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So why aren’t you watching the ABC News?

By johnboy - 6 February 2012 56

The Canberra Times has a lengthy piece on the massive shrinkage in the ABC News’ viewer numbers.

With WIN still doing well and no major format changes in the period tens of thousands of viewers have been lost no one seems to know here they’re going.

I’ve got a suspicion there’s just a lot of good things on around 7pm with all the new channels.

What’s Your opinion?

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56 Responses to
So why aren’t you watching the ABC News?
Pork Hunt 4:37 pm 06 Feb 12

If the TV is on ABC1 but I’m nodding off due to a couple of reds do I still count towards the ratings?

Either way, I might have stumbled across a cure for insomnia…

RegGrundies 4:33 pm 06 Feb 12

ABC Canberra news these days has very little Canberra content

WIN news is all Canberra news

Mysteryman 4:29 pm 06 Feb 12

Diggety said :

ABCNews24 for national news and The-RiotACT for local news.

Pretty much covered.

This. I hate watching WIN, Prime, and SC10. They are poorly produced, the content is well short of newsworthy, and most of the “journalism” is amateurish.

p1 4:28 pm 06 Feb 12

SigmaOctantis said :

Also, the ABC is far too biased towards the left end of the spectrum…

Nah, the ABC is smack in the centre. The true leftists wouldn’t work for an oppressive fascist state run propaganda mouthpiece like the ABC.

NoImRight 4:06 pm 06 Feb 12

It always bias when the news is not just repeating your opinion it seems.

EvanJames 3:54 pm 06 Feb 12

I like the ABC TV news, but with daylight saving, if the sun’s up, I’m outside doing stuff. I don’t think I’ve seen any TV news since October, other than the late night SBS world news and the bit they tack onto Lateline.

Alderney 3:49 pm 06 Feb 12

7pm is bed time for the boy. Teeth, toilet and stories take about half hour.

I’m lucky if I catch the weather these days.

SigmaOctantis 3:46 pm 06 Feb 12

I completely agree with qbngeek, the news now is nothing but biased opinion, bordering on down and out lies, focussing only on the negative. I don’t read or watch the news at all now, and I feel far better off for it.

I stopped watching ABC news 24 a while ago as I couldn’t stand listening to the opinionated self-important arrogance of Virginia (Vitrioli) Trioli, reporting her personal opinion as the news. Also, the ABC is far too biased towards the left end of the spectrum, a bit of balanced reporting (rather than Greens party room propaganda) wouldn’t go amiss. I’m glad to hear other viewers are leaving them too.

Rollersk8r 3:41 pm 06 Feb 12

The article’s true as far as I’m concerned; WIN’s the only game in town for proper local news, even if it is sometimes fairly dull. Then I switch over to the ABC for war, riots, death, destruction, politics, Mark Carmody’s antics etc.

sepi 3:40 pm 06 Feb 12

I don’t want world news along with the local news. I have already read about he world news in the paper/online, I don’t need to see it again.

johnboy 3:38 pm 06 Feb 12

The interesting thing is WIN’s numbers are still holding up well.

So it’s not a general “the evening TV news bulletin is obsolete” thing going on.

p1 3:36 pm 06 Feb 12

I read the news on the ABC site (well, I browse the headlines, skim the articles that look interesting, and actually read the ones that still look interesting after a skim). Nothing in the TV news that I haven’t seen online before then, even if I happen to have the TV on, and not showing a recorded downloaded show.

If I do feel like watching a TV news report, I tend to hit the “down” arrow on the remote till I find one.

Diggety 3:17 pm 06 Feb 12

ABCNews24 for national news and The-RiotACT for local news.

Pretty much covered.

Mang 3:13 pm 06 Feb 12

Its the new channels for me, only watched the news because nothing better was on.

qbngeek 3:01 pm 06 Feb 12

I stopped watching news about 2 years ago because I got sick of it all being doom and gloom or opinionated self-interest rubbish. I started to think nothing good happened in the world.

Unfortuantely most online news sources are no better.

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