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Beyond the expected

Skippy slaughter to turn-off tourists?

By johnboy - 3 July 2009 126

The Canberra Times brings word of plans by the National Kangaroo Protection Coalition to organise a boycott of tourism to Canberra in response to recent ‘roo culls.

    “We’ve been talking about it the last couple of days and we think it’s one of the options we’ve got and probably the strongest option we’ve got to get the ACT Government to stop killing these kangaroos,” Mr O’Brien said.

    He said he believed the Canberra culls were based on unproven science and were motivated by an ACT Government ”hatred with kangaroos”.

It seems unlikely to us here in the bunker that endemic kangaroo hatred is driving policy.

What’s Your opinion?

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126 Responses to
Skippy slaughter to turn-off tourists?
willo 11:44 am 03 Jul 09

i reckon we should fight back and advertise the cull as a tourist event…..a kangaroo safari and charge the overseas shooter $1000 each to shoot a single kangaroo…..good little earner i’d reckon…

Deadmandrinking 11:41 am 03 Jul 09

Postalgeek said :

It’s time Canberra had a Dalek convention to counter-balance this.

I think there’s a star trek one coming up. That will let a few hidden fans out from under their shells.

I agree with culling in small numbers, but not overkill. Please don’t compare logic with what PETA was saying, grundy.

FC 11:34 am 03 Jul 09

I am yet to see all these malnourished/starving Kangaroos.
All the roos I see dead are the result of humans running them over in our cars.
Damn kangaroos inconveniencing peoples trips to work by being hit by there cars.

bean 11:31 am 03 Jul 09

Why don’t we give the National Kangaroo Protection Coalition a chance to prove themselves? Offer them 1000 kangaroos, that they can collect any day this month. See what they do.

If they make excuses for not taking them, it might suggest they’re all talk. It’s easy to criticise. Not so easy to do something better.

But if they come up with a realistic plan that lets the roos live, fine, we can then let them take all the roos that would have been culled, and they can come back every year for more.

Holden Caulfield 11:31 am 03 Jul 09

I saw a duck once.

Skidbladnir 10:19 am 03 Jul 09

I’d have thought tourists would prefer to see a reduced number of healthy kangaroos over large numbers of malnourished\starving\dead kangaroos.
Who’d have guessed?

S4anta 10:15 am 03 Jul 09

I think is time for these people to stop sucking on their hemp garments.

I have heard more sense from drunkards mouths after a three week bender than this rubbish.

caf 9:56 am 03 Jul 09

I put it down to the longstanding enmity between Reptoids and Kangaroos.

Postalgeek 9:21 am 03 Jul 09

It’s time Canberra had a Dalek convention to counter-balance this.

Pandy 9:16 am 03 Jul 09

What if they donned a kangaroo suit and stood in the firing line?

Thumper 9:16 am 03 Jul 09

heard this guy on the radio this morning.

What an arrogant nob.

Primal 9:13 am 03 Jul 09

If that’s their strongest option, I strongly suggest a tactical strategic withdrawal before they lose their miniscule amount of remaining credibility.

MrMagoo 9:12 am 03 Jul 09

Boycott all you like, but when their car is the one that is trashed by a roo, they’ll be the first to bleat and moan. Oxygen thieves the lot of them.

grundy 9:06 am 03 Jul 09

I see these guys on the same level as PETA in the US…

Anyone see their response to Obama swatting a fly?!

Clown Killer 9:05 am 03 Jul 09


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