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Snow in the brindies?

By Demosthenes - 26 April 2009 48

In case anyone has not noticed, it’s been damn cold this weekend. 

BoM is reporting snow down to 1000 meters, and plenty of precipitation, so my wife and I are driving up to the brindies to look around around tomorrow (never been up there during winter). 

I presume we just pop in to the Namadgi visitor centre and get the latest info and go from there.  Can we just drive up somewhere or is anywhere worth visiting a 5 hour return walk along un marked tracks the visitors centre haven’t a clue about? 

We don’t mind long trecks but we are short on time tomorrow and don’t want to muck around getting lost.  Any suggestions? 

I called the Namadgi Visitors Centre and like last year when I called they were not able to offer to much useful information.


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48 Responses to
Snow in the brindies?
enrique 9:42 am 27 Apr 09

Demosthenes said :

According to this Uriarra Road goes away from the mountains?,149.12858&sspn=0.009757,0.022745&ie=UTF8&ll=-35.289908,148.967743&spn=0.312181,0.727844&z=11&iwloc=A

Zoom in a little closer… little closer… bit more… there ya go, now you can see how Uriarra Road hooks to the left after you cross the river and takes you up toward the mountains.

GB 9:35 am 27 Apr 09
Demosthenes 9:33 am 27 Apr 09

We’ve settled on Mount Franklin Road 🙂 Maybe nothing has settled but should b ea nice drive either way – hope it’s not too long though.

madjimmy 9:33 am 27 Apr 09

I find that 9 times out of ten Corin forest has snow if you can see snow on the Brindies. It’s an easy drive and it’s a sealed road. However, sometimes they close the road if there is a lot of snow. You should ring the visitors centre and ask if the Corin Forest road is Open. Or better still ring the Corin Forest recreation place up there (the place with the bobsled and the flying fox) 6235 7333. They can look out the window and tell you if it’s snowing up there.

Demosthenes 8:51 am 27 Apr 09
Demosthenes 8:44 am 27 Apr 09

Uriarra Road – thanks!!! That’s all we needed was a tip, we’ll got that way this morning.

Pommy bastard 8:24 am 27 Apr 09

I’ll try and get out with my picture box today then.

TP 3000 1:47 am 27 Apr 09

The best spot to check if there is any snow is just drive down the Tuggeranong Parkway into Kambah. As you come around Mount Taylor you can usually see snow on the long flat mountain (forget the name). Then if there is snow, the best way out to the mountains is via Uriarra Road.

Demosthenes 1:07 am 27 Apr 09

you summed up my thoughts exactly – it’s been damn near frustrating to get through to any centre that may have a clue, I get through and they say ‘nup no snow here’ and I say ‘well what about up there’ and they say ‘oh you mean up there, oh I have no idea but we have some nice displays for you to see’. All I want to do is drive up a road, enjoy a view and go for a wander with my wife and enjoy our day off. I’m sure we’ll survive and we will carefully restore all of our footprints to pristine wilderness on the way out. Thanks for the link to the pamphlet 🙂

Driving up to Mount Franklin sounds like the way to go.

Alan Shore 12:44 am 27 Apr 09

I’m not sure the Namadgi Visitor Centre is the best place to start. It’s a great facility with some interesting displays, but it really doesn’t provide a lot of useful and easily accessible information about how to get around and get close to the action in the Brindabellas. I suppose it’s part of the national park ethos, which insists that nature is for the cognoscenti only, and the wilderness must be protected from the desecration that would be visited upon it by the great unwashed. So they’ll tell you all about the many beautiful natural features the ACT has on offer, but they won’t provide you with simple information that just says “to see this, drive here, park there, walk up that.”

Of course, it’s not the fault of the park authorities. There’s scope, I’m sure, for books providing that sort of information to be published by local bushwalkers. However, such books are hard to find (and certainly don’t feature at the visitors centre gift shop), and are invariably written with a bushwalking audience in mind, rather than the average suburban 4WD-owner who just wants to show his kids what a mountain is and what it’s like to walk through. The websites are even worse, full of references to maps you don’t have and equipment you don’t know how to use.

I recognize that there are safety issues with recommending to the inexperienced that they wander about in the wilderness, where mobile phone towers won’t reach you and Maccas is ages away. But I’m not sure making information hard to find is a good safety measure.

Perhaps it’s just me who’s found information about the Brindabellas rather too obscure. Your mileage may vary.

Anyway, the Government’s Get Out There! pamphlet is a decent starting guide:

Site #6 talks about “snow play” in the Brindabella Ranges. Might be a goer.

Jivrashia 11:33 pm 26 Apr 09

Visited Orroral Valley today (noon). Goddamit, was hit by what felt like sleet and had to head back with my tail between my legs. Thermo on car said 5c, but I bet the wind chill factor was close to zero.

Let us welcome winter to Canberra, though it feels like she just barged in at the most unexpected time (for me anyway while I was trying to enjoy a nice stroll through Orroral Valley).

Deckard 11:19 pm 26 Apr 09

You could try Mt Franklin if the road is open. Found this from a few years ago.

Demosthenes 9:55 pm 26 Apr 09

Yep 1200 meters – Mount Ginini and so on are up 1700 to 1800 meters to the view would be spectacular and better snow up there I would presume – but can one actually drive anywhere up there or is Corin Forest it?

Demosthenes 9:51 pm 26 Apr 09

Corin is a bit low isn’t it? Thought I would have to go higher to get anything decent..

grunge_hippy 9:48 pm 26 Apr 09

i’d try tidbinbilla info centre. or perhaps just drive to corin forrest, there should be some snow there. be quick though, cos if its warmer tomorrow, it wont last long.

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