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Southside Soap Opera

By trevar - 31 January 2009 12

Driving south on Yamba Drive, it is impossible to miss the banner that’s been put up for an admired Alex.

It’s more than just a happy birthday or a marry me: there seems to be a bit of a story behind this one, it says “Alex, I love you I’ll wait”.

So does anyone know who Alex is, or what the story is with his/her admirer? Who has the goss?

What’s Your opinion?

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12 Responses to
Southside Soap Opera
Granny 1:31 pm 01 Feb 09

Probably just a knee jerk reaction to the restraining order, I would think ….

; )

trevar 1:24 pm 01 Feb 09

Obviously s/he got sick of waiting; it wasn’t there this morning.

Pommy bastard 9:40 am 01 Feb 09

Mervyn Keane said :

It’s been three long years I’ve done my time…

Snuurtt… beat me too it! (You must be old to remember that one….)

“Wrap a yellow Mazda round the old oak tree…”

I’ll wait …Until the voices in my head tell me to start stalking you again…

Gobbo 8:55 am 01 Feb 09

Can’t be a Bogan, surely? They used an apostrophe in the correct place.

Perhaps it is a sign for the gaol?

Alex(ander McConachie Centre), I love you. I’ll wait (… til you are opened to serve my time.)

ant 8:30 am 01 Feb 09

You see these around the place from time to time. Is it only bogans who do it?

bd84 12:34 am 01 Feb 09

until they crash their car into a pole whilst distracted by the sign?

Pandy 11:45 pm 31 Jan 09

Alex could be a gurl

Ari 11:14 pm 31 Jan 09

I saw the bloke when who put it up … Christopher Pyne.

Mervyn Keane 10:45 pm 31 Jan 09

It’s been three long years I’ve done my time…

futto 10:38 pm 31 Jan 09

haha . I almost turned around to get this pic for the RiotACT. I’m glad someone did. It gave me a great laugh out loud moment on my drive around town today.

SheepGroper 10:32 pm 31 Jan 09

“until you drop the restraining order”?

kos 10:14 pm 31 Jan 09

Yeah I saw this today as well, was wondering what it meant? I’ll wait until you get the STD test back??

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