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Someone in my building’s idea of recycling

By micky_c85 - 4 January 2009 21

This could be the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. How lazy would you have to be?

Of course this pile of polystyrene (which isn’t even recyclable) never got picked up and is currently lying like a neglected giant’s sleeping bag in the middle of Carver Lane, Gungahlin causing a traffic hazard.


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21 Responses to
Someone in my building’s idea of recycling
chrispy 11:50 am 05 Jan 09

Lets say I offer to pay you to remove a tree stump. You come along with your digging machine and it does most of the job but there is a bit on the side that the machine just can’t do (maybe is has some metal wire wrapped around it or something). Then you hold out your hand for the money and are surprised when I don’t pay you. I wouldn’t pay because I didn’t hire you to drive a machine, I hired you to do a job. The same goes for these garbage collectors, they shouldn’t get paid unless they take all the rubbish away. We aren’t hiring them to drive a truck.

niftydog 10:15 am 05 Jan 09

Vic Bitterman said :

Just cos something is “marked as recyclable” and has a logo and it’s number, does not actually mean we have the facilities to recycle it.


What’s more, the triangular symbols and the associated number simply designate the particular recycled polymer that the product is made out of – They DON’T indicate “recyclability”.

Gerry-Built 12:46 am 05 Jan 09

…alternately, they could have bought bean bags and had a snow fight making beans from the left-over packaging…

Gerry-Built 12:44 am 05 Jan 09

Picture truly is wonderful – Santa should have known better…

TAMS website was not all that forthcoming on the polystyrene question… perhaps an email query with pointers to this post? (I’d do it, but DETs web-based email access late at night is non-existent)…

I certainly put “6” in the recycling bins provided, hope I’m not sinning…

ACT bins, which were originally blown open by compressed air (hence the little holes in the lip of the older models which provide habitat for red backs), are now opened by gravity (which is a little more conveniently accessible in the ACT and requires slightly less maintenance), which is why the lid does not have to be flat down anymore to be collected… (as they were with the initial contractors).

Holidaying in Brisbane, I can tell you we must not take our little rubbish service for granted – there is very little commitment to recycling shown here! One bin (about the size of our rubbish), with a spacer providing a small partition at the back for recycling.

Vic Bitterman 10:29 pm 04 Jan 09

Just cos something is “marked as recyclable” and has a logo and it’s number, does not actually mean we have the facilities to recycle it.

The numbers represent what sort of material it is, so that they are not mixed up at the recycling facility.

So polystyrene with a ‘6’ logo may actually be thrown into landfill here in CBR as we can’t recycle it. This is just an example, but anyone with more concrete info please post.

Gungahlin Al 9:10 pm 04 Jan 09

There is a largely unknown recycling centre in Mitchell right behind the Corkhill Bros landscape supplies place (which is visible from Flemington Rd and has been getting altogether too much of my money lately…). Takes cardboard and other bottles etc I believe.

And yes a lot of polystyrene foam is clearly marked as recyclable now. Just because it is blown doesn’t mean it isn’t still plastic.

The picture’s a crack up though – some people really are stupid.

Danman 8:33 pm 04 Jan 09

currently lying like a neglected giant’s sleeping bag in the middle of Carver Lane, Gungahlin causing a traffic hazard.

Perhaps you should do something more than post a picture of it to this site if it is genuinely causing a traffic hazard.

A little bit of initiative will go a long way, though whoever placed these items in the bin is obviously a Pratt of the highest order, and I agree that you should not have to clean up after others negligence, but if this was me it was effecting, I would probably address the issues sans internet.

fabforty 7:47 pm 04 Jan 09

Hmmmm… perhaps they are related to the @#*& heads in my complex who filled our recycling bins with their garden clippings just before Christmas. Hence we didn’t have any of our reycling removed for a couple of weeks.

…and the lids DID close…

micky_c85 7:02 pm 04 Jan 09

They’re actually a pair of townhouses in the background but I’m sure they’re still full of Smeg. I think Smeg is to blame for a lot of things.

Clown Killer 6:14 pm 04 Jan 09

Can the polystyrene really be recycled? having done my bit for the nations economy over the New Year break, we’ve got a bit of it about. I usually break it into small pieces and get rid of it in the regular rubbish over a couple of weeks … but if it’s recyclable then that’s a different story.

barking toad 5:09 pm 04 Jan 09

These things happen on the dark side

Roadrage77 4:43 pm 04 Jan 09

One day I hope to have enough money to buy a McMansion like the one in the background. Naturally it will be kitted out with a 140″ Plasma, stainless steel fridge, Smeg appliances and numerous other material items that bogans are impressed by.

kevn 4:41 pm 04 Jan 09

I think it would be more a ‘giant’s neglected sleeping bag’ than the sleeping bag of a neglected giant. One might think that maybe this was a dump job rather than being lazy in their own bin.

If they didn’t pick up overflowing bins, my house would have been in trouble more than once, but I think this crosses the line.

BerraBoy68 4:34 pm 04 Jan 09

I think the general rule is if I can’t close the lid, the bin won’t be emptied.

Skidd Marx 4:32 pm 04 Jan 09

I also thought polystyrene wasn’t recyclable but most of it nowdays has the recycling logo on it. But that bloke (or sheila) is clearly taking the urine.

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