Snow wants very fast train for airport.

Mr Evil 16 March 2008 43

The Canberra Times is reporting that Terry Snow wants to push the Rudd Govt to back a new proposal for a VFT link between Canberra and Sydney.

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43 Responses to Snow wants very fast train for airport.
Pandy Pandy 7:13 am 19 Mar 08

Government to place $1 billion in to the project. Private investors another billion, plus they want tax breaks. Will it happen?

JC JC 6:39 am 18 Mar 08

Smokey, as someone else pointed out one of the original plans had the main VFT line skirt around the ACT/NSW border in the Gungahlin/Belco area. The two proposals for a Canberra station were the one Mr Snow likes with a branch being sent down Majura ave to the Airport where the station would be located, the 2nd was to have the station near Mitchell. As I said tounge in cheek why not put it in a tunnel under Northborne Ave. Cost aside it would work. No fast train will go anywhere near QBN, Fyshwick or the current Canberra station, unless it was a spur to allow freight trains to operate to the industrial area’s.

If the line was built to allow freight trains to operate on the line (which would make it more incentive and fiable) you would have to create the line on more traditional gradients which in turn increases the cost. It is for this reason that freight trains do not operate on French TGV lines, although in good olde England being so flat the new extension they have made to the line to the chunnel is freight train capable but apparently slots are only going to be at night.

thetruth thetruth 11:21 pm 17 Mar 08

Well, the Howard goons and cronies never had any foresight, never cared about Canberra. You will all no doubt remember that Howard wanted Sydney to be the capital of Australia as well. They actively attempted to destroy Canberra. We possibly could have had it earlier.

It would be great. For many reasons. But will their be money from the Federal Government?

Time will tell.

The reason it fell over was that the private sector players asked for way too much in the way of public subsidy and tax breaks.

ant ant 10:28 pm 17 Mar 08

I don’t remember that train line, but I sure remember plenty of others that got ploughed under. bring ’em back, move that freight more efficiently, without massive trucks wrecking the highways and pancaking Working Families in their Falcodores.

Hugo Hugo 7:57 pm 17 Mar 08

Thumper, I used to play on it as a kid when the Canberra Centre was just Cootamundra wattles. Were you buying musk sticks at the Blue Moon Cafe?

cranky cranky 5:36 pm 17 Mar 08

If the system was designed Syd, Canb, Melb, (with extensions to Adelaide & Bris pencilled in), with an equal or even greater emphasis on freight, the scheme could work.

The mega millions of dollars involved in the nightly rat race of semi’s from Syd/Melb/Syd, with the massive expenses of fuel, tyres, depreciation, repairs, etc, could be handled by a fleet of 7 – 10 freight trains (best guess) costing a fraction of this amount.

It should not be beyond the whit of man to crunch the numbers and design a service that concentrates on freight but caters for the low, but potentially growing passenger numbers on the route.

Thumper Thumper 4:11 pm 17 Mar 08

Barney, you can still see the dirt embankments for the old tracks near the Reid CIT.

Hugo Hugo 3:58 pm 17 Mar 08

I have a map indicating a railway passing quite close to where I live in Belconnen. This, of course was the original plan for Canberra, that the Sydney Melbourne route pass through Canberra via Queanbeyan and Yass, at least as a loop.

There is no reason why a railway station should not go into Civic. Mag levs are raised on pylons, not ground level.

However, we must not forget that it’s the freight stupid, that makes rail viable, and a tilt train is probably the best and most economcal solution in the first instance.

Mr Waffle Mr Waffle 3:03 pm 17 Mar 08

I suppose just digging a great big tunnel underneath the city so we could have a central station in Civic is out of the question?

barney barney 2:03 pm 17 Mar 08

As I am aware, there used to be (long ago) a train line that terminated in Civic, or near by. Just some trivia for ya 🙂

smokey2 smokey2 1:59 pm 17 Mar 08

For those thinking it may terminate in Civic – You are dreaming – How could you possibly get a train into Civic area.
Most likely using existing rail easements through to the old Bogan central station Qbn. May be a new spur line or light rail through to the top of Fyshwick then Snowtown and Civic.
Current Canberra line and station is more or less a white elephant with lots of developable land next to the lake. I can see the condos now streching out around the lake. Could relegate the old spur line to purely a tourist line.
If later a line was added to Melbourne then it would continue down from Qbn.
Using Qbn station would reduce the interstate rivalry and not be calling on the Commonwealth to solve Canberra’s internal transport problems. Freight could link out the back of Oaks estate to the airport.
Not likely to happen in my lifetime and I am only deaming also.

ant ant 1:11 pm 17 Mar 08

A VFT going up the Majura Road corridor was in Snow’s initial plans for teh aiport, when he first bought it from the government. And if the gov’t does get in bed with private enterprise to build it, guess who’ll put their hands up to run the project? Aiport! There’s some plans out at the moment that have the VFT/some kind of train going right into the airport, presumably where teh hotel is going to be, then heading across Pialligo to the Canberra railway station. I don’t think they have been generally released yet, or they might be in the current Master Plan that is up for gov’t approval.

p1 p1 12:48 pm 17 Mar 08

I think that its a great idea. How many years would a project like that take till the first passengers could ride? Because if petrol is $3/L by then, it might seem a much better idea.

“Investing in the future….”???

Mælinar Mælinar 12:35 pm 17 Mar 08

I don’t think this is necessarily about the Airport. While its clear that Mr Snow has done a lot of work at the airport, he’s also looking at the wider issues affecting Canberra – and he is able to help – for a cost.

Looking at this proposal with airport coloured glasses doesn’t help…

Jazz Jazz 12:17 pm 17 Mar 08

great idea AD, only problem is that your VFFF can’t carry many passengers

Absent Diane Absent Diane 11:05 am 17 Mar 08

I am still waiting for the VFFF (the very fast flying fox)… makes a lot more sense econmically and environmentally.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:01 am 17 Mar 08

Gee, I thought you’d all be anti it! 🙂

I too think it has to be Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane to be truly viable.

The only problem I can see could be how much they charge for fares between Canberra and Sydney, as you can fly to Sydney for just over $100 at the moment. The CountryLink train charges about $56 from Canberra to Sydney, so I can’t imagine a VFT being that cheap.

shauno shauno 10:23 am 17 Mar 08

Were making upwards of 15 to 20 billion surplus a year. We can easily afford it. And anyway the tax payer wont have to fit the bill as such if they just give big business some tax breaks to build it like what was requested years ago when it was first proposed.

We need to be doing things like this. Australia hasn’t had any grand projects on infrastructure for years. All we seem to be doing is standing still we need to get some real nation building projects up and running and this is a good start.

Tempestas Tempestas 9:42 am 17 Mar 08

Lets not forget that if there was an affordable VFT from Canberra to Sydney with about a two hour commute (or less) then that is a less commute than Penrith, Campbelltown and other Sydney Basin locations.

If we can provide the water we could increase the population by another 150k or so for the VFT. I am sure Mr Snow has plans for massive Apartment suburbs to do just that. A Goulburn stop would enable it to have a 100k population long term (again if water can be provided) so Canberra with a VFT as second Sydney airport would mean a possible massive population increase in the medium term with extra millions in the long term.

Thumper Thumper 9:33 am 17 Mar 08

OT, but HMAS Sydney has been found.

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