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So how much water dumped down on central Canberra?

By johnboy 28 February 2007 38

This is a stormwater drain in Turner:

Note that there’s a tide mark at least half a metre *above* the concrete edge of the drain. The official rain gauges were mostly offset from the centre of the “Supercell”, and we’ve all seen the pictures of 12′ of ice on the ground 8 hours after the storm.

Anyone got a figure on just how much rain came down?

UPDATED: The Canberra Times is running furiously on yesterdays news with a slew of stories:

— One says there was a storm.

— Another tells those of us who missed it what a supercell is.

— Then climate change is blamed for a storm the previous article says can be expected every ten years.

— Finally there’s a piece on insurnace claims for storms, NOT INCLUDING THE STORM THAT HAS PROMPTED THE STORY.

Our own coverage which began at 11.06pm on the night of the storm, yes, two days ago, (masterfully detailed by our commenters) is here.

Also Loadedog has some pictures of what the storm did in Reid but be careful as his naked mates cavorting in the ice and mud are in there too.

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
So how much water dumped down on central Canberra?
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bonfire 10:04 am 02 Mar 07

im with ralph on this.

goblin warming. im stealing that…

Ralph 8:25 am 02 Mar 07

Ralph says with tilted head: “Mmmmmm indeeeeed”.

Maelinar 7:54 am 02 Mar 07

Watch this space on Environment and Global warming issues. The new Minister is already proving his worth by doing something no minister responsible has ever done in the history of Australian politics; He’s actually reading books and researching his portfolio.

Presumably, because as a Merchant Banker if he was full of shit, he’d have been caught out long ago.

So watch this space – my only query is since we know what’s up there, and we know what’s damaging it, why can’t we just produce more ozone and be done with it ?

Ralph 3:10 pm 01 Mar 07

Once again Seepi is very wrong. You said this:

I mean, if thereis no global warming, and yet we’ve all tried to save water/power/resources etc, what have we lost – nothing.

yet if there is significant global warming and we do nothing the result is pretty scary.


Well firstly, you’ve poured billions of dollars into a black hole for nothing. This money which could’ve been put to productive economic uses, making future generations better off. Any action we take in the absence of China and India also provide a great transfer of competitive advantage to these countries as well.

Second, despite all the pseudo science and conjecture, any estimated impacts of Goblin Warming are extremely uncertain. Future generations will be better off than us and better able to adapt. If you want to help the environment, clean the rivers, barrier reef etc as there are clear costs and benefits from this type of environmental action.

The only thing I’m worried about 100 years from now is that I want the West to still be in control of the world.

Ralph 3:02 pm 01 Mar 07

What scientists can agree on, because it is readily measurable, is that in the last 100 years the world has undergone statisticall significant warming.

Not according to satellite measurements.

Sorry, but I’m a climate change denialist.

Al 1:27 pm 01 Mar 07

On the insurance story, ABC radio reported this morning that premiums may go up “in some areas” as a result.
At last an up-side to never getting any of this rain out at Gungahlin…

bonfire 1:23 pm 01 Mar 07

al have you ever actually listened to kim beazley try to explain something ?

there aint enough hours in the day!


bonfire 1:22 pm 01 Mar 07

when lg starts to agree with me – i need to reexamine my beliefs…

James-T-Kirk 12:39 pm 01 Mar 07

Finally, (because I couldn’t resist)

I provide a tangeable example of how media spin, coupled with clueless government can be turned into some quite entertaining news.

Keep in mind that this didn’t happen to the other 9 cities these billboards were placed into….

Kind of reminds me of the home made bike light that the AFP decided to use as a ‘training tool’ a couple of months ago in the Woden Plaza…

Ari 12:39 pm 01 Mar 07

Rentboy said: Climate scientists are a lot more measured, understanding that one or two storms, or a week of hot or cool weather do not a climate make.

That doesn’t really square with the fact that this ANU climate scientist was prepared to blame the latest storm on climate change.

Al 12:38 pm 01 Mar 07

JYK: the harsh reality of political life is that one doesn’t last long by trying to actually explain issues properly – look at what happened to Kim Beasley and Andrew Bartlett. Pollies are forced to work within the moulds that the media forces on them, or be ridiculed.

Al 12:34 pm 01 Mar 07

Spot on seepi.
How ludicrous is this scenario:
“I will not replace these old lightglobes to reduce how much money I pay for electricity because global warming is bunkum.”

barking toad 12:33 pm 01 Mar 07

And thank you Al for accepting my superior knowledge. 🙂

James-T-Kirk 12:33 pm 01 Mar 07

rentboy said: “It’s media spin that transforms this into fact.” and “The way the research is reported in the media by ignorant reporters and politicians is fair game…..”

Soooooo True – Couldn’t have said it better myself, and I am stoked to learn that there are others who believe that the media is full of %$#@.

Which raises the next question:

If we know that they [The media and the govmit {spelt kind of like vomit}] are full of crap, why do we continue to engage them?

I know that my recycling bit is situated half way between my letterbox, and my house, so I don’t have to carry the Chronicle too far….

Alternately, have we considered the long term benefits of compressing the Canberra Times, and Chronicle into fuel to warm our houses???

barking toad 12:30 pm 01 Mar 07

Statistics of a 100 year period in relation to the earth’s climate are as signifant as a fart in a hurricane.

Al 12:30 pm 01 Mar 07

Oh – and everything that rentboy said just then…

seepi 12:28 pm 01 Mar 07

I really don’t understand the passion with which some people disagree with global warming.

I mean, if thereis no global warming, and yet we’ve all tried to save water/power/resources etc, what have we lost – nothing.

yet if there is significant global warming and we do nothing the result is pretty scary.

Al 12:27 pm 01 Mar 07

JB: you neglected to mention the article squeezed in on those storm news pages about “Keep nuke options open” about Australia supplying uranium for arms (not the nuclear energy to reduce greenhouse BS) – guess one could argue it was all themed on destruction…
On the GH debate, I agree that many many things are being conveniently parked on the doorstep of global warming, as is always the over-simplified way of the mainstream media. BUT it is helping get the overall issue through the wall of apathy…And anyway, who among us (other than barking toad) can claim to be completely informed on this incredibly complex issue?

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