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Sleep woes 18 March 2010 50

I’ve always had problems with tiredness, and recently this has become worse due to job worries. Until recently I was getting better sleep than normal which had been interrupted by a noisy neighbour, but worries over looking for work and lack of money have been stressing me out. I never can seem to get enough sleep. I have been tossing and turning at night with worry. My brain simply just does not seem to shut down.

I generally can not drink hot drinks, so tea would not be a good option. Coffee of course would keep me awake. Also, I am a non drinker, so a wine before bed would also be a on option. My bed is pretty comfortable, so that’s not the cause of missed sleep. So I am wondering if anyone has any other ideas on what works for them in terms of getting a good night’s sleep?

Even when I get a solid night’s sleep I am often very tired. I mean pretty exhausted. I’ve had test after test as to why over the years. It is not iron deficiency. I just get sleepy and occasionally a little dizzy or disorientated in the afternoons. I can usually pull myself together and focus on things, but it is not always easy. Anyone else get this? Know what might be causing it? Or best still, how to cure it / get over it?


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50 Responses to Sleep woes
batmantrilogy batmantrilogy 12:21 pm 11 Jan 16

Well, stress can have many effects on your body. I have been having such issues for a while now so i rescheduled my routine, exerted my body with less sleep on sunday so that i would automatically get to bed on time on sunday. A temporary fix though.

zllauh zllauh 11:29 am 27 May 15

take a few days off from your busy life buddy and set your sleep accordingly. Our body gets accustomed to the routine we follow. Try to sleep early for 3-4 days while do work the rest of the day and your body will get accustomed to such a routine in 3-4 days.

Else meditation is a nice option which you can opt for.

Katietonia Katietonia 3:23 pm 25 Mar 10

Even though you said you can’t drink hot drinks, I still recommend drinking St Johns Wort tea (if you’re not pregnant) before bed, strong cup with two teabags in it, let it steep for 10 minutes. “Be Happy” tea is good. Makes me sleepy.

Valerian pills about 40 mins before you want to be tired can also help.. and wear earplugs.

I’d be also looking into what you are eating if you get dizzy and tired in the afternoon. I find if I eat too many carbs or sugars in the morning/lunch I get sugar drops in the afternoon which make me feel like that.

geetee geetee 10:23 pm 24 Mar 10

Amazing how common sleeping problems are. Course it’s worse in a suburb like mine where barking dogs go off almost all night every night. Sometimes I think a main road would be less noise.

Anyway, nearly time to get into my night-time sleep routine, which has already been suggested above..

Danman Danman 11:57 am 23 Mar 10

CPAP is a friggin godsend… I holistically got mine down from 12.5cm H20 to 8.5cm H20 – trying to get it back to not needing it, but its hard.

Undiagnosed Sleep Apnoea can also led to massive muscle cramps and bed wetting…Close your throat and try to breathe through it – I was doing that up to 60 times an hour.

Your body gets so tense you can have nocturnal bedwetting (yes, even adults) and because you starve your body of oxygen you can get massive cramps that feel like someone scraping hot pokers down your legs – and you limp for days afterwards.

Note that the stopping breathing wont kill you, because when your oxygen levels get to a critical point, you wake up enough to commence breathing again, though you never notice, except for intense daytime sleeplessness (I used to fall asleep mid conversation and at red lights).

Also the constant fatigue has a huge effect on your heart and longterm untreated/undiagnosed sleep apnoea can lead to a significant reduction in teh quality and length of life.

urbanadventure, your physique is commonly associated with sleep difficulties, as is mine (Myscular shoulders and neck).

if you are really concerned, part with 400 bucks (Medicare will return 280 ish of it) and go for a sleep study….CPAP machines are not cheap – but regaining you rhealth vitality and energy can not have a price associated with it.

BimboGeek BimboGeek 11:25 am 23 Mar 10

I like a half hour walk in the evening. Your body wants to go to sleep when it gets dark but it takes a while for it to work. The outcome can be that when you go to bed is the moment you first experience darkness. so you now need to spend a half hour in the dark getting bored and restless for the dark to kick in. but by the time the half hour is up you’re restless and sleepless.
A walk outside in the dark gives you fresh air and exercise which are both also quite relaxing. I like to walk down streets that have big trees that make lovely sounds as the breeze hits them.
Meditation might work but some people find it perks them up, depending on the kind of person and the kind of meditation

phil m phil m 1:12 pm 22 Mar 10

I’ve used simple panadol at times in the past to help me sleep when I am having trouble.
Just 1 or 2 tablets and over 20 or so minutes it assists me to relax enough and get to sleep.

facet facet 7:54 am 20 Mar 10

eyeLikeCarrots said :

facet said :

I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea (stopped breathing over 600 times per night). After treatment, I feel fantastic. See you GP get some tests done. The technology for testing and treating sleep apnea has improved a lot in recent years.

facet – what treatment were you given for this ?

