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Speed Cameras on Sydney Motorways M5 & M7 & Central Coast Freeway F3

By Jazz - 20 August 2007 26

I have no idea if there is any truth to the email i received this morning (below) but after our recent discussion on point to point speed camera’s on Canberra roads it worth noting that other states seem to be putting the same kind of speed cameras in too. If its true, a trip to Sydney could mean you lose your licence or cost you a whole heap more than you thought it would if you’re not careful.

The M5 and the M7 are now equipped with Point to Point speed devices.
Once you enter the M7 for instance, you pass the e-tag and it beeps. At the same time a camera takes a photo of your car and records the exact time.

For those who have exited the M7, they would be aware that upon exit the e-tag system beeps again as you leave. At the same time another camera at that point takes a photo of the car and the time. Then the computer calculates the time it has taken you to travel between the two points and calculates your speed. If you have completed the clocked journey too fast, you are given a speeding ticket.

At the present time the speed limit is 100kph and you have a tolerance of 102kph and no more. One fraction over that speed and you are issued with a fine automatically.

Also remember that school zone camera’s are not speed tolerant. Anything over, even 41kph, is a fine. This means people will be doing 38kph to avoid any differences in their speedo readings

Remember, this is going to be a very costly experience for some drivers. It
is also going to mean vehicles will be travelling at 95kph in order to ensure that no ticket is issued.

What a shock some drivers are going to have when they have used this roadway for a week and get a week’s worth of tickets BOTH WAYS. Of course your license will also be recalled for three months and you know the rest

Take the advice and if you ignore it, remember this email when you pay all those fines. Also, remember that now with the new legislation, fighting a speed camera fines is almost impossible. You must prove the device is faulty and if you are not a technician working on them, you have no chance of beating the fine.

Please also take into regard that the Pacific Highway has a set which are recognisable as the large steel frames over the lanes with a speed camera nearby and located some distance up the road is another large metal frame with a speed camera. These new point to point systems are being put onto any and all expressway or highway where vehicles are not able to exit between those points.

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Speed Cameras on Sydney Motorways M5 & M7 & Central Coast Freeway F3
Growling Ferret 2:14 pm 20 Aug 07

“Ferret – where is the point to point system on the Hume in Victoria?”

In the last twelve months, around 4 points have been set up – each has 4 cameras, 2 on front of vehicle and 2 on back. They go from roughly the Shep Highway entrance right through to the bypass.

See link

JD114 1:33 pm 20 Aug 07

Even with wanky personalised plates I have registered 3 times for trips on the M7 heading to the North Coast and back, a total of 6 trips along the M7. So far I have only been charged for the registration fee and ONE trip. The rest of the trips haven’t been charged for. They might be getting better, the trip I was charged for was the most recent. Anyway I suspect the ‘trick’ of sitting in the middle of the road and not being charged is just coincidental witrh the normal failure rate of the detection system.

Anyway the $7 odd it costs to travel the road is good value, even when the the $2.20 for the M2 bit is added on. Especially when it only works out at an average of under $2 per trip at the moment!

RuffnReady 1:10 pm 20 Aug 07

Ferret – where is the point to point system on the Hume in Victoria?

caf 1:08 pm 20 Aug 07

What’s also funny is following victorian plates north and seeing them put the foot down as soon as they cross the border.

Growling Ferret 11:38 am 20 Aug 07

Its rumoured that on the M7, if you drive down the middle of the road when passing through the toll point, you can avoid the tolling machines as the cameras only get each lane and not the white line – I heard this off an uncle who is a professional driver, and he assured me that he can avoid the toll up to 40% of the time. He is also full of shit at times so I have never tried this technique!

Victoria do have point to point systems that have been implemented on the Hume Highway in recent years. Its funny driving along the Hume Highway – the only people who speed in Victoria are rentacars and those with NSW number plates who are inevitably pulled up 20k down the highway….

caf 11:26 am 20 Aug 07

The NSW RTA’s page on point-to-point / distance-over-time speed cameras is here. It doesn’t mention what the outcome of the trial was, though.

As a seperate issue, the M7 does have multiple tolling points, because the amount you’re charged varies depending on how far you drive on it.

DarkLadyWolfMother 11:15 am 20 Aug 07

I actually read that as ‘…idiots who set..’ before my brain realised that the two words weren’t the same length.

I must be getting cynical.

bighead 11:13 am 20 Aug 07

The E-Tag only goes off when you go through the toll. Not on the way on and off the Motorway. Well, at least that is what happened on the weekend just passed and the weekend before. I call bullshit. I am sure it will come eventually but I would say there will be more of a big deal about it.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 11:12 am 20 Aug 07

Yes, according to the Australian Design Rules, but no, according to the bureaucrats who set traffic policy.

DarkLadyWolfMother 11:03 am 20 Aug 07

Is the tolerance for Speedo accuracy still 10%, offhand?

Rawhide Kid No 2 10:53 am 20 Aug 07

Somehow I don’t think this would stand up in Court if challenged as to be fined for speeding the equipment would have to record the actual speed you were traveling at at the time recorded. Not the average speed as indicated in the email. The Cameras on the M7 are there to record vehicles that do not have an e-tag. Besides there would have been a massive outcry from the time the M7 was opened as those cameras have been in place since then and I’m sure not every one on the Motorway stick to the posted speed limit. ‘The Defence rests your Honour ‘

Deano 10:39 am 20 Aug 07

The NSW RTA were trialling point to point speed cameras around NSW back in 2004 but haven’t installed any as of yet.

Victoria is a different story altogether.

skaboy12 10:33 am 20 Aug 07

This is all crap, I have never read more bullhite in my life.
The M7 take your picture on entry and exit a part of the toll system. This allows them to track people without etags and also allows them to check your vehicle description and plates should you ever claim that you are being billed for trips you aren’t making.

The M5 has cameras on the toll booths to identify people who don’t pay.

Point to point system are only allowed for heavy vehicles in NSW and they are used in those circumstances to determine correct break times for drivers.

Fixed speed detection devices in nsw are also required to be signpoted well in advance, this is required by the current legislation.

People who put this stuff out in emails are just morons, and nothing more.

captainwhorebags 10:28 am 20 Aug 07

Nope, not true according to the M7 mob.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 10:26 am 20 Aug 07

It’s only a matter of time before this will be commonplace. I, like other enthusiasts, will simply have to find a tricky way of not getting booked. This may actually mean not speeding on some roads, although there are some fairly easy ways to confuse existing speed cameras like we have in Canberra.

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