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So how much water dumped down on central Canberra?

By johnboy - 28 February 2007 38

This is a stormwater drain in Turner:

Note that there’s a tide mark at least half a metre *above* the concrete edge of the drain. The official rain gauges were mostly offset from the centre of the “Supercell”, and we’ve all seen the pictures of 12′ of ice on the ground 8 hours after the storm.

Anyone got a figure on just how much rain came down?

UPDATED: The Canberra Times is running furiously on yesterdays news with a slew of stories:

— One says there was a storm.

— Another tells those of us who missed it what a supercell is.

— Then climate change is blamed for a storm the previous article says can be expected every ten years.

— Finally there’s a piece on insurnace claims for storms, NOT INCLUDING THE STORM THAT HAS PROMPTED THE STORY.

Our own coverage which began at 11.06pm on the night of the storm, yes, two days ago, (masterfully detailed by our commenters) is here.

Also Loadedog has some pictures of what the storm did in Reid but be careful as his naked mates cavorting in the ice and mud are in there too.

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
So how much water dumped down on central Canberra?
LG 10:54 am 01 Mar 07

Climate Change: Keeping academics in jobs and in the media since…what… 2004? 2005?

Global warming prior to this and.. wasn’t it Global Cooling before that?

I believe that human activity is effecting our environment, however, I do not (and probably never will) understand the extend of this effect. Although I do agree that we should do whatever we can to minimise our impact on the environment.

But when every bit of rain, drought, flood, snow (or even normal weather!) is ’cause by climate change’ these days… it hardly adds credibility to the ‘experts’ from my view.

neanderthalsis 10:42 am 01 Mar 07

Back in the distant past, my younger days in Queensland, we had a storm that dumped 400 or so mm of rain in a little over 3 hours. Caused widespread flooding, many homes went under.

barking toad 10:04 am 01 Mar 07

It’s the Gore Effect.

Gaia’s revenge on Oscar.

rentboy 9:40 am 01 Mar 07

A more or less official reading of 65mm recorded in the Botanical Gardens and 50mm at Cook. Don’t any of you ever consult the BOM site for these things? The following is a nifty link for checking precipitation in the Canberra region in the past 24 hours:

Anyway, if you’re really interested weather posts, check out dedicated weather forums such as Weatherzone:

It contains plenty of detailed discussion on the recent Canberra storms under the Breaking Weather Updates heading

Thumper 9:38 am 01 Mar 07

SES have been out non stop since about 0100 on Tuesday morning.

Not sure how many crews out at the moment but I would suggest at least six.

Still massive amount of damage and clean up to do.

I’m knackered and sore….

sheer 9:33 am 01 Mar 07

From the ABC (yes JB I know I should link it but I cant be arsed figuring out how):

‘Tuesday night’s damaging hail storm that swept through Canberra’s inner city seems to have done little to boost dam levels, but its effects could linger for some time.

The dam levels remain at just below 35 per cent.

Chris Hare from water supplier ACTEW, says despite 70 millimetres of rain on Tuesday, little has fallen over the dams.

“We are getting a slight improvement in the inflows now, but we really need that follow-up rain to make quite a significant difference,” he said.’

johnboy 9:23 am 01 Mar 07

We *are* the gutter press.

Ari 9:20 am 01 Mar 07

With all this interest in stormwater drains, you’d have to say RiotACT’s a part of the gutter press.

Sammy 9:03 am 01 Mar 07

The high-tide mark in the drains near Chisholm after NYE were up at the path level, which are in about the same position as the path in the photo above.

johnboy 7:20 am 01 Mar 07

Frankly I’d be more worried about all the stories on the weather.

lateralis 7:20 am 01 Mar 07

Pah! That’s not a tide mark, come down to Tuggeranong and see the NYE storm high tide mark. At the very start of the stormwater at theodore it was at least 5 metres above the top of the concrete drains.Those metal ladders on the side of the stormwater drains were twisted round like a double helix.
You have to love weather.

Ari 6:53 am 01 Mar 07

JB, you do seem to spend an awful lot of time discussing stormwater drains.

matthewb99 12:49 am 01 Mar 07

ActewAGL are reporting 67mm at the Weather station on ActewAGL House in Civic:

It’s hard to get an accurate reading with that much hail, the rain guages tend to get clogged up.

We exceeded the average rain fall for February, if we can do it again in March it will look more likely that the drought is breaking.

Sikkukkut 12:22 am 01 Mar 07

When I drove past the back of Duntroon this (Wednesday) morning, I saw that the fences around the golf course had mud and debris washed into them right up to the top wire, and in two places they’d actually been washed over. Scary stuff.

(This is the normal farm-style fences, though, not the taller-than-a-person cyclone fencing.)

Deano 12:10 am 01 Mar 07

The similar storm that hit Tuggeranong on New Year’s Eve dumped 70mm in my rain gauge. Considering that the normal annual rainfall is around 670mm, 10% in a couple of hours is a lot.

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