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Snowy road closures – UPDATED

By johnboy 21 July 2013 24

This just in from TAMS:

The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that the dirt section of Brindabella Road is now closed due to snow.

The following roads remain closed:

— Corin Dam Road (from Woods Reserve)
— Bendora Dam Road
— Mount Franklin Road
— Angle Crossing.

UPDATE: And more as of 11.40am:

The ACT Government wishes to advise motorists and other road users that the following roads remain closed due to adverse weather conditions:

— Brindabella Road (dirt section of the road only)
— Boboyan Road (4WD access only)
— Corin Road (from Woods Reserve)
— Bendora Dam Road
— Mount Franklin Road
— Angle Crossing.

Corin Forest Mountain Recreation is closed and will remain closed throughout the weekend.

Canberra residents are advised to check for road and park closures before heading out to the Territory’s parks and reserves.

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24 Responses to
Snowy road closures – UPDATED
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460cixy 8:20 am 25 Jul 13

I’m with Grimm on this one I have seen how the nongs at tams operate

Alocal 9:37 pm 24 Jul 13

Pork Hunt said :

Grimm said :

Alocal said :

Grimm said :

Deref said :

Ben_Dover said :

Deref said :

Yes. You should be allowed to do whatever stupid or dangerous things you like.

Deref said :

Yes. You should be allowed to do whatever stupid or dangerous things you like.

What, like visit the Canberra “snowplay” are you mean.

AFAICR, when it’s safe to open the roads to the snow playgrounds, they’re open.

Well, in this case, the nanny state call is entirely justified.

I drove up to Corin and arrived just before 8am. The road was closed from Woods reserve, so I parked there. I walked up Corin road all the way to Corin forest, and the road was completely free of ice and snow. There was no reason for it to be closed at all.

I’d say there were a couple of hundred disappointed families(it was busy as hell), and for no good reason. Though there was a little snow around Woods reserve, there was an absolute heap up at Corin forest, only a couple of KM further up the road. It was no less safe up there than between Tidbinbilla road and where Corin road was closed. Typical in the ACT though. The fun police are out in force.

Aside from that, you gotta feel for the poor bastard running Corin forest. He would have made an absolute killing in the cafe today, and in the snowplay area. From what I hear, he needs all the money he can get to keep the place alive. TAMS are certainly not helping that struggling business by unnecessarily closing off access to it for no good reason.

Fact: There is ice on the road above Gibralta Falls for a 200 metre stretch and WAS NOT completely free of ice and snow. From Billy Billy creek to Corin, there was fallen trees and ICE and SNOW on the road to Corin.

Please do not mislead people with your lies.

What a load of crap.
So, let me guess, you are one of the wowsers who had a hand in the road closure?

By 8am Sunday morning, these fallen trees had been miraculously cleared, there was no ice on the road at all. Not a bit. There was no snow on the road surface either. Amazingly, the parks guy had no trouble getting up and down the road in his 2WD ute either, to bring back a few trays full of snow for kids to play with.

Even if there were some ice and snow on the road, so what? Does most of Europe shut down over winter? I’ve done plenty of driving there with a hell of a lot more ice and snow on the roads than you’d ever get at Corin, and amazingly survived to tell the tale.

Fun police at work again.

+1. Thanks Grimm.

+1. Thanks Grimm.


The reason why the road was closed is for safety reason, the road was NOT cleared by tams and was covered in snow, 500 metres above Gibraltar Falls with a stretch of black ice for around 200 Metres, along with fallen trees due to the weight of snow.

There was snow further up from Billy Billy creek to Corin that had not been cleared along with trees. I was up there the night before and there was 15 cms of snow at 9pm, and it DID not melt by 8am, as you claim there was no snow when “walked up”.

I doubt you walked the 8km to Corin and back (16km).

Calling me a wowser completely shows your disregard for other peoples safety on the roads, only to consider your own selfish actions by saying the road should be open. You would be the type of person that If the road was open and a car coming in the other direction, SLAMMED on their breaks on the black ice section, then to hit you, you would come onto the riot act and complain that the road should have been closed. You would have seen the flashing sign at the bottom warning of Black ice. Its not there for FUN!

I have seen many people killed on the roads in winter because they have to be the “first” to the snow. It doesn’t melt that fast!

I wish the road was open. I don’t have any say in the road being opened or closed, it’s not my decision, I do not make any decision and I have nothing to do with the area. But having driven on that road at least 1000 times over 20 years, Ihave seen it’s fair share of stupidity from the public, including playing on the snow on the road, only for a car to come over the hill and bowl over a few people.

I have seen people split their heads open on the road above Gibraltar falls because they were playing on the road because there was snow on it, instead of going to Corin.

The public decide to go into the fire trails in their cars, 4×4 and 4×2 and get stuck at all hours of the night, some people getting hypothermia and lost. Search parties looking for people.

Saturday night saw someone return to their car at 930pm at night unable to get out as the snow blocked them in. Lucky I reported it.

The ACT gov are sick of pulling people out, either being in the Brindies, Corin, Mt Franklin etc because people are unprepared and thus the road closures.

Do you complain when Point Hit or Uriarra road is closed because of a flood? Even though the road isn’t covered, the Roads Authority closes it just incase.

Also, the rangers car is a 4 x 4 as I spoke to him Saturday night.

That is the honest truth to what I have written above. Don’t be a keyboard warrior and put your 2cent worth in unless you know the truth, first hand!

dungfungus 9:34 am 23 Jul 13

spinact said :

Grimm said :

Does most of Europe shut down over winter?

In most of Europe they’re legally required to swap over to winter tyres.

They used to spread salt on the snow covering the roads. This melted the snow and also rusted out the cars.

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