I saw Dr Grant Wilson located at Uni of Canberra, the assessment is a simple overnight sleep study. I am being treated by CPAP machine which basically uses air pressure to keep airways open. First thing I noticed in the morning was my legs were no longer sore. Apparently legs thrash around when you are being asphixiated.

cleo cleo 12:09 am 20 Mar 10

Yep thought about your sleeping problems and came up with another way, ear plugs, and strong Stilnox. Don’t ever go on Xanax highly addictive, if you must, for depression, go on Lexapro, a new drug, it’s for anxity, depression and also a feel good drug.

OpenYourMind OpenYourMind 8:50 pm 19 Mar 10

Try a ‘mix’ radio station.

SolarPowered SolarPowered 5:51 pm 19 Mar 10

If you are light headed in the afternoon, try to avoid sugary snacks and coffee (hard, I know). Have something like nuts or a banana. No caffeine after 3ish. And then try to clear your head at bedtime with a good book. Something engaging that you will lose yourself in for about half an hour. I also find yoga works really well – a good workout and stretch. Or you could just tap your partner on the shoulder – I’m always sleepy after some nudge-nudge 😉

Good luck.

DavoDavo DavoDavo 4:42 pm 19 Mar 10

Ooo, a bridge? How much?

lolly123 lolly123 4:30 pm 19 Mar 10

Melatonin. This is a chemical that the brain produces naturally to relax you and you can buy it as a supplement. It’s not a sleeping pill so you can’t get addicted nor do you wake up with the ‘drug hangover’ the next day. It helps to bump you asleep and you stay asleep.

Check it out on the web 🙂

ricci ricci 4:21 pm 19 Mar 10

Sex before bed works for me.

Dazzlar Dazzlar 4:05 pm 19 Mar 10

#35 – really? Do tell! As for the bridge, I’d only be interested in it if it has views of Sydney Harbour!

astrojax astrojax 12:43 pm 19 Mar 10

Dazzlar said :

#32 – wow! this sounds amazing and like it could really work for me. Where do I get it?

troll-sniffer has them, but i have them cheaper and have a bridge that may also interest you… 🙂

Dazzlar Dazzlar 11:59 am 19 Mar 10

#32 – wow! this sounds amazing and like it could really work for me. Where do I get it?

Buzz2600 Buzz2600 10:27 am 19 Mar 10

Re-reading your original post & comments … +1 for meditation and relaxation music/therapy. There are CDs available which will guide you through a meditation with calming music. I use this simple meditation technique when i can’t sleep …

Relaxing in bed, lights out and only quiet calming music on (if anything) to help muffle any other noise and distractions. Try counting your long slow breathes, 1,2,3,4 in … 1,2,3,4 out. Imagine with each breath inhaling fresh rejuvenating (white) air and exhaling old stale (dark) air. Eyes closed, focus on a single image (usually a bright globe of light) in your mind this helps to remove distracting thoughts by having a single focus while breathing. Imagine the light being breathed into your body, warming and calming your body with each new breath.

Practice it a few times … it works if you can distract your mind and find ‘single mindfulness’. Exercise after work, herbal tea, or #5 Juice Terry’s suggestion might be other solutions. Namaste! 🙂

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 10:12 am 19 Mar 10

astrojax said :

otherwise, reiki will also help :)~

I’m in the process of developing a Reiki-like distance sleep therapy course. Once you’ve registered and paid the upfront deposit I will send you an s-meter (managed to get a couple of these second hand from a wacky church and have swapped the ‘e’ for an ‘s’). Once you have taken the nightly s-meter test, you simply phone me the readings and I will draw out just the right amount of your Guleia (trademark registered) energy (the sleep deprivation energy we all have stored in our minds) and you can sleep soundly. Guaranteed.

Disclaimer. While the Guleia treatment and s-meter work for most people there is no guarantee that the system will work for you. By accepting this treatment you acknowledge that it may not work as advertised in every circumstance and you agree to make no claim on the founder nor franchised agents of the Guleia system as to the efficacy or proven scientific capability therein notwithstanding the inadequate use of legalese in this paragraph to hide true intent and purpose.

Buzz2600 Buzz2600 9:52 am 19 Mar 10

Perhaps you have cronic fatigue or something similar? Stress can bring it on. I hope you find the solution & get better soon!

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