6:24 pm 06 Nov 09

Ill second Jamo, been there a number of times…….unfortunately

TAD 4:00 pm 06 Nov 09

I’ll vote for Jamo

Jamison Medical & Skin Cancer ClinicOpen
8:30am – 5:30pm Monday – Friday

(02) 6251 2300
‘Bank Building’ Jamison Centre
U 2 Bowman St
Macquarie ACT 2614

Bluenomi 2:25 pm 06 Nov 09

The one at Jamison is really good and I found much quicker to get into than Hawker. Avoid the one in Kambah, the scars he left are horrid and according to other docotrs I’ve seen, unnecessary

billyboy 2:14 pm 06 Nov 09

I lived in Darwin for 4 years and the Docs up there know their stuff. One thing I wanted to say was up there they freeze moles off, the same as warts. In Canberra, they seem to prefer invasive surgery. Freezing leaves barely a mark, the mole falls off by itself. 99% of moles just sit on the surface of your skin – they don’t have roots as some people believe!!!

There’s no need to be stung for an autopsy of the mole either, particularly if it’s not suspect. Try and find a doc that will freeze it off and make sure they use a dry ice pot, not cotton wool wrapped on a stick. I’ve had a few moles removed by all these methods so am speaking from experience. It should end up costing no more than the cost of a visit.

colourful sydney rac 1:50 pm 06 Nov 09

definately the one in Hawker – five stars

crazyfish 1:40 pm 06 Nov 09

Dr Andrew Morris of The Morris Practice in Kingston is a wholistic style GP who also has a specialty skin cancer practice of some sort I believe. I highly recommend him and his practice.

Spectra 1:00 pm 06 Nov 09

Dr van Rensberg at Tilyard Drive Medical Centre in Charnwood has a skin clinic as part of his practice and is one of the best doctors I’ve ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Not sure if they’re taking new patients right now though.

RatsNest 12:53 pm 06 Nov 09

I’ve also been to the one in Hawker. It wasn’t cheap, but worth every cent when they discovered and removed something sus from Mr RatsNest

The Brad 12:34 pm 06 Nov 09

I second what RandomPoster said.
I’ve been there as well. Very professional.
Ph 62786760

RandomPoster 12:19 pm 06 Nov 09

I have been to the one in Hawker, they seemed quite good. I believe they are called “Canberra Skin Cancer Clinic”

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