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Snow snow! (maybe)

By Octogen 27 April 2008 78

Well, looks like winter’s beginning to well and truly dig its heels in…(if you couldn’t already tell after today) Below is a road weather alert issued by BOM at 4:18 today. Looks like it’s time to crack the gloves and scarves out again. Sigh.. But then again – if it’s this cold now, looks like it may be a good ski season! (The only thing that makes it worth bearing this crap weather!)

Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology
Issued at 1618 on Sunday the 27th of April 2008
Motorists are advised of slippery conditions on wet roads with significantly
reduced visibility at times. Snow may settle to 900 metres early Monday morning.

What’s Your opinion?

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78 Responses to
Snow snow! (maybe)
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Absent Diane 10:49 am 02 May 08

The name plankton is derived from the Greek word ???????? (“planktos”), meaning “wanderer” or “drifter”.[1] While some forms of plankton are capable of independent movement and can swim up to several hundreds of meters vertically in a single day (a behavior called diel vertical migration), their horizontal position is primarily determined by currents in the body of water they inhabit. By definition, organisms classified as plankton are unable to resist ocean currents. This is in contrast to nekton organisms that can swim against the ambient flow of the water environment and control their position (e.g. squid, fish, and marine mammals).

Scott 5:07 pm 01 May 08

Yay! An on topic post! Let’s hope it keeps going hey?

neanderthalsis 10:26 am 01 May 08

I flew back in from Melb yesterday afternoon and there was a LOT of snow on them there hills.

Mælinar 2:09 pm 30 Apr 08

In a way I kind of miss the acid rain hype, life was so much simpler in those days.

Anybody still not believing in Climate Change might want to go talk to the inuit people. Their complaint about CC is they keep falling through the melting snow and dying.

astrojax 1:34 pm 30 Apr 08

global warming, global schmorming – global starvation is a sooner threat, so if you don’t eat your greens they’ll have to send them to the starving africans and no ice cream…

and by the way, can we have everyone stop pointing at global warming when we get one hot/cold/severely rainy/etc day, please? – GW is a subtle yet inevitable shift in mean temperatures over larger tracts of time, so not to be noticed on a day to day basis. the change in the weather we’re seeing in this thread’s genesis is just called ‘seasons’…

barking toad 10:00 am 30 Apr 08

Gorebull warmening hit us again this morning despite my pyromania last night.

And for those kiddies who wish to indulge egos with carbon off-sets, go here and get as much smug as you like – for free!

load up though ‘cos a polar bear will cark it whenever you print a certificate

Gungahlin Al 8:42 am 30 Apr 08

Crikey, I guess this is why I didn’t read the rest of this thread…people get themselves so het up on this site sometimes.

RuffnReady 11:53 pm 29 Apr 08

Spideydog – if you can point to these companies, do so, because they are ripping people off. There are accreditation processes for legitimate offsetting companies, but no national scheme for accreditation which blurs the entire market:

Offsetting misses the bloody point anyway. Use less and you save both money and the environment.

Spideydog 10:28 pm 29 Apr 08

Yes you are right, and I’m not arguing against that. My point was that some are exploiting “global warming” to make money from nothing (not doing anything for the environment at all) at the expense of mums, dads and families that are doing it hard, but do want to do thier bit as well.

sepi 9:42 pm 29 Apr 08

Yes but reform has to start somewhere. You don’t get the perfect solution first off.

But doing nothing is not the answer either.

Spideydog 7:24 pm 29 Apr 08

I can tell you something for sure about “global warming” It’s a good excuse for governments and private companies to guilt trip everybody into paying more for everything “we are protecting you from yourselves…” We are going to charge you extra taxes/services because….well… it’s saving the planet. – there may be some genuine organisations out there, but a lot of it, is a load of BS for them to make an easy extra buck, because they know it wont face opposition from the general public thats been brain washed into thinking they are doing good for the environment.

CanberraResident 5:54 pm 29 Apr 08

dalryk said :

I have a theory that every time a retard post is made on RA, baby jesus cries causing it to rain. Therefore, to finally break the drought, I propose that further conversation along the lines of the above be entered into.

Go to it people!!!!!!

HHmm. And you read my “retard” post because you were genuinely concerned about my mental state?

OR, were you just sitting there playing with your marballs bored out of your particlesque mind?

Thumper 5:38 pm 29 Apr 08

Nope. I didn’t dodge the issue.

I joked about it, and then put forward my view, which then seemed to upset you because you didn’t agree with it.

Sorry about that. I’ll try harder to follow the party line next time.

RuffnReady 4:49 pm 29 Apr 08

Once again you try to dodge the issue – you insert that particular piece of “humour” into everything weather or science-related and you’re not the only one. I’m calling out everyone around here who does that. In effect, you are propagandising, and it’s my right to point it out.

Don’t like my calling you on it, don’t read it. I’m not being precious, I’m pointing out what I think about your behaviour.

Thumper 4:32 pm 29 Apr 08

So sorry that you didn’t like my attempt at humour.

It’s an internet forum so stop being so precious. If it upsets you then don’t read it.

Go and read Deb Foskey’s blog instead.

RuffnReady 4:21 pm 29 Apr 08

Thumper said :

Fair call, but my original comment was hijacked, considering it was an insignificant joke.

Except that you and Toad and others introduce that “joke” (which is lame and unfunny and has been done to death) into any thread that is in any way science-related. You mock the subject which in turn undermines it. That was my entire objection.

Stop inserting your unfunny joke into every science-related topic and I will stop objecting to it.

ant 4:21 pm 29 Apr 08

Absent Diane said:

Absent Diane said :

I personally believe that the bigger issue is overpopulation – I think that has a greater impact on the environment (resources aren’t unlimited, equilibrium etc etc) and that global warming (if it is true) is a symptom of that.

Yep. Totally agree. And this, and the last government desperately urge people to breed more and give them our taxes to do it, rather than concentrating on real solutions to a huge and growing problem. It’s madness.

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