Slow Medicare rebates

cavvygreen 13 July 2011 12

I paid a dental bill of $2,700 by credit card last Thursday. Because I was entitled to a refund (Enhanced Primary Care Program) I took the receipt to a southside Medicare office to be processed.

The person who processed the claim assured me the refund would be in my bank account the next day – Friday. Wrong!!!!!

Nor did it go in on Saturday, Sunday, Monday or today – Tuesday.

I am not in desperate need of the money, but too bad if I was. Numerous phone calls get the same answer “It will go in tomorrow”. WRONG AGAIN!!

Any suggestions?


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12 Responses to Slow Medicare rebates
cavvygreen cavvygreen 9:55 am 15 Jul 11

Thank you Riot Act.

Medicare rang this morning and said the money would be in the bank today. Hmm! We will wait and see, but it does sound hopeful.

It’s obvious that our Govt agencies keep an eye on this website.

Thanks everyone for your support. Very much appreciated.

cavvygreen cavvygreen 8:28 pm 14 Jul 11

Just some info on the Enhanced Primary Care Program dental rebate scheme. It is available to people suffering a minimum of 2 chronic medical conditions, who have complex needs. One is required to contribute a part payment. In my case I pay $700 out of the $2,700. It has been a godsend.

cavvygreen cavvygreen 8:15 pm 14 Jul 11

Thanks everyone for your comments. After checking my bank account everyday and ringing Medicare – everyday, I finally reached someone on Wednesday 13th, who took the trouble to find out what had happened.
The Medicare ‘worker’ at the southside branch ‘accidentally’ keyed in the wrong BSB number. The ‘worker’ had a bank statement in front of her, but still managed to mess it up.
The person I was talking to on the phone said “We will have to send out a cheque, and it will take 3 weeks”. I am totally shattered by this appalling situation. I will have to withdraw money from a term savings account to pay my credit card in full, due 1st August.
I had booked a holiday in Qld for the first 2 weeks in August. Now I will have to wait here to get the cheque – when it finally arrives – in the bank.
Can anyone advise me how to speed up the process.
BTW I have registered a complaint with Medicare Complaints.

Monomyth Monomyth 12:28 pm 14 Jul 11

I am on the same scheme. if Medicare do not have neough cash on hand to process your claim on the spot, they will send it to your bank. I am with Commonwealth bank, and it does take one or two days for the money to be deposited in to my account, but longer than that is ridiculous. I would discuss this with your bank, and also call Medicare an ensure they have processed your claim, and using the correct bank details. Good luck, I’m sorry this is happening to you.

lion lion 2:49 am 14 Jul 11

Obviously not going to be processed on a Saturday or Sunday…

JC JC 9:15 pm 13 Jul 11

thatsnotme said :

I know this doesn’t help you, but my experience is the opposite – my refunds show up in my account within a day or two normally.

Same here, never had an issue with electronic deposit with Medicare, always a day or too later.

However if we were talking about cheques to pay specialists, another story. I have had a few this year and all have taken the best part of 3 weeks to arrive.

anonymoose anonymoose 7:41 pm 13 Jul 11

Oh no my free money is late, I’d better write about this on the Internet!

thatsnotme thatsnotme 11:26 am 13 Jul 11

I know this doesn’t help you, but my experience is the opposite – my refunds show up in my account within a day or two normally. A couple of weeks back, I arranged the refund from the doctor surgery directly, and the refund actually went into my account that same day.

Have you had other refunds go direct to your bank account before, and if so, were they also slow? Do you know for sure that it’s Medicare causing the holdup, and not on your bank’s end?

Jivrashia Jivrashia 10:54 am 13 Jul 11

Your bank account details they have recorded at Medicare is wrong by one digit perhaps…?

The Frots The Frots 10:34 am 13 Jul 11

Ombudsman for health issues……?

The money, sorry…………your money, will be being used wisely on the short term market. Hope you enjoy it. Seriously though, write and include the Minister in your complaint!

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 9:33 am 13 Jul 11

I’ve experienced similar problems myself, but not for as large a sum of money as that. Maybe next time get them to issue you with a cheque and deposit that straight into your account. You are obviously going to have to wait for the cheque to clear but you’ve waited nearly a week now and no payment has been deposited in your account so it most likely will be quicker.

dungfungus dungfungus 9:30 am 13 Jul 11

Now you know why our current Federal Labor government is still borrowing over $1 billion per week.
That’s spin for “the country’s broke”

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