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Snow wants very fast train for airport.

By Mr Evil - 16 March 2008 43

The Canberra Times is reporting that Terry Snow wants to push the Rudd Govt to back a new proposal for a VFT link between Canberra and Sydney.

What’s Your opinion?

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43 Responses to
Snow wants very fast train for airport.
Kim F 8:40 pm 16 Mar 08

As long as Mr Snow doesn’t make a buck out of it !

Pricing will need to be very competitive to attract commuters. I think Murrays are still offering $15 one way

sepi 8:38 pm 16 Mar 08

Snow’s plan is for the International flights to arrive in Canberra at 4AM, when Sydney airport is closed due to curfew, and then immediately get into the train and go straight to Sydney.

So Canberra doesn’t get a look in.

I actually don’t think it’s a very workable idea. If I had a choice between flying straight to an OS city and arriving during daylight, or flying in at night and moving to a train for the last part of the trip, there is no way I would choose teh train option.

boomacat 8:31 pm 16 Mar 08

Surely Canberra could gain from being Sydney’s 2nd Airport? Would encourage international visitors to spend a few days in the nation’s capital when they’re on the way to Sydney maybe (why not if you’re going to land here anyway)? Would maybe also encourage big business to open shop in the Territory too.

In any event, it’s exciting that we’re finally talking about the future again, rather than looking backwards like during the Howard years.

bighead 8:18 pm 16 Mar 08

I would love to have the VFT come in. I certainly won’t pay to fly to Sydney. It would make a day trip much easier and faster.

sepi 8:09 pm 16 Mar 08

At least people who live here would see some benefits from a VFT.

barney 7:18 pm 16 Mar 08

I myself have never been against the expansion.
And, JC, I’m positive it would be viable. And even more so, by the time it’s built.

swissbignose 7:17 pm 16 Mar 08

Talk about nation building.

Imagine – housing affordability in Sydney and Canberra could be eased significantly if the rail corridor between the two cities made it feasible to live in Goulburn and work in Canberra (let’s put aside the fact that you’d have to live in Goulburn.)

Extend the route to Brisbane and Melbourne, and you have huge potential.

Mirror this with a dedicated freight network (in the planning process, I believe) and Australia is really being set up for the future.

JC 7:12 pm 16 Mar 08

I like the idea but there is no way it could be financialy fiable. A line between a major city and a small city like Canberra just doesn’t work. All high speed lines that I know of that go just between two cities the cities are 1m+ people. Indeed in France one of the two homes of fast trains, the lines are not designed to link two cities but more to get the trains out of Paris faster. A good 75% of the stations served in France by TGV’s are not on high speed lines, something we couldn’t do in Australia either.

As for where to put a Canberra station, it should be ANYWHERE EXCEPT Canberra Airport. If a line is built that will eventually go to Melbourne you would thing the line would come from Gunning way, so when bringing it into Canberra I reckon it should come down the side of Gungahlin (with maintenance depot at Mitchell), then go under Northborne Ave with a tunnel, then put the station between the Sydney and Melbourne buildings.

Adza 7:02 pm 16 Mar 08

Personally I give it a big thumbs up…. but I really don’t get you guys.

A lot of you are against the airport expansion, yet for a VFT link to Sydney?

What do you think he wants the VFT for? More reason to be Sydney’s second airport.

Congratulations, I always knew you guys would see sense in the end 😉

barney 6:25 pm 16 Mar 08

*I’m having a good typo day*

barney 6:24 pm 16 Mar 08

Well, the Howard goons and cronies never had any foresight, never cared about Canberra. You will all no doubt remember that Howard wanted Sydney to be the capital of Australia as well. They actively attempted to destroy Canberra. We possibly could have had it earlier.

It would be great. For many reasons. But will their be money from the Federal Government?

Time will tell.

Fiona 6:15 pm 16 Mar 08

I think VFT would be gret to Sydney, and for it to continue up to Newcastle. And for it to be resonably priced so that I might actually consider using it.

Enny 6:08 pm 16 Mar 08

I am all for this – a trip to Sydney for a Festival or whatever costs a fair bit on top of the ticket when you take into consideration the petrol, parking and accomodation etc. Extending it to Melbourne and Brisbane would make it even better.

boomacat 5:54 pm 16 Mar 08

Sounds like a GREAT idea to me, and continue it to Melbourne and Brisbane.

I hate having to drive everywhere. I spent a couple of years living in the UK and Europe and you can get a fast train anywhere, so much better than sitting in a smelly car and concentrating on driving for hours.

Mr Waffle 5:38 pm 16 Mar 08

Being a huge fan of the Japanese shinkansen network, this gets a “hell yes” from me.

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